Not so dilligent


Shared on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 10:41

Yeah I haven't been dilligent about updating this blog.  We've honestly been so busy with real life that I don't hardly even get time to game these days.  Work has been a nightmare on both fronts, full time and contract. Everyone seems to need everything done yesterday.  I guess with spring comes new ideas and budgets to implement them. 

I've been striving to create a new work-life-work-housework balance in my home. It's been extremely tough, both mentally and physically. Scarlett doesn't sleep consistently just yet, even though she's 6 months old, she's just now starting to go for long stretches on a regular basis.  We went through two weeks of her sleeping 2hrs at a time. This didn't seem to phase her, but man we were at each others throats.  We also bought a new house, so we're moving in just under two months.  This means I'm doing all the packing of our current place, space at a time.  Also a lot of de-crapping.

More to come on first time homeownership front I'm sure, as that's a whole new set of work to consider from now until retirement home.


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