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Borderlands TPS golden keys, again.

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 19:34 — CrypticCat

PC / Mac / Linux: K5KBB-3CJ3T-T3JBT-TTTBT-5WH59
PlayStation 3: K5KBB-3CJ3W-Z6JCT-ZTWBT-5WH3T

These codes are valid until and including januari 4th. Borderlands, the pre-sequel.

Bought Destiny

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 15:55 — Megatron

giving this destiny thing a whirl since MCC is beyond broken, got to a level 10 and the Destiny servers went down, is there anything that works.



Sat, 12/27/2014 - 13:41 — CrypticCat

If you're playing Dragon Age and wonder who this pentaghast chick really is, look no further.

This also gives context to many things Cassandra is talking about in Inquisition. This film is by the same animation-studio that did James Vega's history (That brainless beefcake from Mass Effect 3.), but this one of higher quality. I'm surprised how lore-strict these movies are... yet a few questions remain... Why are those movies japanese and why the fuck does Bioware think everybody has seen them? While James Vega in ME3 merely passingly spoke of what happened before he became part of Shep's inner circle, Cassandra speaks of things like you're supposed to know them. Oh well.

At least after you seen this movie, Cassandra will be more relatable and the game more enjoyable as a result.


Wed, 12/24/2014 - 19:40 — CrypticCat

Just have a good time. Fuck the rest. ^^

Gears of War 2 & 3

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 13:19 — Megatron

played some gears of war 2 and 3 campaign and some hord mode last night with mr white, damn it i forgot how much fun those games were. we are just starting act 3 on insane on gears 2, holy crap lol

if anyone wants in on some fun send me a fr

What's up good people.

I've recently started a youtube & twitch channel in hopes of creating some fun and interesting content and sharing mine and my friends level of retardism with the rest of the world. And to hop on the bandwagon. Everyones doing why not. I mean I like to play games, so if there are people interested in watching people play games...


So I keep running into problems. Which is normal. Nothing runs 100% smoothly. But I need some input.

I'd like to stream regularly on Twitch, and then create content for the youtube channel. A quick(er) way to do that would be to post whatever I stream directly to youtube afterwards. But I run into a ton of quality issues. Also I'm figuring out that my PC rig can't handle quite as much as I thought it could. So I'm going to have to upgrade.

My PC Specs:
- AMD FX 6100 Six-Core Processor 3.81 ghz
- 16 GB DDR 3 Ram
- Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 1gb
- Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

Capture Programs & Devices:
 - Elgato Game Capture HD for consoles
- XSplit for Twitch Streaming
- FRAPS for local capture
- Windows Movie Maker for local webcam capture
- Sony Vegas for editing

It's just a matter of figuring out what's the best way for me to do each thing. It's looking like Streaming and Youtube are going to have to remain separate things for now. And if I want to stream, stick to console stuff for now to not put so much strain on my PC hardware. And if I want to PC oriented stuff, then capture the footage locally using FRAPS and Windows movie maker and edit the footage in Sony Vegas and post that to Youtube.

I want to get back into fighting games and Halo really hardcore. So I'll be building a custom arcade stick that will hopefully work with multiple consoles (last gen & current) and then eventually a Xbox One. I've gotta wait and count my couch change after Christmas and see if I can snag that $350 bundle deal before it dies on January 3rd. I don't want to end up broke for another two weeks so I've gotta just sit & wait.

Okay. So I need a suggestion. I need a shotgun mic to record a room full of people for when I have friends over to record game nights. What would you guys recommend? Also for lighting. What kind of starter kit/lighting setup should I get to make my streams look more professional. I've got a nice 1080p HD webcam. I just need some good lighting and a green screen.

Thanks everyone.

What's up everyone!

I'm about to start up my (hopefully weekly) Twitch stream called CoinOp Coop, where a friend and I play through a classic arcade title.

Check it out.

My Thoughts on the Xbox One & MCC

Mon, 12/22/2014 - 09:44 — Megatron

2 1/2 years ago i walked away from gaming; it was weird as it was something that I had done since I was a little kid. At the time Halo Reach was out and I was the community manager here. I got on one night to play  reach and we found out one of our friends/team mates had cancer, everything just kind of stopped. I hated reach anyway, what made it somewhat bearable was playing with my friends, when that started to fall apart that kind of drove a stake in the heart of it all really. When I left gaming I got into automotive photography, it pretty much absorbed me every day and still does to an extent.

6 months ago a couple of my friends wanted me to get a 360 and Halo 3 and play some games, after much hesitation I decided why not, it would be good to talk to them, laugh and play some games. At first it was the usual suspects, myself, biorod, trizev, royal, mr white and a couple others. There was an announcement of MCC for the Xbox One and to be honest I was somewhat excited about gaming again, even though things seemed extremely different now than years before. 

What do I mean by different? when I used to sign on there used to be no shortage of people to invite to play games (halo), now people were scattered across all kinds of games that I had never even heard of, people were older and just had less time to be on, whether from kids, or work or both. I checked 2o2p, surely people were still talking on the forums and getting there game on, not so much it seemed. Threads seemed to be slow and dead from the start, waiting for a response to a thread now i might get a couple grey hairs vs a few yrs ago when you could refresh and have 30 responses. Some of the things I used to do as CM was have play dates, tournaments, play dates, leagues, 2o2p game nights, game give aways. My thought was you have to be active to keep the community active and excited. If they had a good time, they would be spreading the word, talking on the forums, and blogging about their experiences. I think this version of 2o2p could probably use a little of that, although im pretty far removed from what’s left of this community, so It's possible I could be wrong. 

The Xbox One, I finally sacked up days before the release of MCC and got one on sale. I will say that Im not that impressed. I feel like since i have had the xbox one, live has been down multiple times, the friends list has been down a couple times and party chat has failed us numerous times. I do not have the kinect version so i find that navigating the menus can be somewhat painful. The Xbox Live Marketplace seems to have taken a few steps backwards, the version on the 360 used to be awesome; it was like its own little big deal. now its just clunky... 
Im still not a fan of this snap shit, maybe im a hates change kind of guy, or a if its broke dont fix it kind of guy. I fell like the snap feature works great on touch devices and probably works good with the kinect, but for non kinect users its pointless. 

Games, wtf lack of games....this system has been out what, over a yr? and the games suck for it. I have forza 5, but for some reason all the cars sound very similar, although the the game is nice to look at and decent to play. Everything else just looks meh, titanfall looks meh, cod well ive never liked cod, Destiny erm no, MCC is still broken but somewhat tolerable. Where is college football? i have to settle for shit madden? oh that’s right the players would probably sue if they made college football, se we get screwed, id even play a gears of war for the xbone if it came to it. Im slightly disappointed that the xbone doesn’t have the ability to play 360 games or 360 arcade games. there are very few game demos and very few games i even want to demo after checking them out on youtube, it's kind of sad

MCC the good the bad and the ugly. Myself, Triz and Bio have been playing MCC everyday pretty much since this game came out and it is still broken after about a month. It is somewhat tolerable now since the last patch, but it is still painful to play every night. If you go in by yourself im sure everything works fine lol, if you go in with friends well, there in lies the problem. For as long as I have been around Halo, one of the most important things is the lobby and playing with your friends. Since the last 2 patches, joining our friends lobbies seems to be fixed, they have also somewhat fixed where we were getting split up after games. What is still broken is you and your friends getting split up in game. So far this is what we have noticed, Halo 2 Classic and Halo 3 seem to work fine, we actually very rarely get split up in those two, Halo 2 championship anniversary tho, well that’s a whole nother story, i think 80% of those games we still get split up. 

The game play itself in H2C is pretty damn good, Halo 3 is great with one exception, it still has major audio issues, you essentially have to tone out halo 3 because none of the sounds are coming from the right locations. talk about disorienting. H2A feels like H4 on H2 maps, im not a huge fan of H2A, I play it but spend most of my time in H2C and H3. 

there is still no word on when the next patch comes out or if there will even be one



Less than a month, I believe, is Dragon Age Inquisition old. It had many seperate deals on pre-order, some better than the others. I just bought the bare edition for PS4 on release-day.

Yesterday, Bioware released all the pre-order and store-exclusive deals for Inquisition in one €9.99 package, calling it a CE-upgrade.

I can't help but ask the question... how right is this? I'm the laughing third, as with this deal, I'll get more content than people who bought the different editions did and in some respects even cheaper. If you ask me, I'd say that EA is removing the floor from under their monetization model. Hmmmm....

5 golden keys for Borderlands 2.

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 04:24 — CrypticCat

Here are the codes for five golden keys, valid for Borderlands 2 through 20/12

PlayStation 3 or PS Vita: KBCJT-R6FS3-63K9K-S3CJB-33J3X



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