Game Releases: Week of July 9, 2012

Another week of releases is upon us, and what an exciting week! Okay, okay, not that exciting unless you’re a college football fan. This week Pick of the Week is back, as well as another What Were They Smoking?! Award.


Pulse’s Pick Of the Week!

NCAA Football 13 (PS3, XBOX360) - I may not like EA Sports, but I cannot deny the hype around their football games. A few small changes, along with the addition of previous heisman trophy winners and ability to recreate legendary games. Also new game entrances, revised commentary (finally), and game presentation that gives score updates of big games and a ticker at the bottom of the screen. [$59.99]

Multiplatform Releases

Summer Stars 2012 (PS3, Wii) - The perfect game for the Summer Olympics without the official Summer Games affiliation. Events include sprinting, triple jump, mountain biking, and diving. Also includes venues in London. [$20.00]

The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff Pack (PC, Mac) - At first I thought this Sims 3 pack had something to do with vehicles with diesel engines, and quite possibly some plaid shirts, holy jeans and trucker caps. Not even close. This pack features clothing and decor from the Italian fashion company Diesel. That’s pretty much all you get with this pack. [$20.00]


arcade Arcade and DLC Releases

Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre (XBOX Live Arcade) - Hack and slash action 2D side scroller. Players can select three different fighting roles: Slayer, Gunner, or Fighter. Four player multiplayer is available.[$10.00]

Quantum Conundrum (PSN, XBOX Live Arcade) - First released on PC, a Square Enix produced first-person puzzle game. It was designed by Kim Swift, who was a lead designer on Portal. Definitely sounds very “portal-esque” as your character, a 12 year old boy, solves puzzles in his missing uncle’s mansion. A device is used to switch dimensions to alter objects. Some dimension names include the fluffy dimension and the anti-gravity dimension. There had better be a bacon dimension, or I’m not getting it!![$15.00]

Rainbow Moon (PSN) - Strategy role-playing game focusing on exploration. Six playable characters with upgradeable weapons, armor and skills. Over 40 hours of gameplay, which is pretty impressive for an arcade RPG.[$14.99]

Zuma’s Revenge! (XBOX Live Arcade) - Everyone’s favorite frog-spitting-marble game is back! New adventure mode contains 69 levels (69!!!!!). Battle eight tiki bosses in boss rush. Also included are weekly challenges.  [$10.00]


What Were They Smoking?!

smokinAfter a few weeks, the What Were They Smoking?! Award is back! This week’s award is given to Ice Age Continental Drift: Arctic Games for PS3, XBOX360, Nintendo Wii and DS. Bad games based on movies are one thing. Bad games not related to the movie other than characters are worse. And bad games that are nothing but a flurry (pun intended) of mini games are WWTS Award worthy. Mini games include curling, sliding down an ice shoot collecting acorns, ski jumping, and many other meaningless games. Yes, I am aware this is a family game focusing on kids. But no individual should be subjected to awful mini games. And for that, the award is given. [$39.99- PS3, XBOX360, $29.99- Nintendo systems].

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