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2old2play is Dead, long live 2old2play

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 01:00 — Doodi

2old2play is changing everything. This post is something I’ve been thinking about writing for almost 2 years now.  With the release of the new consoles, great new games on the horizon, and our current goals of producing new content outside of 2o2p, I think its finally time to rip off the band-aid and put it all out there.  I will warn you however, this is going to be long winded and a bit opinionated.  So pull up a chair next to the camp fire and settle in.  Whether you’re an old member or new, this is a post for the entire 2old2play community.

To begin with, if you are still checking 2o2p on the regular you’ve probably noticed a trend in the past few years.  Major clans have universally decided to leave 2o2p and start their own sites.  Player contribution to the main forums has slowed to a crawl, and the general feeling on 2o2p is that of malaise.  I’ll go a bit into what caused this, but for the most part I want to talk about how we plan to “fix” it.  The good news is traffic overall on the site is much higher than ever before for our external content.

Before we get into all that, lets talk about Version 2-Version 3, perception, and the fracturing of our community.  If we go back to the history books of 2o2p, just before the launch of V3, I was worried about failing to release a new version of the site.  It took entirely too long to get the new version up with the little free time I had, and we were already seeing a trend.  Clans were relatively happy at the time, with the majority of them growing or steady.  However on the outside of those clans the site was near death. Public forums were ghost towns, new members were locked out of meeting people because clans were so closed, and massive clans who enjoyed our recruitment would ultimately leave.  I’d review analytics and see tons of new members coming in, but none being picked up by clans, and a steady drop of old members.

I’m sure other people will have a different outlook on V2 than I did.  Rose colored glasses often change our outlook on the past, but for me, V2 created a site where no one cared about 2o2p as a community outside their own groups, and instead it was looked at as a free place to host their own clans.  This isn’t what 2o2p V1 was built on and I suppose that model is fine if we continued to provide a large amount of incoming people to form new clans of their own, but that isn’t something that we could really sustain without a ton of exposure outside of 2o2p.  So in the end what was happening is clans ended up choking out the freelance player base on 2o2p until we didn’t have a pool of new players willing to start clans of their own anymore.  On top of this larger clans with no allegiance to 2o2p outside of our forums decided to leave and start sites of their own.  This was all well before V3 mind you.  It’s also when I figured out that 2o2p was really no longer a community and had a limited life span.

Side bar time! There is one trend that I notice more than any other with my 10 years on 2old2play.  When clans leave 2o2p they usually take every ideal that I built 2o2p on with them.  Well, all but one.  They keep the 25 and older rules, build their forums blogs and news, and some even keep 2old* branding that they got from us (yikes!).  The one thing they don’t do however is allow other clans to form on their site.  As much as clans enjoyed the 2o2p forums when they were on them, they all know after building their ranks on 2o2p that closed clans are a problem.  They fractured and insulated the community and so far not ONE clan that has left 2old2play has built this idea into their own model.

Enter V3

So with all that in mind, I felt like I needed to get V3 out ASAP.  For some dumb reason I thought it would be some sort of salvation.  Maybe new shiny stuff would be enough, right?  I ignored the systemic problem that had been eating away at our community and powered through.  I was too afraid to make the real changes that needed to happen in fear of pissing off long time members and instead launched a buggy, slow, and unneeded change to 2o2p.  This was just the catalyst needed for clans on the fringe to rally against.  While most bugs were fixed relatively fast, most had made up their minds within the first few days.

On top of this, things like Facebook, Twitter, cheap hosting, and the decline of forum use in general were growing drastically.  Since clans on 2old2play didn’t really use it as a place to talk about video games anyway, these other avenues made a lot more sense.  Even clans that I was in moved most of their discussions to faster platforms like Gchat, slack chat, IRC, or Facebook.  And truthfully why wouldn’t they?  When I’m talking to friends I’d much rather do it via something instant like chat rather than a forum post.  The “type” of post on 2o2p (mostly in clans) had outgrown the theme of 2old2play and ultimately the site itself.  Even now, I chat with most of my 2o2p friends on iMessage, slack, or text.

Our current state

What do we do with 2old2play now after all these years?  I suppose I could just shut things down, however I’ve made tons of lifelong friends here and want that same experience for new gamers in the future.  Instead the plan is to go back to the 2o2p of 2005 and really open up our community. Back then we didn’t really care all that much about clans and conversation was geared toward grouping up, gaming, and talking about our experiences online.  So with that he is the current plan for 2o2p V4. Please read through everything before freaking out!

- All clans forums will be removed from the site.  I think this one is pretty obvious, but we don’t see a need for clan forums anymore and would like to go back to the small and simple single group site of before.  We know this will probably cause a LOT of people to leave the site, but for the overall health of 2o2p it’s important.  Also, we’re fairly ok with people leaving as this doesn’t affect those that are loyal to the 2o2p community, which is really the people we want to focus on serving anyway.

This obviously doesn’t mean we will just nuke your forum from space without talking about it first.  In fact if you have a clan forum based on a game (for example MTGO clan) what we’d love to do is just make a MTGO forum for you and any people interested in MTGO online.  Our goal isn’t to just get rid of long time members, but instead to make sure both new and old members can all discuss the same games we love.  The focus should be the GAME and not the clan behind it.  If this is something you want to do, I’ll be sending PMs to each clan before we move forward.

- Divisions/Groups will be made into their own game forums and division forums will be removed from the site.  One of the best things to happen to 2old2play was Forza and our racing community.  It was proof that an open forum can not only work within 2old2play, but also grow.  The leadership and people that make up our racing folks are some of the best 2old2play has to offer.

With this in mind, game forums going forward will all follow this model.  For example,  Forza folks will take full ownership of all racing game forums they want.  IE if you’re into Forza you will be posting and discussing in their open forums.  If you do something that is against their rule set, you will be dealing with their mods. Game forums in general will all need this type of ownership (especially the larger ones) and our hope is that leaders will come forward to take ownership of a game forward and help direct that community.  People often ask me what they can do to help 2o2p and honestly this is the type of help we need at the game level.

- Off site clans websites will not only be allowed, but encouraged.  If you decide to leave 2old2play and do your own thing after this change we totally get it.  We’re taking away your private area and while that sucks, we obviously hope you will stay with us for the banter and chance to meet even more amazing people. However if you don’t stay then we want to network with you.  The plan is to have The 2old2network gaming community outside of the site itself.  We will link our sites, allow you to recruit on the forums, and even post network events each week to drive members around our network.  We hope that this is help with the issue of poaching members and also allow for a transparent method to recruit and promote clans.

Our goal with this network is not only for current clans either.  I will be reaching out to most of the clans who not only were a part of 2o2p, but older gamer clans in general.  I don’t believe for a second that 2old2play is always the right choice for older gamers 100% of the time, but if its not then we’d at least like to be able to help find those people a place to call home.  So if you’re a current clan who is leaving or an old clan that left long ago, let’s work together to help build a stronger bond with all gamers over 25. Feel free to get in contact with me to learn more about our plans for 2old2network.

- Events will be a major part of 2o2p.  As with the 2old2network, the core of 2o2p has always been events.  This goal will become our main focus with the revamp as we build more ways for gamers to connect through our events than before.  Tournaments, leagues, and meet ups will play a major role as we bring new web-based tournament software directly to the hands of our forum leaders and event planners.  We’re hoping this sparks more reasons for people to want to group up and build events around our members.

- Removing clutter, and deleting old users.  As part of any revamp, we’re going to have to wipe down some dusty areas.  For one, we will be deleting non-active members and pruning our membership based on last log-in time.  Currently the idea is that we keep any members who have logged in within the last year and remove the rest.  Any logins with dead emails will also be deleted and removed from the system.  We will also be getting rid of a major chunk of our forums and focusing only on game the community actively plays.  This might mean that you only see a few gaming forums at first, but the goal is to only expand when needed.  Any content not related to gaming can always go in off-topic!  We are planning on adding a tagging system into our forums so that content inside of forums can be tagged and followed in their own threads as well to keep clutter at a minimum.

Because of this clean up, site will also become simplified.  In navigation, the Content and Web shows tab will be merged and pruned, Community and Forum will become forum, and the groups tab will go away completely.  There will be more of these design changes discussed as we get closer to finishing the site, but the main goal with this clean up is to focus on the community and providing people with more ways to meet up and discuss games while anywhere on the site.

Doodi you’re ruining the site again!

I’m sure this will be a large portion of the feedback I get for a lot of these changes, but keep in mind the goal is to build a 2o2p that everyone wants to be a part of and not just a hosting platform for other clans.  Without question we’re doing something here that may mean a huge loss for 2o2p.  I’m sorry if that’s the case, and I truly do wish everyone is willing to stay and meet new gamers.  However I think we’ve made some decent compromises for clans that leave with the 2old2network and really can see a lot of great things that come out of reaching outside our walls.  My only hope is that current and new members find 2old2play a great place to meet gamers and form relationships online.  Transparency is the key going forward and after 10 years I hope you guys are willing to give us a shot for 10 more.

There is so much more to share in terms of functionality changes, site structure, and leadership, but I think this is more then enough text to take in for the time being. As always feel free to comment your hearts out as we move 2old2play into the future in the coming few months.  Thanks so much for the memories and I hope to build some more with you soon!

BELDAR's picture

Sounds like some good ideas to me.  Though I'd rather just travel back in time and re-live summer 2005 to summer 2007, great gaming times.   Wow, its almost been 10 years, crazy.  

pythonista's picture

^ this 100%.

Doodi, glad to see your passion is still there for the site!

sjam613's picture

Hoping it works out.  Maybe from being old I look back at the "good old days" more often but 100% agree with Beldar.

DeadDrPhibes's picture

 Agreed on all points.  Knocking down some walls should facilitate that sense of community we all joined the site for in the first place.  Well, that and the contiued absence of Timmys.

Bee's picture

Agreed, I still remember you were one of the first people I played with from the site.  I even remember the game, we were playing double team on Acsencison (spelling?)  and you were kicking ass with some rockets.  That was the first time I was like "Wow, you don't have to be a kid to be good at this game."

BELDAR's picture

That's funny Bee, I remember that game too.  I just remember you were playing really well and I was just hoping I could hold up my end of the team. :)  man that was a long time ago.  The good ol days!

HONORBOUND72's picture

Change is seldom easy but without it we stagnate and die. I like the sound of these changes and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Nightfall's picture

Hang on, it's going to get bumpy.  ;)

Lou_Keymia's picture

I'm in! If you're looking for more admins, I volunteer. I want to try to put tournaments together, too.

sjam613's picture

I also think that as we have all gotten more mobile based not having Tapatalk for the forums has hurt. 

wilderz's picture

Sounds like a win/win for everyone! Now that I have a PS4, I'm really hoping the changes Willi bring in even more Sony Users!
wilderz's picture

Sounds like a win/win for everyone! Now that I have a PS4, I'm really hoping the changes Willi bring in even more Sony Users!

Makes sense to me.  I'm excited to see this V4.

landdon's picture

Cool Doodi. Excited to see where it goes!
ThyEnemy's picture

Sounds awesome! People always react in a negative way to change, not much you can do. Go Doodi! Make it happen! =) =) =)

D1STORT1ON's picture

Sounds good.  I too miss the "old days" when it was a community and not clan segregation and wars.

jersey_JOE_'s picture

People dont ALWAYS react "negative" to change. **i for one wecome & EMBRACE change. ... As long as it is for the good. I am cautiously optimistic about "this" change. I just HOPE it works out!!
SwiftKick's picture

I feel the same way about the closed nature if the site, and am excited to see it open up again! This is a positive change for sure. During my 8+ years on the site it's gone from lively to dead. Viva 2O2P!

DEEP_NNN's picture


You are far more tolerant than I.

Does this mean general forums like genres will be removed too? I'm not sure where you intend for up and coming games to have their discussions.

B1G_KAHUNER's picture

Sounds like a good plan. I'm one of those that hasn't been around for a while, but I'm interested to see where this goes. Good luck and good to see a plan for revitalizing / reinventing the site!
VengefulJedi's picture

Looking forward to seeing the changes, everything sounds promising so far.  :)

wizard1231's picture

Looking forward to the changes. Seems like it's going to be a work in progress. 

Tengu's picture

I look forward to a revitalized 2o2p.  Long live 2o2p!

DEEP_NNN's picture

Within a specific game forum, will we be able to advertise groups like the Over age 50. We're not a Clan and have no set forums for posting.

I'm thinking of something like a sticky. Maybe I could just bump a topic for it, once in awhile.

Deep_NNN... I think all your questions and concerns will be answered in the coming weeks.

selden007's picture

This group keeps getting away from me as you get older Deep.  Everytime I think I am almost there you get older and disqualify me. lol.  I am sure they will find a place for your threads.

Haas's picture

Bring Halo 2 back.


TANK's picture

it IS coming back in the Master Cheif Collection on Xbox One this fall

bear96's picture

I have fond memories of playing Halo 2 MP with the folks from 2o2p.  That was a great couple of years of gaming.

LuxDraconis's picture

Good to hear, it sounds like this could be a way to cut out the petty sniping. I owe 2o2p a renewed love of gaming. I wish you the best of luck. 2o4BS

FreynApThyr's picture

It's nice to see a plan in place.  I hope the results give you as much pleasure as the site has given me over the years.  It's a thankless task that you and many others have undertaken over the years trying to be all things to all gamers over 25 and despite my nearly constant bitching I don't want you to think I don't recognize and appreciate that.

I'm not really sure what the end result of the proposed changes will be.  I sort of think that it won't have a lot of practical effect on the way I use the site, and I'm certain I'll come here to complain aboutany changes that do occur and remind people of how important I am.

Just one thing I'd like to see based on my experience with the Destiny beta is a calendar/appointment book that neatly integrates with other calendar software.  You know I have virtually no idea how much work that entails, but I still want it.  Something we could annotate with plans for upcoming raids, meet ups and game nights that would update our personal calendars and allow us to send reminders would work well with what I think is likely to be the hot game of the fall.

Also, please don't tell Dsmooth we are moving.

Gman's picture

If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword...smiley

HONORBOUND72's picture

and you have my bow.

OldnAchy's picture


VeryGOODdriver's picture

BRAVO Doodi!  Being in the older crowd....from a long time ago....this brings one tear...running down my face...with the thought...our little boy is growing up Ded!!!! LOL I am excited about the new changes. I miss the time when the site was more open...and the sense of community was the focus.  I look forward to the changes that are up and coming! 

hilskie's picture

The shenanigans...Oh how sweet they were!

VeryGOODdriver's picture

LOL Kilskie!!!! i think you mean MULLIGANS!!! lol...

selden007's picture


Rock's picture


Can we raise the age limit to 40 yet? I can't keep up with 25 yr. olds now any better than I could keep up with the 12yr. olds back in in 2005.

Glad to see some direction with the site, I look forward to seeing where this goes.

sjam613's picture

Raiz3R's picture

Just recieved this in my email moments ago. I haven't been on this site in over a year. And actively on a regular basis in over 3 or more yrs. I have no problems with it or with anyone. Like you have mentioned though, I am one those that have moved on to a seperate site with another clan.  So you can remove me from the site when you clean it up.   

But I would like to take this time and personally thank you for creating such a community. Not only did you create this website. But many others out there as well. Those that have left..... It was your idea that sparked so many to be inspired to only copy what you have mastered. You should be proud of that. I would have given up on gaming yrs ago if it weren't for you and this site. And although I am not a regular here.

I am, and always will be. Too old to play. ;)

Take care Doodie and good luck with the new website.


Doodi's picture

New worries Raiz3R.  In fact I would love to help the build out the site you're currently on as well.  Our whole goal with this change is to highlight and connect all the sites that are not 2old2play.  Get it touch and send them my way.  

PDT816's picture

My two cents, take it or leave it......

Until you start talking about forum software that functions like it should in the year 2014 where I can actually use it on my mobile devices, not sure you're doing any more than spinning your wheels.  If that means that you have to ditch the Drupal or whatever CMS you're using and the news, blogs, etc -- so be it.

Doodi's picture

The new forums will be 100% mobile ready.  The entire site will as well has have their own app with full site features.

JRock3x8's picture

I hope it works and the site becomes a hotbed for mature gamers again.

JDSourMash's picture

Glad to hear you're not just dumping the site. As a long time member who doesn't really have much time for gaming anymore, I still have a certain sense of loyalty to 2o2p. It's still one of my home pages, and even though I don't post that often, I still check out what's going on. I still keep 2o2p as a tag in my games, and will always be a Wheezin Geezer (even though we went about 9 months without a post in our forum!)

MrGuster's picture

As someone who has just become active on the site again, I am glad to see change.  I will be watching to see how mobile integrates we the site as that is the medium I mostly use. 

Doodi's picture

Yep new site will be mobile first in its design.  There is also a companion app  that will launch as well as tapatalk support

evldog's picture

Sounds lime a very good plan. I've been checking in every once in a while, but with my limited play time, and general lack of skill, I've never felt comfortable trying to join a clan or group here, and that seemed to be all the site was about recently. I will keep checking in, and hope to find some some reason to continue on 2old2play.
Storm_Shadow_45's picture

Sounds like a good plan to me.  I will look forward to seeing the updates. 




SNOWOLF's picture


DedJeloC's picture

Good read Doodi,

The friends I have in gaming,I owe to this site.  I would like to thank you and all the people who have worked hard to keep this thing running for 10 years!

Count me in!

hilskie's picture

I totally agree 100%

selden007's picture



VeryGOODdriver's picture

As a plus onè, do you ever  feel like the third wheel?  sending you a FR old buddy, old pal!

TANK's picture

Sounds like a solid plan.  I hope activity here can return to the levels of the past.

vinnie2k's picture

Use a BB that works, do the calendar thing that someone proposed and make it mobile friendly, while you're at it.

Basically, live with our time, and the community will do just fine.

Good luck.

vinnie2k's picture

Should have read the whole thing before posting :-)

All for this. I joined the site because of the overall community and not because of a clan. Honestly, I've seen the same issues which you've noticed plaguing the site affecting other things - several websites for guilds I have been in sit with years of dust on them still; it's just "inconvenient" to tab out and go dig through forums looking for something.

It sounds like you have a valid plan going forward, and I think I will enjoy the site more going back to its roots of being inclusive and less clan/guild centered.

IndigoBlush's picture

I'm thinking about being an active user again, with these changes! :)
KnightofRedemption's picture

It all sounds good to me, nothing to moan about at all...That's terrible, something should be done about that!

100% behind the new ethos.

Doodi's picture

Darn Knight! I did all of this for you.  

KnightofRedemption's picture

Ha ha, all I ask is if I remain an Admin in the Racing part of the site...Make sure my bleedin tools work! :)

But I await with interest to see how what you have outlined pans out in reality, it looks good and I hope it drags the site into the 21st century and lives on better than ever.


Doodi's picture

Fair enough.  If I might ask, outside of mobile, what kind of tools are you looking for?  

KnightofRedemption's picture

Oh just the usual, being able to do the basic houswork without getting the access denied message :)

RichardHead's picture

I can't wait to see how it all shakes out, great move in my opinion.  Proper timing too since it looks like a lot of good games are just about to drop.  Change is good!.. it's just a little different at first. 

xqqqqme's picture

The reason for the continued success of the racing clans is because they had public forums (2old4forza, 2old2race). No other clans had forums that were publicly available. Do you think clans like 2o2s & PPC would have left if they'd been allowed a public presence outside of a generic genre forum?
Doodi's picture

All clans are not only allowed to be open, but were asked many times over to open up for the sake of the community. Everyone of them was against it.  Well all but one. Only 2o4f chose the path and the success is self-evident.  

xqqqqme's picture

Hmmm. Didn't know the clans had a choice. Did the clan leaders know that without a public forum, their clans would be virtually invisible and that in turn would make growing a clan extremely difficult?
InstantBuzzkill's picture

Look forward to the changes Doodi.

SoupNazzi's picture

Sounds like some seriously needed changes are coming.

Keep up the good work Doodi!

hedache's picture

I used to be on this site night and day when I first joined. That was about RB6 times, probably around 7-8 years ago? Had a lot of fun with some regulars. Conversation was great, gaming was fun. That went for a few years. Honestly, I haven't been around last few years. Few reasons for that. My interest in FPS dropped with the lack of community and fun feeling I used to have. And that's no one's specific fault. It just wasn't the same at some point. And my other major interest is sports gaming (FIFA) which is almost non existent here. So I had been logging in a few times a year when I'm bored and there's nothing else to look at. Mostly to take a look at off topic threads since I'm not a part of any clan or anything.

I hope this new movement brings something new to the table.  2o2p has been the place for best online gaming memories from a certain era of mine. I'd like to make new friends and wouldn't mind jumping into some half ass casual COD action if there are the right kind of people around.

In the past I would have totally offered to take control of a FIFA thread, but my guess is, I'd look like kid playing in the playground by himself in that case. We'll see how it goes.

ixtab's picture

here's to hoping that the older systems still get some forum loving........


Drost's picture


NeoHalcyonV's picture

Some bold changes planned and I definitely like how it sounds. Admittedly, I'm one of those jerks that ultimately would rarely venture outside of my clan forums. It felt like there were two groups, the 2o2p group (which felt like a tight clan in-and-of-itself without an actual title) and then the clan I identified with most. The idea of 2o2n sounds like a great idea and, while breaking down clan walls will ruffle some feathers, it'll surely open things back up.

I'm excited to see how this plays out.

Yoderado's picture

 You had me at 2o2p is changing......

catsweat's picture

Looking forward to it..

jersey_JOE_'s picture

I think the new changes are fine. Seems like you know what youre doing & i trust you.... ~BUT~ what i dont quite understand is if the GROUPS TAB is "going away" completely then , ** HOW will people know that the *NC-17* group for older players who enjoy ((DESTINY, COD:ADVANCED WARFARE, THE DIVISION)) even exists??!!?! ~and~ ** HOW will i be able to get people to the group page ** ** to JOIN US??!?! ...
Doodi's picture

That's really the point.  We dont want groups that push people away from the main areas of the site.  We are affectively removing those groups/clans completely so that discussion happens in the game forums themselves.

jersey_JOE_'s picture

LOL. I think u r not undestanding my point, Dodi. ** I agree that there needs to be less forums & it would be best (IMO) to eliminate forums within clans/groups. BUT LIKE MANY 202P MEMBERS I just wanna make older gamer FRIENDS *that play SIMILAR GAMES as the ones i play (cod:aw, destiny, the division) & *who play ON PS4!! ... The only way I can see to have THESE people gain access to each other is to hopfully entice them to join a GROUP within 202p. ... It doesnt do anyone any good for Xbox 1 players communicating in the same forum With Ps4 players & trying to recruit 'em to play, when we OBVIOUSLY CANT play cross platform. ... The idea is to find OLDER shooters fans, or OLDER racing fans, etc & get them together w/ others on the SAME PLATFORM who play SIMILAR GAMES. ... NO??
Doodi's picture

I understand you completely.  Those discussions and groups will all happen in the forums.  We  have no plans of allowing any more groups going forward to ensure there is no motivation to form cliques within the site itself.  Our job is to facilitate a way for people to meet up on 2o2p and take those interactions online.  There will be more then enough ways to find people via system forum --> game forum --> game tag.  Also within those forums we fully expect others to create events, meetups online, and start gaming circles.  We just want the discussion itself to be comlpetely open while on 2o2p.  

jersey_JOE_'s picture

Ok. *system forums, *game forums, **game tags**. It all sounds GOOD. But, Just for clarification purposes, what do u mean by **game tag**? Do u mean that a gamer would see a specific tag next to another gamers name, Indicating which games he plays?? I dunno. Im confused. Lol.
TomCat7's picture

That sounds good to me. I ony race Forza4 and with forza 5 dividing up the players that won't be racing on Xbox One, I will be looking for racing ib diffrent Forza 4 areas.

I am too old to play most other games.

Good luck in the new 2O2P


Banshee3's picture

I lost total interest towards the end of v2-early v3. Mostly due to everything you mentioned here. I think a return to open discussion and integration of newer members (of the site) into clan activities, you just might recapture our proverbial youth. Best of luck Doodi. At the very least I'll start to check back more often to see the fruits of your labor.

Doodi's picture

Thanks brotha.  Hope to see you around more.

You really need a mobile version of the site. Most forum software supports this. If yours doesn't then you need to change software. Most people are doing more browsing on mobile phones than desktops these days.
YEM's picture

You really need to read the whole post ;)

LuxDraconis's picture

Well I'm not coming back If I have to read. I want it jacked in like the matrix.  laugh

howl_himself's picture

Haven't posted in ages, but continued to browse the forums every so often. 

I had a lot of fun years ago playing Rainbow Six and Halo and met a lot of good people through the site, hopefully the changes being made will bring those fun times again with the new generation of gaming systems. I've tried to use Reddit forums to find people to game with, and it's been hit or miss, but nothing like the people I've met through here. 

I look foward to the changes and getting involved on here again. 





Lala Calamari's picture

The changes sound great. Doodi, I wish you and Dsmooth the best! Good luck with everything!
Doodi's picture

Thanks bother.  

I'd really like to talk to you about the 2o2p network stuff.  I think it could be a huge step in the right direction for other clan sites.  Hit me up when you have time via email or pm.

CProRacing's picture

Looking forward to this. I'm slowly moving away from the Xbox and on to my awesome PC so maybe it's about time we see more PC gamers here :) Looking forward to the ride

Glad to see you starting fresh Doodi... Got your email. I was part of the halo 2 clans, with KidMach, DedJeloC and Driver, and of course Hilskie- so looooooong time ago. The site and clan thing got too clique-ish, so I stopped coming around.  It became a good old boys club for whoever wanted to kiss the ring or ass of the clan leader. I think that removing this type of thing is a great idea. I may even come back- with destiny on the horizon and Halo legends, this might be a great place for me to find new and old friends again. 

hilskie's picture


Doodi, I'm with MsFreud on this.  I think they are steps in the right direction!  2old2play was the reason I stayed on Xbox live...glad it's still around and we're moving onward an upward!

selden007's picture


JerriAtric's picture

Can't wait!! Be bold, be beautiful. 

Doodi's picture

You're alive!

Codemunkee's picture

Logged in for the first time in a long time to say, along with everyone else (which in and of itself is great), that this is a great thing I think you are doing. My friends list and urge to MP game has dried up alot; here's hoping it gets kickstarted again.

Thanks for all your hard work, Doodi.

Very good ideas forth coming gotta represent one of the original OG's Armedzero is BACK!!!

malinko's picture

I posted so you wouldn't boot me. Been a member too long now to fuck it up.

Bluestar's picture

Next you'll be claiming droopydraws and combatpanther are around too and yet I see no online activity on my friend list, ie Halo.

Bee's picture

I peed my pants, miss playing with you Bluestar!  You still playing Halo?

BadWolf's picture

Sounds good. I haven't been involved here in a long time but I liked what it was intended to be. After a while it got so competitive it stopped being fun.

Been a member for 10 years. I check back from time to time. This is a great site. But that's not the issue. The issue is people are mobile. The site needs to be mobile. Yes visiting a site time to time or once in a while is great. But we all or 90% of us have smart phones and or tablets. The best thing that will happen to this site is to make a mobile app linking to this site. That will bring this site to the times. P.s I'm typing from my note 3.
Codemunkee's picture

^^ Agree, hoping in V3 you implenent Tapatalk.

Shadow's picture

SoulTerror's picture

Looking forward to what you will be doing with the site.

Bee's picture

I'm afraid I might break knuckles from crossing my fingers too hard.

BRAVO !!!!! I look forward to the changes.  I believe I am now clanless since my long time clan switched to a Xbox one clan and I still only have the 360.  Not all older gamers can afford the latest and greatest hardware.

Good on ya, Doodi !!

selden007's picture

I will jump on the 360 anytime with you Blarg!

VeryGOODdriver's picture

Ded and I play on the 360 as well!  I do not have an x one, for destiny, ded will have the one version as well as a 360 version!!! It would be awesome to play Destiny with yall, if you want!

Gatsu's picture

All great stuff Doodi. Behind it 100%.


Dude.....  Haven't seen you in ages !!!

Gatsu's picture

What's up LT!! Damn man yeah it has been forever!

I'm sending you an FR. We need to get up and shoot some people!

Blimey's picture

Doodi.Some hard choices but needed I'm sure. I use this site for news and making new gaming friends. As long as the site remains active I up for anything. Thanks

Transient's picture

Best of luck with the changes, Doodi and 2o2p.

Change is always hard and people often reject it. Time to move forward.

DrEsquire's picture

I am still a proud member of 2o2p, and I pimp it whenever I get a chance, even if I rarely game anymore.  I've been with the site since Halo2 and 2o2p is the only reason I have had an xbox live accout for 12 years now.  I miss the good old days when you could hop online and spam game requests to anyone from the site and jump into a game.  I hope the redesign will help bring back those days of the oopen community.

Parcells2's picture

Boy that Doodi presents a strong argument no?

Parcells only question is will we have to say goodbye to Knight's "Goodnight" thread? Seems like such a useless thread to lose it could adversely affect some people's lives maybe?

Ever consider State or Provincial groupings Doodi? (OK that's 2 questions) Parcells will volunteer to lead the Nova Scotia contingency. I would love nothing more than to have some control over DEEP! wink

Duke12's picture

The changes sound good to me. I only joined two years ago, so missed the "golden age." But I certainly haven't regretted signing up. I've greatly enjoyed the Halo nights hosted by DEEP, especially the Tuesday night Over 50, and I'm looking forward to playing with fellow members on Destiny. I never quite figured out all the ins and outs of the site in its present form (to my regret:I now see I missed a lot ignoring that "Goodnight" thread. Will have to make up for it). I  mostly go straight to the Halo and now Destiny Divisions and check the latest postings.

Sherb's picture

Blasphamy Parcells!  cheeky

zombiekitten's picture

Sounds good to me! By the way, I still pimp the site everywhere, online and off. Any time I meet an adult gamer I try to send 'em this way. I still love this site. And I still think Bubba is awesome ;)
FadeIntoBlack's picture

If you were to look in a thesaurus for antonyms of the word  awesome, you'd see the word Bubba i suspect. 

FreynApThyr's picture

I don't know what an "antonym" is, but I agree with Fade- I'm awesome.

Kitten is awesomer.

Fade is not awesomely at all.

GUL74's picture

Sounds good to me Doodi can't wait 

deathdevil's picture

also totally agree....been awhile since i have been to the site.  I have missed being here, been real busy

Shadow's picture

Love all of this.  I think everyone realizes the site is pretty much dead as-is, and I welcome change that could bring in people and bring back old users.  Also I'm always for cleanup and pruning :)

injustice4all's picture

I haven't been an active member for a long time now, but this site IS the reason I like gaming so much. I hope to be more active in the future. I'm looking forward to how this works out.
FadeIntoBlack's picture

As a gamer who changed his gamer tag many years back to show publicly my loyalty to 2o2p, you can always count on me to be here till the lights go out or I'm dead.  Even though we no longer game together, I consider you and many others here good friends, so it would take more than this for me to walk away. There may not be many of us 40 or 50 OG left that remember 10 or 11 years ago, but I think there is probably a few of us who you can count on to help on whatever ways we can.   

AcidSnow's picture

I've been coming to 2o2p since ~2007, DSmooth & CodeMonkey's podcast has always been the main draw for me.  And that still has not changed (well except for the obvious fact that CM is now gone).  Anyway, as I've aged [even before joining 2o2p] my fourm usage has drastically decreased to almost nothing now-days.  Fourms aren't somehting I use anymore, unless I need help with a problem - and as a gamer I normally play as a loner so I'm not much of a community player.  I'm the CoD guy who just pwns newbs and I'm content with that...  Yes, I tried to get active a few times over the years in the 2o2p forums (mainly in the Forza community which was great back in 2009) but today I personally don't use forums almost anywhere.

That might be an evolution of the internet, or just me as a person.  But as a daily visitor I come here for the front page.  I'd personally love to see a second podcast hosted by additional personalities with their own unique show.  Podcasts are really the main reason I visit any website anymore, I'm always active in my day, yet I love to hear a farmilar voice in my ear as I go about my day...  Even if I'm playing a video game, or just surfing the web, podcasts are what I seek!

I have to admit I have no idea what's going on in the 2o2p fourms, but I love the front page!!!  Lots of awesome stuff gets written and although I don't comment on everything, I do read all of it.  I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it is to run a website for 10 years, but people like me are why you're doing what you do - and people like YOU are why I'm here.

No matter what happens to 2o2p I'll still be a daily visitor until the day I'm 2old2live.

T3muJin's picture

Another big problem is you make all these friends but you drift away from the games you play together.  You start playing a new game but most of your friends are sticking with the game you got bored of.  Or, you have elitest dicks like DSmooth that never send a party/game invite.  You're not a good father for taking your daughter to see One Direction.  You're a fucking douchebag for not teaching her the importance of supporting real artists.  /end rant

It would be cool if I could connect with other people automagically based on what games they are playing lately for example:  Hey I've seen that Fade guy post and he seems cool, oh look he plays Destiny on Xbox a lot and so do I so I'll send him a FR.  Since people are naturally lazy you can't count on them to keep an updated profile of games played and platforms, especially if they go awol.  If there was a way you could pull data from Xbox, Playstation, and Steam to create a near real time database so new users could do a search to find new friends.  Another example:  JakeCool is new to 2o2p and he's presented with a Find New Friends Fast option and does a search for Battlefield 4 on PS4 and gets back a list of 2o2p users that play that game on PS4 and who have done so in the last 15 days.  Now you're finding friends who are actively playing the games you are.  Works for old timers too.  Yet another example:  Destiny is boring me I'm going to go back to Titanfall but I notice my friends list doesn't have any active Titanfall players.  Search 2o2p for active Titanfall players on Xbox and now I have new people to connect with.  Bonus points if you add their top 3 or so currently played games to their posting profile (the section that shows when you make a post, gamertags, joined date, send email, etc).  Now I'm browsing the forums and getting to know people and I see they're playing the same games as me.

Shadow's picture

lol.  true about splitting after a game dies.

FreynApThyr's picture

Fucking hate when T3 has a good idea.


DSmooth's picture

LOL... This is why you are the original sandy vag, T3... :)

selden007's picture

Great news Doodi! I look forward to the changes and am excited for the future of 2old2play.  I will continue to support the site and people on it.  I think you have a great voice on the internet and a more open stance will work better for the community and the site.

DedJeloC's picture


pearly_54's picture

Thanks for mentioning my clan/forum 2old2playMTGO.  Made me feel special.  Keep up the good work, Doodi!

Hunturic's picture

Good job!

SPARHAWK25's picture

Is there going to be a Cliff Notes version of this manifesto?  Geez...I thought Bubba rambled. Looking forward to some more activity here and I like a lot of what I read.

Kenjamin1 MI's picture

Bring ON the Upgrade!

I'm looking forward to what you have in store for the site. I'm also one of those people that encourages older players I meet to visit the site. I can't tell you how much more fun I've had gaming since I've met such great and hilarious folks here at 2o2p. Any step to bring more people together is a good step. 

Sherb's picture

Looking forward to it.  Hopefully it'll give the place a little shot in the arm.

SarcasmoJones's picture


ATC_1982's picture

*Lurkes from corner* .... Good luck with the changes .... *hides back in the shadows*

Doodi's picture


Shadow's picture


Souljerr's picture

I haven't been to the site  in years but will definitely give another shot. 

Hiteche5's picture

This vision is exactly what I thought 2o2p was for but I did not see the evolution of the site as it was but I''m  looking forward to what the future is going to bring.  I'll  make sure to stop by more often


Shadow's picture

Question - is the site/forum software changing?  I'm not a fan of this heavy yet disfunctional V3 version of the forums.  The formatting is really bad especially for mobile.  When you cull and convert, is the site also changing?

Doodi's picture

Yes and No.  Because we are going to be moving to a new system the changes to the forums, groups, and clans will all happen before any of this takes place.  We don't want to port all our data in its current form to a new system and then recofigure everything on the other end twice.  So instead we will go in steps here first and slowly move things over to the new site.  Since this is all base on my freetime, I'm not really sure at a date, but I can say for certain that the forum changes will go through in the next 2-3 weeks.

jersey_JOE_'s picture

Thank you 4 introducing me to tapatalk!! :-D I downloaded & tried it out for the 1st time recently ('cause u mentioned it) .... Its a f*cking awesome app. .... NOW, I REALLY honestly believe that a * mobile friendly 2O2P *W/ tapatalk support is gonna be GREAT!! ... Cant wait to experience it. Thanks. Good luck. & Cya around soon. :-)
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