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The reality and the grind

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 09:43 — Megatron

a little over 3 months ago I had decided to come back to halo after taking 2 years off from playing any video games. A lot of friends had asked me why come back, and my response was MCC. I have a lot of excitement for Halo 2 on dedicated servers and how much fun it will be.

What I didnt know or expect was how hard it would be to come back and get into what I considered "shape" for MCC. The first issue was remembering my login for my original xbox live account so I could recover it, that took about a day of going thru emails upon emails upon emails. Once I sorted that out i logged into Halo 3 for the first time in 2 years, the sound of the music, mmmm, i missed this, it was like a warm blanket.......

Im an MLG player, always have been, so i changed the playlist to MLG and up pops my rank, 45. In my mind I knew all the strats, all the maps, all the jumps, the nade placements, the callouts, but executing as I found out after a long hiatus was going to prove to be a very painful one.

I start up matchmaking and get into my first game, and promptly get my shit pushed in. It was an ampflied slayer game and everything seemed so fast, my aim was all over the place, i was missing jumps, late on callouts, blowing nades throws, some i threw at myself. WTF had happened, how the did I go from playing in MLG tournements and being pretty solid to I cant even buy a kill in just 2 short years. OLD AGE lel... over a 2 week period i continued to play everyday as I was determined to get myself back to my old playing days. well.....I went from a 45 to a 28, it was just a downward spiral of suck and I was not happy about it. I was spending 4 hours a night now every night trying to get better and I wasnt getting better.

thankfully Trizev and Biorod still played halo and were still damn good. I needed to get back to the my old practice routines from back in the day. The first was my aim and sniping and nades. So octagon it was, so for months every day i made them start the night with octagon and i could slowly start to feel progress being made as i the gap between me winning those games grew further and further. instead of winning by 1 i would start winning by 10, then 20 then 60. We started winning the majority of our games instead of losing them which was nice, but it took a lot of practice, more than I had anticipated. It was like my brain knew what needed to be done but my reactions just wernt there.

After 3.5 months i decided to create a twink tag, i wanted to see how far my progress had come. within 3 days I went from a 1 to a 40, and have been bouncing between 40-45 since. Id say im ready for MCC and that im back, with some major differences. Im older now, 38, so while im still competitive i have a lot more fun in games now then i did before, and im not as upset about losing as i used to be. Thats doesnt mean i wont bitch from time to time, it just means i wont put my hand thru a wall lol.

all thats left to do is buy an xbone and await the mcc drop. november cant come soon enough




Where the hell have I been?

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 14:26 — Agonizing_Gas

You're probably not even asking, but I'll tell you anyway.

About 5 years ago, I tried to come back and hang with the 2o2p crowd, but I just didn't end up making the time. WoW primarily had my attention, and the console titles that came out only held my attention for short periods of time. Since the WoW community here on 2o2p was waning, and was likely on a different server/faction than I was playing, I slumped back into my WoW rut. And that's pretty much where I stayed.

Since my divorce in 2006, I've been packing on weight. Not that I was ever thin, but food was a big comfort thing for me, and it filled the void when either stress or depression reared their ugly heads. Which they did a lot. Eventually, I got up to 360 pounds, and I wasn't feeling great. My weight was causing back issues, which took me out of work for a few months, and that caused more depression, and even more weight gain. As a matter of fact, my family even had an innervention with me about my eating and how they feared for my health. I've got an entirely different blog about my quest to get in shape, so I won't put all the details here. I will say that I've since sound success, and I've lost over 100 pounds since April.

This lifestyle change has really made me reflect and think about what I really value, and what makes me happy. I miss the folks here. A lot of great nights yelling at people through my headset. Heck, there are even people here that held my hand as I took some of my first steps into WoW. The forums themselves were a hangout for me, and I recall having a great time getting to know everyone. I even attended the first 2o2p LAN in Chicago.

I hope to find some of the folks I miss, if they're still around, and I hope to meet some new folks to share verbal abuse with. Trash talk and immaturity is really at its best when it comes from people that are old enough to be exprienced at it.

See you online!


Is this thing on?

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 23:37 — codemonkey

Seems like four years since I last posted something, is this thing on? Tap tap. I figured I'd try it and see. :)

Does Anyone Understand Xbox Rewards?

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 06:12 — Vezz

I am so confused with this Xbox Rewards program . I am thinking of getting the Destiny Download but trying to figuring out the reward program is almost impossible.I looked threw the FAQ , Left Question in their Forums and I still have no answer.I think they left the details Vague on purpose. I do have it preordered from gamestop but I was figuring I like the digital games they are always right their and if I can get a little rebate that would be a plus.I think I need a Lawyer to look of the Xbox reward rules.   

Well sh*t on me...

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 11:30 — Gatsu

A string of really annoying problems have popped over the last few days, pretty much leaving me in the same position situations like this always leave me. Broke as hell, and having to sacrifice something I want because someone else f*cks up royally.

I get home from work in the A.M. yesterday, and while I was waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in, my power goes out. Okay kinda annoying but it'll sort itself out in a bit. After 30 minutes or so, I call the power company to report an outage. It's not an outage. The power was turned off because there was a rather large chunk from last months bill that didn't get paid.

When my fiance and I moved in together, we agreed on who pays what bill because of incomes and all that. So one of her responsibilities is the power bill. It was high last month because its the hottest month of the year here in South Carolina, our air conditioning went out on us and we had to get it repaired...etc. So yeah the bill was high. I offered to help cover it because of how high it was. She said she had it covered. On several occasions she brought up how expensive the bill was. I again offered to help with it or to take over the electric bill and let her have one of the smaller monthly bills. Nope she had it. "Are you sure?" was asked at least 5 times over the period of the month. "Yup I've got it."

I went from zero to full retard in about 2 seconds. Things have already been kinda rocky between us the last few months. So this really didn't help at all. I have a bad temper, and had to keep it pushed down, because I had many many not-so-nice things to say. She gets upset when I'm mad and don't talk to her, but when I'm mad all I can think of are hateful it's better that I don't talk. Most people who know me think I'm a pretty calm and collected kind of guy, and usually I am. But when my anger switch gets flipped, I'm not a nice person. My brain goes full retard and the worst things I can think of pop in there like shotgun blasts. So it's better for me to calm down and keep my trap shut until the temperature drops a few degrees and I can think straight and separate the anger from the reality. I don't want to say anything I will regret later. I regret thinking them in the first place enough as it is. I'd end up swallowing the barrel of a gun if half the sh*t I thought ever flew out of my face.

I ended up having to pay about $120 to get the power turned back on. So...that meant I had to cancel my Destiny preorder. Now...last month I could have given her the $120 to help cover it, and still have been able to get Destiny. It's the 1 game I'm actually looking forward to this year. But no...everything is cool and handled. Well sh*t on me for believing.

Oh but she can continue to buy her cigerettes and beer so she can drink and not handle her problems, but I can't have 1 game. Hmm. Mmk. And I get to be broke and can't even afford to buy a bottle of rum to at least get my drink on a little.


I get to handle all my sh*t sober. Lovin life right now. heh.

Yep. First World Problems. I know it's not the end of the world. It could be a billion times worse. Could live in a place with no indoor plumbing and be hunted by militaristic extremists or something. But I would at least like to enjoy some of the money I work to earn.

I bought a house!

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 20:29 — erinroxyfox

Hey longtime no see... 

So I bought a house, I'm all moved in, Matt moves in in 3 weeks and things are peachy. Life is good. :)

Welcome to the club!

Sun, 08/31/2014 - 14:32 — CProRacing

Welcome to the new players!

If you need any help just send a PM and I will see what I can do!



Tue, 08/26/2014 - 08:43 — sfw555

Anybody still gaming on the 360? I have recently gotten back into mine, but all my old homies are on the One. Anybody?

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