E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive

 After years of temptation, the Playstation darlings at Insomniac have finally turned to the Xbox dark side. They didn’t bring Ratchet and Clank with them (yet), but they have brought Xbox gamers one of the most anticipated titles of the new generation of console gaming: Sunset Overdrive.


 Naturally, an organization as mature and prestigious as 2Old2Play has three sets of eyes at E3, and our Editor in Chief, Tiffany Nolan, was there to tell us what she saw.

Welcome to Sunset City
 The game is set in the fictional Sunset City, in the year 2027. A contaminated Fizzco energy drink, named Overcharge Delirium XT, has turned most of the population into bloodthirsty mutants. The highly customizable protagonist is charged with cleaning the streets...by making a mess of the mutant horde. Wait, that didn’t make sense...moving on. The dev team at Insomniac are evil geniuses when it comes to crafting over-the-top weaponry, and Sunset Overdrive looks to be no exception: the guns in this game will not suck. The guns are customizable, and players can add perks, called amps, to boost their effectiveness.


 High velocity momentum and aggression are the keys to surviving the streets of Sunset City. Players will have to stay off the streets to stay alive, so go high and go fast. Being all stylish and shit allows a style meter to fill, allowing players to unleash an amp ability. There are dozens of amps, custom crafted by the player. Sunset City is an open world environment, and each mission has a story behind it.


The game focuses on themes, and our Editor in Chief describes the three prevalent themes in Sunset Overdrive:

Fun in end times.
Be who you want to be
Major McFuckups

We Are Not Alone
 Our protagonist isn’t exactly Omega Man, and there are plenty of non-mutant survivors in the city. Groups like the Bushido Troop and Fargarths are prospering in this over-caffeinated apocalypse. There is also a group of surviving humans, called The Scabs, that seem opposed to the player’s survival. Mutant enemy types include grunts, called the OD, and stronger enemy types like the Herker and the Blower.


 Sunset Overdrive features 8-player co-op, called Chaos Squad, and is accessible from any photo booth in the city. Chaos Squad missions last between 20-25 minutes and loot and weaponry is carried across modes...so you won’t lose your shit. Insomniac uses in-game monitors to stream current news and game updates into the game.

Sunset Overdrive will be available, for the Xbox One, starting October 28.

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