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Freaky Friday Giveaway: Project Spark Beta Codes

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 11:17 — ElektraFi

TGIF! To get the weekend started off right, 2old2play is giving away two beta codes for Project Spark today. Project Spark is an explorative and creative game where you can design your own worlds, share your creations and download creations from the community.


Project Spark reminds me of Minecraft but with beautiful graphics that I can stand to stare at for more than an hour. It is currently in beta for the PC with an Xbox One beta coming in February. It is my understanding that if you are in the beta now, that you will automatically be in the Xbox One beta.

NOTE: Project Spark requires Windows 8.1 for it to run on the pc.


How to Enter:

  1. Follow 2old2play on Twitter.
  2. Post a comment below that includes your Twitter username.


Entries will be accepted until 7:00pm ET with the winners being announced on Twitter sometime around 7:30pm ET.

ThePengwn's picture

I'm @ThePengwn on twitter. Don't have windows 8 but would love it for my Xbox one!

AcidSnow's picture

Does this really require Windows 8.1?  ...Oh well, I'm still using Win7.

T3muJin's picture

yea, thx for posting the OS required.  I'm still on Win7 too, can't play :(

SweetMeef's picture



P Spark looks cool. I couldn't get into Minecraft or Terraria but think Spark has a lot if potential. 

meow's picture


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