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Roadside Bug Out

Mon, 05/26/2014 - 00:03 — SarcasmoJones

Okay, so folks are doing a lot of traveling this weekend: grilling at the lake, drinking a shitload of beer and puking on the beanbag chair in the motel room, and eating at roadside drive in type diner places. A couple of years ago, I drove from my home in Fort Worth, Tx to Chicago for the LAN. Somewhere along the way, it may have been St Louis, we stopped at a truck stop to get some food and enjoy a few minutes of being out of the car. I went into the bathroom stall and there was a dead cockroach in the toilet.. Now the rational mind would likely draw the conclusion that the cockroach was a former resident of the truck stop, it went for a swim without waiting the prerequisite thirty minutes after eating, and drowned in the bowl.  I, however, have come to a second possible explanation: the roach crawled out of somebody's butt and they intentionally left it there. Imagine, if you will, that there is a man walking around St Louis, desperately and with an iron will, clinching his sphincter tightly so cockroaches don't pour out of his butt and scare the locals, only to relieve himself occasionally at designated truck stop restrooms, leaving only one roach in the bowl to mark his passage. Disturbing, I know, but not nearly as disturbing as a diner infested with roaches, or a diner with food so unhealthy that it kills cockroaches who are able to survive nuclear fallout. So the next time you're eating on the road, demand to see the diner's clean bill of health, examine the restrooms, and demand rectal exams for every diner patron. You don't want to end up eating with a bunch of weirdos. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Possibly the world's most valuable Ford offered for sale

"RM Auctions of Blenheim, Ontario will be auctioning a rare open Ford GT40 prototype at its sale in Monterey, California this August. Although the auction company hasn’t disclosed a pre-sale estimate, it will almost certainly be in eight figures and set a world record for a Ford-badged vehicle sold at auction.

This particular car, chassis GT/108 was the first of only four GT40 roadsters (the vast majority were closed cars) and it’s the only one of the extant roadsters still in its as-built configuration including unique nose and tail sections. It was used as a factory demonstrator by Ford and Shelby American. Famous drivers from Carroll Shelby to Ken Miles, Jim Clark and Dickie Attwood all spent time behind the wheel of GT/108."

more here ---

Still Alive & Kicking

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 00:16 — VengefulJedi

Good evening all. It's time to check in again. As much as I'd like to say I'm one step closer to global domination, that isn't quite the case. Mostly, I've been busy with work. With Microsoft terminating support for Windows XP, we upgraded nearly 50,000 PC's to Windows 7. All I can say about that project is - holy shit, I'm glad it's done. Despite the abundant tension, I managed to secure the spot as my team's Top Dog (much to the crushing disappointment of my nemesis, making it that much sweeter a victory).

Speaking of victory, last week I met my Endocrinologist for my 3-month Diabetic follow-up. He tested my A1C, which I am excited to say dropped from 7.1 to 5.9! We also looked at my medication. Even though it's doing a great job regulating my blood sugar, it's fucking up my stomach something fierce, and may be what's aggravating my back pain (amongst other side effects). Doc has me researching a couple meds - each can replace the Metformin & adds a benefit of weight loss. That's the hardest part for me, the weight loss - I gained back a couple of the pounds I'd lost, so I'm currently at 357, but that's still a loss from when I started.

I decided to retire from the dating scene. Truth be told, I'm content on my own. I enjoy my freedom. A couple of coworkers convinced me to start looking - and while some of the initial attention was flattering (due to a witty & humorous profile), I somehow still managed to attract creatures spawned directly from Hell's Vagina. The last chick was this single mom (I didn't mind that part), recently divorced, who wanted to take things slow because I'm "the only respectable guy she met since her divorce" - and said she wasn't ready to date. So, we spent a few months just chatting, and when she finally felt comfortable enough, we went on our date. Afterward, she got a bit distant, only to tell me she can't date me because she wasn't physically attracted to me on the date... yet she's the one who kissed me at the end of it. Maybe I subscribe to the unpopular school of thought, but looks aren't that important. I need a woman who can keep me on my toes mentally, or have a dark sense of humor, or something that indicates higher intellectual functioning. Looks change & eventually fade altogether, but being an evil bitch is forever - so knowing now that she's shallow & incapable of the level of depth that I require for a potential mate, I am once again completely free without distraction...

Which couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Today, I decided that I wanted to take my new Podcast & change things up a bit. Rather than Podcasting, I want to do YouTube videos. I'd like to review games, do playthroughs, have unboxings - all that shit. YouTube drives me fucking nuts sometimes with the piss-poor quality of material (for example, not proofreading & publishing something with gross spelling & grammar errors). Anyway, I won't be giving up podcasts altogether. I talked to my buddy Jackson, and we're looking to resurrect Geeks On The Mic, after its hiatus. We're mixing up the format a bit, which will give me the flexibility & creative freedom I felt I lacked before. Details forthcoming on that...

Time to crash, but that's about it. Expect to see me more on the Xbox (360, I've yet to get my One) - as much as I love gaming on my PC, I miss interacting with people.

This just in...

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 04:51 — Oldschool 2o4f

I found my pants.

Location Shifting Live TV

Fri, 05/09/2014 - 07:11 — AngryJason

I have decided to get myself a cabin on the lake.  I thought about a cabin in the woods, but I saw Joss Whedon's documentary and now I'm scared some evil corporation would have creatures waiting to devour me.

Anyway, I'm getting a place on the lake.  It's meant to be a place to get away from it all and learn how to relax.  As such, I want to be somewhat minimalist in terms of technology.  My first thought was simple:  no tv, no internet.  However, this isn't feasible for 2 reasons.  First, there may be times when I need to work.  Crises can arise, or I may decide to work from home on a Friday to get a jump on the weekend.  Second, in the fall, college football season will be upon us and there is absolutely no way I can live in a house where I cannot watch my games.  

The way I figure it, I will need at least internet.  I've gone ahead and made the order to have internet service established at the place.  I've not pulled the trigger on tv for 2 reasons.  First, Charter, the only game in town at this location for internet, has not yet signed up to carry the SEC Network in the fall.  Second, I wonder if I can legitimately "cut the cord" and not have any cable tv service.

My plan is to get a PS3 for the cabin.  This would allow for streaming of netflix and amazon and the ability to play blu-ray discs.  I could elect to get hulu, but that's not a big deal.  However, I couldn't find a Watch ESPN app on my main PS3 last night.  I've thought about putting a slingbox at home, and then using the PS3 browser to hook into that and catch the games, but there is still the problem of Watch ESPN.  See, once or twice a year, there is a pay per view game.  It's typically against the Little Sisters of the Poor, and thus, isn't a compelling game, but it is still required viewing.  These are usually shown for free on ESPN3/Watch ESPN.  However, with the slingbox, I wouldnt have access to those apps.  I'm not sure how watch ESPN works, and maybe someone can shed some light.  Am I allowed to watch it anywhere, regardless of ISP since I have a login under my current ISP that does provide the service, or do I have to be on their pipe to watch it?  If I can just log in and watch regardless of ISP, then I can just hook my laptop up for those games.  I just don't think that's the way it works.

Another option would be to put a VPN gateway at the cabin and one at the house, so everything I do online at the cabin would be routed to my house and thus, carry my AT&T IP address, qualifying me for that service.  This comes out a bit cheaper than the PS3/Slingbox idea, but then I'm kind of SOL on the CBS games, unless I can pick up the signal OTA.  With that, I would probably need a FireTV or Apple TV to get the ESPN app and netflix/amazon as I think the laptop connected to the tv may not work as well I hope.

It just seems wasteful to buy cable tv service at nearly $100/month after adding the packages to get the right sports channels.

Also, on the subject of a cabin on the lake, I'm considering a jet ski.  I used to hate jet skis, but then I played Kinect Sports Rivals, and thought, gee, this could be fun.  Since I'm quite the neophyte, I was looking at a SeaDoo Spark, which is quite an entry level pwc.  I don't need anything too fancy, and not trying to break the bank.  Wondering if anyone with more experience in personal watercraft may have an opinion.

<shrug>first world problems, I guess</shrug>

Site speed

Thu, 05/08/2014 - 07:10 — DSmooth

OK... I think I fixed one of the major speed issues on the site. Let me know if you find it faster or not.


Such Ingratitude

Sun, 05/04/2014 - 19:01 — SarcasmoJones

 Once a month, usually on Saturday, I take my Basset, Mack, to the Paw Spa to get his nails clipped. I got Mack from the North Texas Basset Rescue people, and he is afflicted with a severe case of separation anxiety. Anyway, the fucking Paw Spa doesn't accept credit cards, so I stopped off at the 7-11 to hit the ATM and grab a Big Gulp...they were on sale for 69 cents. While I was in the store, Mack freaks the fuck out and urinates in my cup I set my drink on the dash to go get some paper towels. While I'm getting sopping supplies,  Captain Fucking Freak Out knocks my drink off the dash and grinds it into the driver's seat. Man's best friend, indeed.

Gasoline greener than biofuels?

As you're reading this keep in mind that the ethanol varieties are horrible comparatively in MPG comparisons as well.


Biofuels produced from waste products left from harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline in terms of carbon emissions, according to a $500,000 study paid for by the federal government and published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The study said biofuels made with corn residue release seven percent more greenhouse gases than traditional gasoline.

Rayola Dougher from the American Petroleum Institute called that an eye opener for the green energy crowd. "You know, what are we doing? If that's so, then we're going down the wrong path here,” Dougher told Fox News in an interview. “We have to give ourselves at least press the pause button and look at what we're trying to accomplish and look at the science, and look at it very carefully."

The study contradicts the Obama administration's narrative that biofuels are a much cleaner alternative, while also receiving more than a billion dollars in federal support.

Phil Flynn, an oil trader and senior market analyst with The Price Futures Group, said the promises made were too good to be true. "Cellulosic biofuels was going to be our future. It wouldn't impact our food. We could use the leftovers, and it would help greenhouse gas emissions and it would be the answer to all our problems. But what we're finding out is that's not the case," said Flynn."

More at the link above...


Hey all you people, Week 12 is up and is ready for you to view and smash.  All Titanfall.  I reached Gen 3 and have some epic kills.  My audio issues continue with the in game audio not recording.  It seems to be a conflict with the Stereo Headset adaptor, the Turtle Beach head set and the in game audio being cut out.  Have to hard reset the Xbox One to start capturing in game audio again.

Anyways, Also a huge shout out to Hitman for Pulling my Youtube channel and playlist into the Youtube channel for more people to witness my fails.  




And Manly A Tight Knit Shop

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 01:46 — SarcasmoJones

Okay, so I have been putting a lot of gameplay vids on YouTube lately. Out of curiosity I checked the transcripts of some of the videos, and not only do they not match what I said, they're fucking hilarious. I don't know if my drawl is throwing off their word detector, but the transcript is not even close to what I said. I'll use my Titanfall video as an example:


See video


sir caspar Jones told find a comment


them plain cotton ball talk around it I'm not there yet


got number two to one and


doing Shack at back shooters


Reds game fat back shooter


parent times very


and manly a tight-knit shop


my you can get in it up acts




from john is a good and bad yes that's a good guy with a little red Holden


done and I know that's good yeah the air


enemy check that's a bad idea see the radical


disease I can get




publisher I L for whatever the other values


southern combat getting shot and a


back yeah and it made my okay


thank you ok sam za for


shop are know what's going on really GP-one know somebody that kills me


practice again of




back shooter




and it parent got killed anybody yet


but my I sacrifices been admiral


under somebody you star Mike Hill I did you do that






okay back she actuators I Highland show Anna


this time I'm gonna kill somebody


and eat at Thai for need any


protective armor the change in


missiles and a projection


alone out here a team answer by Shaikh earlier mercy


don't use it strangle but specter


thank you sir yes


go I can some granite yeah


taste the lead of the Titans ready


how yet at their bounce


make sure I get back shown on the right grant Hughes


gone package might act make the magic happen


the you cannot was the improved


lolol I just got its


orkut prepares doc Walker


large better than I am take that


home Ono these two nations


I got some Korea's that single-bullet back in your face


0 her last long


hours evacuation plan as convenient have made one yet but


heart attack realize how for an

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