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Gears 3...eesh...

Sun, 05/15/2011 - 23:36 — Gatsu

Yeah. Epic's got ALOT of work ahead of them before the game drops in September. Weapon balancing, spawn-camping with the hammer of dawn.....looking at you Trenches.

Anyways....had fun with it for sure. But if those dedicated servers aren't running well the first week....campaign is where I'll stay.

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No Doubt. Definitely the spawn camp, holy crap at one point I got shredded four times. Totally lame. also got shot by someone through a brick wall, i mean they were half way through one side of the wall and halfway through the other. There are a ton more but I wrote em down for Epic-MS whoever. Did have a fun time chainsaw was awesome tool. Gonna be a long wait till Sept.
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