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Where does time go?

My little one is already over 9 months old. We took her to her first ball game a few weeks ago. She was in awe of everything going on. It took her a long while to take it all in. Obviously she doesn't really get what was going on, but she had fun. We took some video of her at the game and Shay posted it on youtube.


I find, now that I am a father, that free time is really hard to get. Even on weekends. There is always ALWAYS something to be done. My wifes-friends-husband is also an HVAC specialist and gave me some pointers as to what to do about my basement being around 5-6 degrees colder than the rest of the house. So I spent some time taping up the creases and holes and other ventilation leaks. The debate over whether Shay is going back to work or not rages on. She's in an internal struggle I can tell. She doesn't know what she wants to do for sure.

Last week I came down with a "severe upper respiratory tract infection" I was in a fever for 5 days. on the fifth day my grandmother died in her sleep. The whole time wife and baby were up at the cottage so as not to get sick from me. Very lonely very sad. As a small silver cloud though my family is all coming together for the funeral. We all live so spread out so we don't often see each other (tennessee,texas,california).

death and taxes.


taxes. well that's another topic for another day.


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