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Friday the 13th

Sat, 06/14/2008 - 14:23 — Leviticus78

Well happy shittin Friday the 13th to me, AGAIN!!!!

I'm not a superstitious man about anything EXCEPT for that dreaded day.  Every damn year somthing or many things go wrong.  To start yesterday off I was on my way to work and the radio in my truck just craps out deader than shit while I'm listening to Bob and Tom ( i get a real shitty mood if i don't start my day with some good laughs). Then I had to make these simple stainless steel parts that should have took my about a half an hour but noooooo they took me like 2 hours cause some stupid little thing kept throwing the measurement off which made me have to start all over and re-cut them. The rest of the day went so-so which started to make me really nervous.  Remeber that episode of Married with Children about the Bundy curse?  When a lot of good things happen in a row something REALLY bad is going to happen?  Yep..... that's me.

I punch out, hop into my stereoless truck and head for questar gas to drop off my monthly payment and as I pull up to the drop box I smell gas, BAD.  I thought " ah there's lots of trucks around here it's probably not mine".  I get about halfway home and stop at a stop sign and I can still smell it,  just fucking great.  I get home, pull in my parking spot, and get out to shut the door, ( you know how you get out and grab the door it kinda causes your body to look back?), that's when I see the trail of liquid gold that probably traces my path ALL the way back to work. I haven't looked at the gas gage yet to see how much I lost cause I don't really feel like breaking down into tears.  Do you have any idea how close I was to grabbing a roll of Bounty and a big jug and testing their actual worthiness??? 

Turned out to be the fuel pump. Oh i guess i should mention my truck is a 77 ford and the fuel pump is mounted to the engine block and when they fail they leak through a weep hole like a water pump does when it fails.  I went and got the part and replaced it this morning so I guess all is not lost but son of a bitch what hairy day.

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yep that sucks man. But think of it like this....when you woke up this morning....did your penis still work? then its a good day. ;)
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