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Shared on Sun, 03/22/2009 - 12:06

- burst fire and don't move while shooting (especially at med / long distance)

- get in a squad, accept a squad request.  The power of being able to spawn with your team mates is huge.

-  When you are a tactican throw your spawn grenades the opposite direction of where you want your team to face.  If you throw it forward your team spawns coming towards you (i.e. so if you throw it at an objective your team will spawn with their back to the objective and they will hate  Turn around and then drop the spawn nade.

- Place turrets up one level from where you want them to be defending.  You will get more headshots if you put the turret up on a 1 story building or ledge.

- Aim for the head - everyone knows this :) especially if you are trying to take an Assualt class character.  1 hit 1 kill.

- Repair every ammo crate and fixed MGs that you find.  This gives your team more options and power and it slows the other team down if they are trying to utilitzes those resources for themselves.

- Fixed MGs are under used.  They are super powerful and offer some protection.  You can crouch while you are using one to duck sniper fire while you let the MG cool down for your next barrage.

- Boost....makes you fast and heals you.  Boost into an objective area or when you are losing a gun fight to heal and move faster to allow you to hit the objective or get behind the person you are fighting.

- drop med packs all around your Assasination target that you are protecing. 

- Destroy your own turrets after you are done with them.  If the game mode ends and it makes no sense to have the turret where it is now - destroy it.  That will give your team another turret that they can use in a better position for the next game mode.

- be the guy/gal that is willing to setup defence (especially in Search and Retrieve - they have to bring the propoganda speaker near your spawn area - setup some turrets, fix the fixed MG and ammo crates and play some defense!).

- Your medic gun can also be used to kill the enemy.  If you are out of ammo or have the medic gun out getting ready to heal and get attacked just fire that thing at the enemy and zap them!

- Your medic gun can heal from pretty far away - you don't have to stand right on top of the person you are healing.

- the saboteur will "flicker" when he moves, your cross hairs will turn red when you are close to him/her, the player model doesn't look like other player models and he/she won't show up on your radar.  Go in assuming everyone (especially people going against your teams traffic is a saboteur).

-Grenade / shoot any objective you need to touch to engage (i.e. dropping the propoganda speaker off or arming a bomb) because chances are it has C4 around it.

- You only 2 capture and hold points to win.  Support one of the 2 and let the other team have the third.

- You only need to be winning in Search and Retreive when the timer ends.  If you have 30 seconds left and have the speaker and are winning - just hide - don't risk losing the speaker to the other team.

Feel free to add comments and tips to this thread and I will put them in the main post.  I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff :)  Gotta go play some KZ2


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Submitted by Ripfubar on Mon, 11/16/2009 - 19:44
Thanks! I just wandered here from your post and read these pages...i been trying to figure out what douchebag would design the game where you spawn with your back to the enemy....f'ing death fest. Now I know better! So many more questions!
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 02/27/2011 - 20:56
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