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PAX East in Pictures 2014

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 17:07 — ErinAS

I attended PAX East for 2old2play last weekend.  And while I work on writing up some of the great stuff I saw, take a quick look at what the Penny Arcade Expo had to offer.  This is about the one time of year I still use an actual camera!

1Sneaking down the back way to the Expo Floor.


2Only at PAX can you literally check your head!


Apparently the head chef at the Westin studied up on gamer grub.


4In case you were having March Madness bracket withdrawl, the Omegathon has you covered.


5Keep your eye out for Bonus Sodas coming to Xbox One soon!


The Monster was a lot less scary than the 3+ hour lines to actually see any of the stuff in their booth…


A shark, a monkey, and whatever that pink thing is walk into a bar...


8Sit here and try our game while you admit you bring your touch device in the can to thousands
of people walking by on the expo floor!


9Extreme Gaming Oatmeal was a popular swag bag item.  Mmm oatmeal and 27 new cards for Cards Against Humanity.


10PAX also features live music. Friday night’s headliner Anamanaguchi.


11Its not PAX without panels.  This shot is from Wordscapin’-How the Hell Do You Balance a Word Game?


And of course there’s a balloon version of the umm well we’ll call him a robot juicer for those
of you not familiar with Penny Arcade.


-- Erin "ErinAS" Seiden

AcidSnow's picture

"Apparently the head chef at the Westin studied up on gamer grub.", was that food any good?  I love pizza, but I can see exhibit pizza being more bland & boring than rewarding (granted I enjoy cooking my own home made pizza, so I'm biased).

ErinAS's picture

Heh we actually had seafood and a meat and cheese plate instead of any of the specials.  Both were pretty good.  That is from the restaurant in the hotel attached to the convention center.  Their food is generally better than inside the actual convention center.  There's a Cards Against Humanity Card "An immediately regrettable $9 hot dog from the Boston convention center" that sums up that food court nicely! :p

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