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The heartbeat of America!

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 15:03 — Oldschool 2o4f

GetPhoto8 by Oldschoolsmart, on Flickr


Jack V Hole

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 16:00 — FreeRadikal

More fingerpainting fun!

Wed, 01/14/2015 - 13:53 — Oldschool 2o4f

Ferrari scuderia 76 by Oldschoolsmart, on Flickr

McClaren m23 2 by Oldschoolsmart, on Flickr

...and for comic relief....

Mini Me by Oldschoolsmart, on Flickr


Free on Origin! Free on PSN+.

Sun, 01/11/2015 - 05:15 — CrypticCat

The legendarily classic Simcity2000 is now free to download from Origin. If your old version refuses to run under the latest windows, grabbing it from Origin right now is smart. All older EA titles that are sold through the Origin storefront are updated to run under modern OS'. 

The free games on PSN+ aren't worth discussing this month, not even the Vita titles are worth polluting your Vita's memorycard. The only one that might spark your interest is First Light. This is a downloadable game in the Second Son universe and revolves around a girl that can manipulate Neon. (The downloadable skill for Second Son PS4 exclusive.). I've bought this game a while back (the danger of buying games if you're a PSN+ member.) and had some fun with it. It has an open city to explore, but the bulk of the title is a moba with bots. Combat is bogged down with button-combo's, but if you're a joypad-juggler, First Light might be the thing for you.

Hello Once Again

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 17:42 — revslow

Greetings to all,

It feels like it's been forever since I've been on here and it's grand to be home!!! THANK GOD.... I'd just became a diabetic when I have to have heart stents installed. I had a heart attack during the surgery, After 2 other attacks, in October a year ago, I got cracked open and had to have a quad by pass made. It was pain as I've ever known it. My spine has since twisted due to osteoarthritis.Long story short theres little I can do now but fish, (on a really good day), read, watch TV and doing what I can to get back to gaming again. My meds mess with me but I'd still love to get in with some good gamers who can understand my medical setback, and walk me through it once again. Thanks again and I hope when I long in my Xbox 1 new friends awaitlaugh

Astro A50 Likes and Dislikes

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 14:51 — Megatron

I recently bought a pair of Astro A50's, while i love my A40's and my senns I was do, that and im tired of cords.

First off the comfort level is great, my ears do not sweat from long extended use as the cups are very roomy, and also they have some noise canceling to them.

The volume controls for game and chat are on the outside of the right cup, you can see it in the picture above. You basically touch one side to make the voice or game volume louder, probably my favorite feature.

The microphone has a plus and a minus, the plus is you can rais the micrphone vertical and it puts you on mute, very handy when i get a phone call or if the wife comes in to chat, the downside is the mic is not removable

The look and build quality are also great, and the headphones can be upgraded via patches from Astro.

It does have Dolby 7.1 and I will say that the sound is fantastically crisp with great bass that is deep and not distorted. 

The downsides.....

you cant have custom speaker tabs, because of funcionality built into the right side for volume control the tag is not removable. the micrphone side , the micrphone is not removable. This is not a deal breaker, but a small disapointment as i ike custom speaker tags.


the power button is located on the back of the headphones on the right and is extremely tiny, I have to take mine off to see the damn thing.

Also they are not 100% wireless, you still have to plug a cord in from your headphones on the left side to your controller. If you are playing a non team oriented game you could do without this and be wireless 

Charge wise they are really good, over my christmas vacation i put them thru some tough testing, I did 2 24 hour gaming sessions and an 8 hour session, they did die at the end of my 24 hour session but that is to be expected. 

There is one small issue I noticed when I first got them, it has to do with an auto shut off feature. When I first hooked them up I was in a XBL voice chat with a friend, we were not playing a game, if there is no sound for 10 minutes the heaphones will shut off, whether you are talking or not it doesnt seem to care.  A small annoyance, but im generally in game 99% time this was one of the few times i wasnt and expereinced this. 

The new mix amp that i have is the one about, its small, thin, and light, has a ton of inputs on the back, usb, dobly digital in and out and some micro usb connections for power. It is however bigger than the A40 mix amp, probably twice the width

The price for these are $300 bucks, for me they are a touch on the over priced side, most headphones ive owned like trittons, A40's, senns, are arond the 150-200 mark and are comparible in every way except for a cord or 2. 


These start at 3pm EST, 8(?)gmt, every Wednesday, one track and cycle up through the classes, informal set up, lotsa chatter, sharing of techniques, tunes, paints even! Don't worry if you're late, jump on in.

I know people have been slowly acquiring the new systems and a few more did so over the holidays so I wanted to remind everyone these are still going on and a good way to get acclimated, ask questions about the game, the system even. I had to ask how to join a party/game initially.

So, keep it in the back of your head and try to attend when able, it's a good time and educational! (never thought I'd say that).

Shelby Cobra parked in 1974 worth up to $1.4 million.

1964 289c.i. original low mileage, parked in heated barn for 40 years on jacks, intial cost a little over $5,000, estimated at $1.1 to $1.4 million in the upcoming auction.




Take On Enemies Too Tough for You
Some Vanguard missions inside of Destiny have spots that have some opponents that are way too high for you to tackle. They may even be of ? level. Even Destiny has no clue what level they are (lol)! They basically used to help keep you on track and on the right course for the mission that you're currently doing. Basically so you don't wander off into areas you shouldn't. There's no taking these bad boys down. They aren't meant to be taken down, but hey, where's the fun in that?

Give it a shot. Try to take them out! Sure, you'll die, but why not see how long before you do? Plenty of fun to be had in this slow suicide mission. You might feel awesome, and you might end up learning some interesting tactics for the weaker versions of these guys in the future.

Make Your Slide Tackle Kill Just Perfect
This is a pretty fun one inside of PvP. Sliding isn't all about dodging bullets while you get into some cover. Not by a long shot. It can chain into your offensive moves in an awesome way. Its hard to do, which is likely why I rarely see anyone trying it. This is also why no one will see it coming. When you pull it off, though, its awesome.

The scenario is easy enough. Come around a corner and bump into another player while you both let your guns fly at exactly the same moment. Who knows which of you will win. Luck determines that in a lot of cases. You can increase the chances of you winning, though. If their shield goes down somewhat you sprint in and slide, which will throw his aim off, and then you do a nice melee move prior to pulling up. Trust me, they won't expect it and you'll see them nice and dead. Works exceptionally well with shotguns, of course, and its always nice to have some good exotic armor on hand (see if you're a Warlock) to tip the battle your way, too.

Stalk Everyone Crazy
I don't know why this is so hilarious, but it is. The very 1st time I was involved in this I couldn't stop laughing. My stomach was definitely sore the next day. Here's what you do:

Inside of The Tower you can do your little crouch-walk action, but in 3rd person it looks pretty funny. More so if you have a long garment like a cloak on. So, what you do is crouch behind some random person (in a shop is good since they're more distracted) and then you stalk them in that position for as much time as you feel like, or til they catch you. Don't get too close, though, because you'll end up in their view. If you can get some others togther you can end up with a nice train of stealthy stalking hilarity. Trust me, its a good, humorous time.


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