E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference

So either Ubisoft doesn't think the 2old2play community plays their games or they are just big French jerks. Ubi, once again, did not let any one of our intrepid crew into their briefing this year.
We're not bitter, we're pissed! However the house that was built on poutine still makes some kick ass games, so lets see what they have this year.

 The show opens with bus ride in a foreign land. I know its foreign as there are dingle balls decorating the bus and a monkey beside us. The bus stops and things start to get tense as it looks like a random spot check with what might be border patrols. Don't want to ruin it but shit goes wrong and the Monkey bites it. Some weird dude with a $5 haircut comes out of a Helicopter and drops a crap load of F-Bombs and promises to "tear shit up!" Dan Hay comes out to announce FarCry4. You start the game with some cash, a bus ride and "well...you're fucked". See below for the first few minutes of FarCry4


Aisha Tyler is the host again this year...damn she's tall. Why do tall women need Stiletto heels?
Just Dance 2015
Just Dance 2015, with 100 million players so far in the series, features tracks from Pharrell Williams, Ylvis and Ellie Goulding. I was really hoping not to hear "Happy" or “What Does the Fox Say?” as I have heard those tracks enough for a lifetime already, but it looks like I am going to hear them again in October when my kids beg me to pick this up.
Also announced is the ability to  play Just Dance Now on a smartphone and a TV that can connect to the internet. There is a free app on your phone and once downloaded you can head to justdancenow.com. Instead of a controller/Kinect/Move your phone detects your movement. Unlimited number of people can play so cue the professional dancers on stage and in the balconies who are supposed to look like audience members and feign surprise at winning.


Tom Clancy's The Division.
If you haven’t seen the Microsoft briefing playthrough I suggest you do that. Know that Ubi's trailer adds a lot more gravitas to the post apocalyptic scenario. It hints at the basic premise of the game and shows that you are not alone in your fight for life in a devastated world.


The Crew.
Cannonball Run just without Burt reynolds, Dom Deluise, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. etc...
The video Ubi showed looked like it was in engine, albeit sped up and edited. As announced last year, you can drive coast to coast in a compressed version of the US. However this is one of the first times we see the cities, the freeways and landscapes. They all look amazing. But how does it drive? Sim like Forza/GranTurismo or Arcade like Need for Speed?

Ubi has given early access to The Crew to gamers and drive game fanatics letting them test as well as organically develop new challenges and races. Ubi has also launched Route 909 in 7 locations around the world. Route 909 is a beta international race league with teams in Dubai, New York, LA, Montreal, London, Copenhagen and Paris. Tune into The Crew battle playoffs on Twitch on June 10/11.  Also announced was a Beta opening July 23rd. You can sign up now at www.thecrewgame.com/beta. The Crew launches Nov. 11th on PS4 and XBox One and PC. Damn that’s the same day as Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Assassins’ Creed Unity.
Paris 1789, Lorde singing Tears for Fears "everybody wants to rule the world"...haunting is the word I have to use for that.  I love CGI trailers but I wish they would make these things in engine. The playthrough shows more NPC's than ever before...crowds...mobs in a square all moving in a more independent fashion. Compared to previous AC games where every third or fourth NPC is doing the same thing and a crowd is 7 or 8 people this is a huge move forward. I guess it would have to be to recreate the violence in late 18th century France. Assassins’ Creed Unity also supports 4 player co-op


Shape Up.
A fitness game for the XBOX One that uses Kinect and has the tagline"Getting fit just got fun" This game reminds me of Double Fine's Kinect Party mixed with Fitness Evolved. If the games are fun and silly like Kinect Party then Shape Up could be kind of fun. I find it a little odd that the final object to win in the push up contest would be a Giant Donut


Valiant Hearts : The Great War
 A puzzle adventure through the trenches in WWI on the western front. The art style is cell shaded and even so watching it almost brought a tear to my eye...damn dogs. There will be colorized photos of some of the events in WWI that helped shape the game included within the game. We didn't see any gameplay but I am guessing this may be like Professor Layton.
Rainbow 6 Siege
Rainbow 6 Siege is a completely new game. It's been 6 years since the last Rainbow 6 game! There wasn’t much given away but 18 months ago Ubi decided to concentrate on Next Gen. There will be a single player campaign along with co-op but what that is or looks like is a secret for now. Ubi showed off alpha multiplayer footage which was pretty amazing. We have had destructible environments for a while but rarely have you been able to use them to your advantage like this.  I love how you can put holes in anything and use them as vantage points for recon, snipers, etc.

That was pretty much it from Ubisoft. A couple well established IP’s along with a couple new ones and the promise of a beloved one resurrected. Not a bad way to begin the show!


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