E3 2014: Wargaming

Our team managed to sneak in some time with creators of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Guess what? While Wargaming.net have had us wage war on land and in the air, there is one theatre left; the sea!

Wargaming.net’s St. Petersburg studio is currently developing World of Warships. In a closed alpha stage with a closed beta dropping later in 2014 World of Warships is already looking impressive. Sporting a new rendering engine, 40+ ships in alpha, all guns functional (140 guns on some ships), torpedo cams and four super-classes of ships, World of Warships is looking to be their biggest game yet.

Your choice of ship super-class is between a Destroyer, a Cruiser, a Battleship or an Aircraft Carrier. The Destroyer is equipped with smokescreens and torpedos. The Cruiser is the workhorse with deck mounted weapons and torpedos. Battleships can travel longer distances and bring the heavy artillery. Up to this point there is a lot that likely sounds familiar to those of you who have played Wargaming.net previous titles. However, I left one class out: The Aircraft Carrier. An entity on its own and played as an RTS (yes and RTS. As in real Time Strategy)  you command squadrons of planes and attack enemy ships from the air. Thinking about it that makes sense as really that is what Aircraft Carriers are built specifically to do.



There are over 120 players in the US playing the alpha version at this moment.

World of Warships is not the only title the 3,400 employees of Wargaming.net are working on a number of other titles not just for the PC but also for the XBox 360, iOS and Android.

Launching on June 26th in the US, World of Tanks Blitz has already been released in a number of Nordic regions. In those regions it has propelled itself into the top 3 in the app store.

Blitz will feature 96 tanks (US, German and Soviet) with 8 new re-imagined maps pulled from World of Tanks. The games are a lot quicker with the goal to be 6 or 7 minutes per match and a load time of around 20-30 seconds. Keep in mind this is designed as a standalone mobile game and as such the currency between World of Tanks and Blitz are different. Blitz will be available for the iPad and iPhone so long as you have at least an iPad 2+ and an iPhone 4+. Blitz also includes radial chat, full chat, fully customizable controls along with full facebook implementation. Word of warning, remove your boss from your friends list if you plan on playing this at work.

World of Tanks has seen over 3.8 million downloads on the XBox 360 alone. Launched in 86 countries, those of you playing know Wargaming.net just released an expansion . What you might not know is that the ability to create a Platoon is coming soon. The Chicago based dev team is also working on a Blitz title and a retail sku for the 360.

Last but not least is a new gametype with indestructible tanks. Why would they make indestructible tanks you ask? So you can play 3 on 3 soccer/football with them. That’s why!


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