New Releases: Week of August 18, 2014

Sony pretty much dominates this week’s “new” releases with the exception of a multi-platform special edition of Diablo III. We’re definitely still in the ‘games you already own coming to a console you probably don’t’ portion of the summer drought.

Diablo III:  Ultimate Evil Edition

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Platforms: PS3, PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One[width=650,height=366]

Diablo 3 finally hits next gen consoles all bundled up with the Reaper of Souls expansion pack. Two years later, it's hitting next gen before mainland China, on any platform, since it still hasn’t received approval from the Ministry of Culture. They call it Big Pineapple there (no seriously google it)!


Hotline Miami

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Platforms: PS4[width=650,height=366]

Hotline Miami comes to PS4 this week. Have you ever wanted to play at 2-D top down David Lynch movie? Well then this is the game for you! It supports cross buy with PS3 or Vita if you already own it and makes use of the new PS4 controller features like shaking and game sounds in onboard speaker.


Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Platforms: PS3, PS4[width=650,height=366]

A Windows and XBox exclusive till this week, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is coming to all the Sony devices August 19th;  PS3, PS4, and Vita (via remote play) to be precise. The game includes all the DLC to date including the “Tactical Taco Party Pack”. Just what I want for my next gen console, a game I could play on my phone! I guess this one is actually a tactical FPS…


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment & Infinity Moment

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Platforms: Vita[width=650,height=366]

Based on the novel series Sword Art Online, these two titles are coming bundled together for the PS Vita. The games were originally released in Japan, in the spring, with gameplay described as a simulated MMORPG (no actual online play) with elements of a dating sim.


Tales of Xillia 2

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Platforms: PS3[width=650,height=366]

This PS3 title was released in Japan in 2012 but is finally localized for Europe and North America this month. Its the fourteenth title in the “Tales of” series Bandai Namco games begun in 1995 for the Super Famicom with Tales of Phantasia.

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