Game Releases: Week of May 7th

Welcome to a very lightweight edition of the game releases. Unfortunately there is not too much to be excited about this week, with the exception of my Pick of the Week. There is an arcade release with some hype in Minecraft finally getting some console love and a free to play FPS shooter, but other than that... a truckful of meh.

So let’s dive in to the releases for this week.


Pulse’s Pick of the Week

Starhawk(PS3) Third person shooter from the maker of Warhawk. Battles not only occur on foot, but in vehicles and also air combat. Game includes a “Build and Battle” system in which you fortify locations and receive new weapons and vehicles for upgrading locations. Game includes single player campaign, 32 multiplayer levels, and four-player Co-Op. [$49.99, $59.99 Limited Edition]

pc-icon PC Releases

Nexuiz (Steam) - This first person shooter is available to play on the Steam Network.  [$8.99]

Warlock- Master of the Arcane- Turn based fantasy game based on the Majesty franchise. Game includes three different races to use. The battlefield uses a hexagon based map, in addition to capturing new cities and fortifying the locations. [$19.95]


arcade-icon Arcade and DLC Releases

Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 1 - At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me (DLC for PS3, XBOX360) - The latest downloadable content for Asura’s Wrath. This is the first of two crossovers with the Street Fighter franchise. In this episode, you play as Asura and fight against Ryu. [$2]

Minecraft (XBOX Live Arcade) - XBOX version of the blocky PC build your own universe game. Game will be Kinect compatible, but not at launch. Game also includes a tutorial not included in the PC version. Game will also include 8 player online compatibility. [1600 Microsoft points]


What Were They Smoking?!

smokingThis week, the award may appropriately be called the “WTF?” game of the week. This week the award is given to Datura for the PlayStation Network. When doing research on this game for this week, I kept noticing a recurrent theme. That theme is that nobody seems to really know what this game is about. It incorporates the PS3 Move. You walk around the forest and touch trees, statues and other miscellaneous objects. You can make decisions that alter the game. Okay, I’m still following so far. And then you drive a car and a pig is in the middle of the road and you have to make a decision to hit him or not. And the same pig appears in the forest. What?! The game warps you in and out of scenarios where you have to make decisions. That’s about all I have been able to understand about this game. It may be a great game, I have no idea. All I know is it is pretty damn odd and deserved to get some recognition. So here ya go Datura.

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