E3 2014: Bethesda

Tiff and DSmooth were representing for 2old2play at Bethesda’s E3 media events. The internet was anticipating a surprise reveal and had fingers crossed for more detail on the next Fallout game. Alas, the studio did not confirm or deny the game coming out or being set in Boston. Instead, the big reveal this year was dusting off the Doom franchise which hasn’t seen the light of day since Doom 3 ten years ago.

Doom’s Day is Coming
I spent hours playing the original Doom but never racked up much time on the sequels. Not much game detail was revealed other than the trailer but they promised more info to follow at QuakeCon in July.


I didn’t see anywhere to stream any of Bethesda’s stuff so I’ll rely on the press assets and Derek and Tiff’s surprisingly coherent notes!

Derek’s Impression of Bethesda in 140 characters or less:

Great #E32014 appt with @Bethblog today. The Evil Within is as freaky as I had remembered. Surprise winner was Battlecry. So much fun!

The Evil Within


The Evil Within is a survival horror game Bethesda is developing for all the consoles.  Do we have an industry term yet for stuff coming out on current gen and old gen?  If not someone make one up for me stat! Tiff and Derek got some hands on experience and remarked on the grain effect really giving the game a horror feel.  The devs also provided them some tips for game play like:

  • Use safe rooms
  • Conserve ammo
  • Hide
  • Some enemies are really hard to kill so all you can do is run


So you know pretty much the tutorial to every survival horror game ever. Thanks for the tips!

First look impressions from the team:

This game is freaky and scary. You will want to have headphones on and all pets and
family members locked away. I was holding my breath and stressed the entire time playing
it as I was expecting someone (thing) to jump out and scare the shit out of me. If you like
horror games, this is going to be great.

The pace was a little slow for me and I would have liked to try out a little more combat.

Our team found this free to play game to be tons of fun. Apparently its faction based set in “world without gunpowder” so they’ll have to get creative with weapons. It also has a character class system with 5 to choose from. The crack team at 2old2play tried out a Duelist and an Enforcer. The graphics were very stylized in the pre-alpha build available for journalists at E3.  A beta is planned for 2015.


Random impressions from the team:

Reminded me of team fortress
Was a lot of fun to play and definitely had a low entry point to just pick up and play it
Strong friction between factions
(Someone’s a poet and they don’t know it, I won’t say who! :p)

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