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#1 Wed, 03/06/2013 - 01:32
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End Game impressions

I'm mainly on PS3 now so I was able to DL end game today after work.

initial impressions:

Air Superiority - fun for a while but then boring.  constant beep beep beep lock ons and "bad lucK" plane collisions.  You can get points even if you are not a good pilot (like me) by just capping the balloon flags.   I'll just play until I unlock all the Jet things and then leave it.

Conquest - similar to Armored Kill.  I think maybe flags are closer though so it does play faster.  The AC130 dropship drops an IFV but there are also regular tanks and lots of dirtbikes.

Rush - pretty brutal for the attacking side due to the open terrain between bases and Mcoms.  However since there are scout Helis on the maps, good pilots can really help their side.

CTF - I only played about 1 1/2 rounds and both times my team was getting crushed.  I think CTF will be the most fun with all the dirtbikes zooming around.  WARNING - stay off the main roads because they will be mined, especially around the team flags (or Mcoms in rush).  Also since you spawn at your flag/base, it's easy to get spawn trapped.  DIce needs to change this.

not enough time on these to give a deep review but I think really CQ and CTF shine on this DLC, AS gets old real fast and rush plays the same with big open crossings like AK rush.

did not notice any weapon buffs or nerfs.

Damavand Rush got an additional set of Mcoms past the tunnel but I haven't played it yet.

gotta say though the graphics on the maps are really nice, like Armored Kill nice.

Is if worth the $15usd if you don't have Premium?  probably only if you think you'll play lots of CTF.

otherwise I would save up and buy Premium when it's on sale for $30usd instead.






Wed, 03/06/2013 - 11:37
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Can't wait to play some CTF on Tuesday. Thanks for the tip about AS, I suck at the jets, so might be a chance for me to unlock them as well.

Wed, 03/06/2013 - 20:10
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RE: AIr superiority,

yes I am a horrible jet pilot

but  in one game I went 0 for 10 because all i did was fly around the balloons and capture flags, ended up 3rd place on my team and unlocking like 5 things for the jet.

so there is hope for even the worse jet pilots in AS.

I think capturing balloon flags gives you more points than shooting down enemy jets.

everyone is using heatseekers though so you always here beep beep beep...



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