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Clan Forums Are Being Removed Next Week

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 02:36 — Doodi

Clan forums will be taken down from the site the week of Monday the 18th.  If you would like to have your clan forum converted into a game specific forum please let us know via email, PM, or comment below!

If you've been around the site or check out your last few emails you might have heard that we are changing a lot of things on the site. If you wish to post in your clan forum for old times sake or want to copy any useful information, the time to do it is NOW.  

Similarly, the main forums will be heavily pared down.  Anything not video game related will be pushed into off-topic.  In a future version of the site, members will be able to label threads with their own "tags" to keep track of threads on top of normal categories.  

Finally, if you haven't logged into 2o2p lately now is the time to do it.  In the future weeks we will be removing inactive accounts from 2o2p.  Any member that hasn't logged in within 1 year will be taken off our site.  We will retain some data for those users, however the majority of this data will be deleted.  Please take the time to reach out to site friends or old clan mates and let them know.  

Thanks again and I look forward to build a more community driven 2o2p with all of you very soon!

brntguy's picture

So our 2old4forza clan forum would turn into a game forum for all racing games across all platforms? If we don't request a game forums then the clan members would just be posting in a general forum? For me I would hope we could get a general racing forum to easier look for info/posts discussing all types of racing and not have to sort thru all other gaming info to find info about racing.

Parcells2's picture

Whatever answers you want to throw out Doodi go right ahead but please give us a racing game forum, we'll figure it out from there...maybe?

DEEP_NNN's picture

I don't think there is any doubt there will be exactly the racing forums you guys wish. I'm not certain how Doodirock will do it all but I'm sure the Forza group will be well looked after. You guys are one of his guiding examples.

FreeRadikal's picture

No matter where you go, they will find a way to teabag you!

Doodi's picture

Nothing will really change for forza.  You will have the forza forum, the pc racing forum as it always is/was.  

Out of all clans you will not be affected in the slightest as the clan forum was already open and a Division; not a clan forum. 

brntguy's picture

Ahh so we should be cool then, great!

Parcells2's picture

Make no mistake about it Burnt, we'll always be cool brother! 

Requesting Mechwarrior Online fourm.    will we be able to add clan sections under game forums?

Doodi's picture

In the beginning no.  However after the data is ported to the new platform then we can look into adding new features that. 

jersey_JOE_'s picture

YES I'd like my clan forum (NC-17)
converted into a game forum.

Doodi's picture

NC-17 doenst have any post?  There is nothing to convert! 

jersey_JOE_'s picture

lol. Oops. Sorry. Youre right. I just started it so....
crystal_caster's picture

Please convert the mtgo clan forum to a game forum. We would like to perserve our posts, and do not mind if others join us. Thanks.

Doodi's picture

Will do!

Cardiac_Wolf's picture

I would like for the 2Old2WASD group to be converted into a game forum.  Thanks.  

Doodi's picture

I probably wasn't specific enough in my post, but clan forums that are converting will need to have a specific game to convert to.  Is there a stand out game in 2Old2WASD to convert to?

Shadow's picture

Is there a way to messsage all members of a clan?  I'd like to send out a notice to everyone, so old members might see it.  There are some that don't do facebook and don't check the site that often, and so might not know where to find us or what happened.

Doodi's picture

Sadly no.  The best you could do is grab the list of members in a comma seperate form and send one PM to them all at once.  Would end up being the same thing you want, but would take a bit to get the entire list.

Shadow's picture

Sigh.  Thanks.  I guess that function won't be needed in the next iteration anyway.

char's picture

Doodi, sent you a PM not realizing that I could've posted it here. 

ElektraFi's picture

Can the 2o2p Writing Staff group be moved to some general admin/staff area?

williamadamsesq's picture

Please convert 2old2resist to a Playstation LittleBigPlanet game forum and make char the admin thereof.

Monkey_House's picture

So we are going to become more community driven by getting rid of all the communites? That stinks for sure. Also these clans didn't just play one game so its really hard to turn a clan into that. My first and favorite clan is the 2old2Resist clan. We are a playstation focused clan worth jabber jaws about anything and everthing. 

Farewell deserve better!

Doodi's picture

No we're becoming more community driven by becoming one community.  

There is no reason everyone from resist can't talk in the playstation forums.  In fact if they want to roll the clan into that forum its fine by my,  Segregation isn't community and we aim to remove it.  As for deserving better, I'd hope that the same would go for everyone on 2o2p that doesn't have a clan yet.  I'd hope 2o2p deserves better. 

Shadow's picture

Agreed.  Monkey House, what reason is there that you can't all just post in the playstation forum?  Pick up where you left off.

Is it that you don't want any new outsiders into your group of people?  That seems like a recipe for group death eventually.  I think you'll be just fine.  You could even make a thread specifically for those from your clan if you wanted, I'm sure.  It wouldn't be private, but unless you're giving out national secrets I'm sure it'll be fine.

mdl70's picture

I think what Monkey House was talking about was perhaps the wording of it, that all clans need to be migrated to a specific game.  I don't think there's any issues with posting in a generic Playstation forum.  

Shadow's picture

it's understandable though with the consolidation that that would be necessary.  For those without a game, I'm sure there's some forum header that would work best.

Shadow's picture

I moved over an RIP thread from our clan.

Is there a way to expand the site somehow so it's not all squished and chopped off?  It pretty much ruins it.  It wasn't like that in the clan forums that I remember.

Doodi's picture

This seems to be a bug of some sort.  It shouldnt be doing that.  Let me look into it

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