Top 2-3% Bi@tch!


Shared on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 10:38

I was top 7 -  10% of Killzone 2 players last week and moved up this week to top 2 - 3%.  Essentially all this means is that I spent way too much fucking time playing this game lol  It is based on points earned for the week which is almost directly related to how much time you put in to the game.  A really crappy player could get top 1% if they just put a bunch of time in that week - but whatever :) I'm pretty happy to be flying the purple ribbon this week!

I took grenade spam to a new level last night lol  I was playing on Salamun Market last night (which is the map in war torn city at night where each teams Attack and Defend objectives are sandbag battle stations).  So I was rolln with EdgeKrusher and we were up in a building next to the objective.  We were both engineers and shotguns were restricted on this server (wtf!) so we both only had pistols.  Anywho - I repaired an ammo bin in that building and just loaded up on nades and basically rained down a hail storm of grenades for about 3 minutes on the objective that was being defended by the ISA soldiers.  It was pretty assholish but also kinda commical.  I felt justified because I didn't have a gun really and the description of the room didn't mention that shotty's were banned.  I probaby dropped about 100 grenades on that position lol  After that I dropped down to the fixed turret and ass raped the ISA with that for awhile.  Eventually some dude with a heavy southern drawl did manage to get behind me and pistol me and as I lay on the ground bleeding I heard him say to this team

"I gawt that their guy that lakes to use stuff"




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Submitted by char on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 11:01
For me, if I can get a few kills on ol Freelancer, Racer, Biz and you, I feel all the badazz I need to feel.
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Submitted by LuxDraconis on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 11:08
HOLY SHIT!...... You know how to spell?! I would have never thought. LOL!!!
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Submitted by BlowMonkey on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 11:45
@Char I remember the other night we were playing Attack and Defend and our team was defending when all the sudden you destroyed half our team with one well placed grenade...we all lay on the floor gasping for life saying "nice nade Char!!!" lol @Lux You never think - why start now :)
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Submitted by LuxDraconis on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 11:54
good point
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Submitted by char on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 14:01
= )

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