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Prototype 2 Media Events

Thu, 04/12/2012 - 07:51 — frizzlefry2

Prototype 2’s release is less than two weeks away! Developer Radical Entertainment scheduled two major media events in anticipation of launch day.


On Friday, April 13th from 11:00am-Noon PST IGN and Radical will live stream the first 45 minutes of Prototype 2 gameplay! The game’s producer will be available during the live stream for a Prototype 2 Q&A session. Tweet your questions to @IGN with the hashtag #prototype2.

Prior to the live stream, at 8:00am PST, IGN will debut a Prototype 2 trailer that was banned from several TV networks. Viewers can tweet their opinions of the trailer to @IGN.

In addition to IGN’s event, GameSpot is debuting a new Prototype 2 video everyday this week.  Check them out at’s Prototype 2 page. You won’t be disappointed!

TANK's picture

I played the first one and it was OK.  I do have the 2nd one pre-ordered but i'll prob cancel it, i just don't have 'room' for a new game right now and being single player only, i can wait on it for the bargain bin.

ATC_1982's picture

Personally, I find this appualing that you would run something for IGN here on 2o2p with out putting your own spin about Prototype 2 ... If I wanted this type of information don't you think I would go to IGN ... End rant and I am like tank that this would be a better bargin bin type of game...

ElektraFi's picture

Well, I find it appalling that you spelled "appalling" wrong. It was a slow day for content and we wanted to let people know about this event since it happens tomorrow. Not everyone slums around on IGN all day. wink

LocGaw's picture

I think he is Canadian.

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