E3 2014: Evolve

Left 4 Dead developer, Turtle Rock, and 2K have teamed up to bring gamers a truly original game experience: a 5-player asymmetrical co-op shooter. The game pits a 4 player team against a single, evolving behemoth. Welcome to Evolve.


This is a hunter vs beast affair. Hunters come in four flavors: Trapper, Assault, Support, and Medic. The objective is to hunt down and kill the creature before it evolves, making it a far more dangerous target the more time slips away. Stick together because if you find yourself alone, so will the monster. 2K was showing off the new beastie at E3, called the Kraken.


Tiff says ”Did hands on then and played as the new assault character against the Kraken. That monster is so beast and scary. The game was just as much fun as it was at PAX East and will definitely be on my must buy list for this fall. We got our asses kicked.”

Evolve drops October 21st, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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