Not so new Halo 2 Updates

It's been a week now since the playlists were updated adding the new maps to ranked play and some new gametypes. And it's not over yet! There are 9 new maps, 2 team additions that we all know and love and there's been a banishing of Swords and Shotgun gametypes to the benefit of anyone without a T1 connection. This update has gone by more quietly than previous ones simply due to the fact that everyone has played these maps, gametypes and yelled at the screen everytime they were sliced in two even though they were jamMing dOWn tHE trigGER TO kILL THE BUGGER COMING THIS WAY! And if you haven't, ask the doctor to turn down the morphine.

There are so many different possible map/gametype combos now that you aren't likely to see the same combos consecutively like before. At least one would hope. It wasn't too long ago that I played Human BR on Colossus three times in a row. I got a total of 8 kills! I died a couple more than that but with the new maps, there is definitely going to be more variety. And that's a good thing.

Team Snipers and Multi-Team are new too. Well, sort of. Everyone's been playing these since day one of Halo 2 and I'm still getting picked off from across the map. But betraying, just like my hero Stuntmutt is easier now.

Lastly, in deference to the fact that I'm getting slower in my old age, Bungie has removed the sword/shotgun gametypes so that I can get more than 10 kills on a map other than Warlock. OK, it had nothing to do with me but the fact is that the host and those with stable connections seemed to have an advantage. It sucked jamming down on the trigger trying to shoot the guy standing in front of you only to have him turn around smile and kill you! DON'T I KNOW YOU? Sorry, just need the meds adjusted.

And this directly from "Our next update will be in approximately six weeks and we've already begun gathering your suggestions and ideas on what it should include. Currently we are building out the details for a 'Pro' style playlist but any and all suggestions are welcome."

Hmmm, I wonder if they'd go for the overshield for the "Over the Hill" crowd?

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