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Week 6 is up.  Feel free to watch it multiple times and share with your close relatives and family.  And don't forget to subscribe and like on YouTube.


See video



GungalTM of the Day

Last night i played all the new maps for MW3 for the first time.  Even though I'm an Elite subscriber, I have not had the chance.  I've been too busy with SWTOR.  Also, I'm not a big fan of the way they handled it.  To me, it never makes sense to split the community.  If they wanted to give Elite subscribers exclusive access, it should really be only a week or 2.  2old2shoot is an active COD clan and we run a full clan night every Wednesday night.  Not every member is an Elite Subscriber, so w

and we'll kick your ass.

Guess who's laptop this is?:

If you were unsure, yes, they used our rocket shop for the Hammer factory.  Set dressers left these tags all over my equipment, so I snagged them up.

Wife has had spinal fusion and is doing well, been super busy at work with the F9 launch about to go and I'm constantly trying to get gameboxes painted/repaired.  Good shit, just not enough hours in the day. 

Clanless Halo on 2old2play

Tue, 08/07/2012 - 08:43 — DEEP_NNN

I'm trying an experiment for Halo. It doesn't involve Clans. It does involve any member who wants to play Halo in a specified way and in a specified time slot.

If you check out the Halo Series forum there is a post where I describe what I am trying to do.

If you are interested, just get on somebodies FL that is playing with this group. Alternatively you can send a XBL message to me or another involved person with the the text Inv in it.

I understand some people are going to wonder, "why Clanless"? Well, I have come to the opinion Clans create too much segregation on 2old2play. I no longer see the posting privacy inside a Clan forum as being an asset. Facebook, Twitter and other services should be enough for these personal affairs. I'd like to see Clans at the very least, open up their boundaries completely to other 2old2play members. It'd be better for 2old2play if Clan members posted their gaming stories in game specific forums, joined discussions in Off Topic and other topic specific forums. Perhaps that will help jump start this whole site for the better.

Clans have both good and bad sides to them and I've seen both over the years. I certainly appreciate the good parts.

2old2pwn has been a great association for me. Seven years of Clan nights! Seven years of of saucy bad ass behavior that I just love participating in! But my experiment conflicts with Clan membership and so I have unregistered myself.

If my experiment fails then I'll look to a Clan/Group option again but it will be a completely open one.

I kind of wish XBox Live had better options for handling groups. What a pain in the butt.

AVerMedia Game Capture HD

Mon, 03/19/2012 - 14:36 — SirPoonga

Alternative to the HD-PVR... 
(None of the pictures are mine, though I will replace with my own if needed)

So if you guys have been keeping up with Vivendi’s Search For Activision/Blizzard Suitors you know that one of the possible buyers (no real confirmation) is Microsoft.  It looks like Vivendi is looking to sell off the 8 billion dollar company in hopes to recoup some of its debt.  

Now if Microsoft does buy the company they stand to gain a lot from owning the market on the MMO , FPS, and even RTS space.  With a library like Halo, COD, WoW, and Starcraft they certainly would have a massive edge over Sony and Nintendo.  

The even more ironic part of this deal however would be the relationship between Bungie and Microsoft.  The story would unfold like some jilted lover in a cheesy romance novel.  

1) Microsoft buys Bungie: Love at First Sight

2) Bungie releases Halo series and helps sell Xbox to the world: They have beautiful children

3) Bungie leaves Microsoft: Can't take controlling abusive significant other and files for divorce

4) Bungie gives Microsoft Halo: Divorce court leaves custody of kids in the hands of a broken home

5) Bungie joins Activision: Finds new love and plans to start a family with a long term plan

6) Microsoft Buys Activision->Bungie: Jilted lover becomes obsessed and murders new lover in order to MAKE HER LOVE ME.

While none of this is really confirmed, it would make for a pretty twisted turn of events if Microsoft ended up with not only the Halo series, but Bungie back under its wing.  One would think the contract with Activision would still stand even after Microsoft bought out Vivendi's shares.  Realistically I think Microsoft could stand to lose the 8billion dollars over a move like this as well.  What do you guys think?

Three nights down, one to go!

Sat, 03/10/2012 - 03:21 — Joker961
GungalTM of the Day

Well now that things have settled a bit and we're down to making things pretty and small bug fixes I'd like to ask you guys what's next?  What would you like to see us do with V3 to make it easier to use, navigate and ultimately build a better site for more older gamers to join and play along side?

I have a general list of some things in the request forum, but with so much noise it is a bit difficult to sift through it all.  What I really want to know is, are things still hard to understand in terms of figuring out the daily navigation of 2o2p? If not, what annoys the crap out of you about the new site?  What feature would make things 200x's easier for you?



I'm really happy about what these forums have done for 2o2p and Id really like to see a lot more of them.  I think the idea behind a community controlled game forum is ultimately what the site needs to spawn meaningful conversation about a subject on 2o2p.  My idea is that division leaders will be the type to not just moderate of forum, but bring a forum to life when it comes to the topic at hand.  

Just one look over at the Halo Division and you can see just how that idea can take seed and grow.  Deep NNN has used his love for the Halo universe to create topics that a much larger group of halo fans are joining in on.  Wam and Johnny help to keep the conversation flowing and new people are joining in to talk about what Halo means to them. 

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