Starmade (Alpha PC) Minecraft meets EVE Online....or something.


Shared on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 09:33

So imagine a game where you could design and build space ships, land on planets, create space stations, fleets of ships, align yourself with like minded people in factions, explore, expand, exterminate, exploit (well maybe...) on a dedicated server with potentially hundreds of other players and AI driven space pirates, shops and AI trading ships.  Make alliances, infiltrate your enemies and take them down from the inside out. 

It exists.  It is real.  It is only in alpha and you can already do ALL that and more.....and it's free (for now - or get in at the low low price of $3).  It is greenlit on steam.....and it is madness!

So the graphics aren't great (I downloaded a skin mod which improved them a lot for me) the sounds are even worse (staticy cat farts) but the game play, building, destroying, harvesting resources, all works great.  Similar to minecraft figuring out how to make certain things work and do things is half the battle - watch videos, ask in game, read the wiki.  The game does offer some tutorials that will get you going down the right path.

Me and 2 other friends started the game last night.  We managed to get into some losing fights with AI space pirates a couple of times....we found a remote ice planet where we have declared the planet ours (our home Faction) and setup a spawn point for ourselves on this ice rock.  We have a couple of low level (i.e. wimpy) ships on the go - mostly being used for harvesting resources right now.  I think tonight I'm going to explore the trade options (buying resources from space shops and selling to other space shops in need at a higher rate).....maybe we'll take down some space pirates and get some of their random loot drop goodness as we build our empire.  Eventually I would like to plant a spy in another faction and take down that faction from the inside out.  I know just the man for the job too.....(looks in mirror).          Starmade home             Starmade texture pack I'm using (256x256 with hud is the one I have)            Starmade server where my Hoth planet exists.


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Submitted by williamadamsesq on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 12:30

It's 2 other friends and I started playing the game last night.

I'd love to play this but I have to play rehash maps in Black Ops 2 until my ears bleed.

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Submitted by BlowMonkey on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 12:39

it was me and 2 other friends......and 2 other friends and I.....there was like 6 of us! including 2 of me!


hey Blops can be a lot of people say :)  (I think those people are crazy). 


How's the smoker?  Still cooking up killer meats for the masses?

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Submitted by twitchy on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 08:34

My boss plays this game, and has been bugging me to get started on it. I installed the game, but never got further than that .... (This isn't the first time I've said that...)

He's got a server setup and he's building ships and battling all the time apparently.

I love the concept, and played Eve Online years back, so this is quite intriguing to me.

simply building ships should be fun enough.

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Submitted by BlowMonkey on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 08:57

well I never did get to explore buying/trading with other shops last night.  Another friend jumped into the server, got him setup in our faction and was teaching him some stuff.  Then some how he lost his ship and was just a body floating in space a million miles away from me so I flew to his sector (took me 20 minutes) and he had managed to grab on to an asteroid and was flying around on it digging holes in it and such.  I landed my ship in an attempt to pick him up (I had not hull/cockpit so I envisioned us creating one so we could both be in the ship) but as soon as I landed the ship and got out he hijacked my ship and took off lol  BASTARD!  oh well I wanted to kill myself to see if the respawn system that I setup on our home base (aka Hoth) worked and it did so I was happy!

Eventually we both ended up back at Hoth and took my ship back and went to one of the space shops to buy some supplies to build some more ships for us while he tooled around on Hoth working on our base.  When I got back we built some ships and then went exploring, we ended up at another shop after we had a run in with some space pirates that tore his ship up pretty good.  We got patched up and started to head back to Hoth but we got ganked by some space pirates again.  My ship was ok (lost some cosmetic bits) but his got wrecked.  He managed to get back to Hoth but only had 1 thruster left and the gravity and lack of thruster power caused him to crash into a crater on Hoth. 

All in all another fun night in space lol



view from my cokcpit of my chums mini-enterprise

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