E3 2014: Activision

Our crack team happened by the Activision booth and managed to get some time in front of a couple of games. Activision had at least two noteworthy games on full display at their E3 2014 booth.Here is what our 2old2play team saw from the Activision guys this year.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

After 3 years in development, Sledgehammer games has come up with something that I think is sorely needed in the COD franchise: something different. Sure, this looks like the same old same old on the surface but I am hopeful some of the changes can make an impact.

Sledgehammer told our team that they are really focusing on story for this iteration. The story in the last few games has, in my opinion, become weaker and weaker. The series seemed to gravitate more to shock value, quick time events and confusion in its single player campaign. What gives me a sense of hope is that not only was the part we saw in the trailer, played by Kevin Spacey. was written with him in mind, but he actually said yes.

You now have an exoskeleton and your HUD is on the weapon where it seems a little more natural. Your character is also now equipped with jump packs, which reminded the team a lot of Titanfall. I know this seems small but those additions could change the gameplay and the strategy enough to be the shakeup COD needs.

For this new iteration of the series, Sledgehammer didn’t just paint a few more pixels in where they could. They told our team that their staff have worked hard on every detail down to characters pupils dilating.

The weapons are new and from what our team saw...badass. They got to witness a couple of levels and what they saw did more than impress.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to hit shelves November 4th, 2014.

Skylanders Trap Team

Next up is the 4th game in the Skylanders series.
Skylanders Trap Team sticks to the base formula, but with a few new tricks. Toys for Bob has designed the game for the virtually every console, including next gen. Along with the new game comes along a new portal. This one has speakers in it so you can hear the characters speak through it. It sounded a little strange, as you could already hear them in the game, so why include it? The game is called Skylanders Trap Team and what you can hear are the characters that you trap.

Kaos returns as the main antagonist but he isn’t alone. All the villains have been released from prison and its your job to locate the traptonium spread throughout Skyland.

Using the traptonium you can capture the bad guys and play as them. Besides playing as the baddies, you get 50 new characters along with the ability to bring all your Skylanders in from the previous three games. You can then use the villain you trapped and your character to tag team the next bad guy. While playing as the villain you get to hear their specific theme music. With over 40 villains to capture that is a lot of theme music!

Here is a list of some of the new characters:

Snap Shot. Water. He's a trap master.
Shrednaught is a new bad guy you can trap.
Food Fight. Another new character. Will be in the starter pack.
Buzzer Beak. New villain character. Air
Broccoli Guy. New villain character. Life
Painyatta. New villain. Magic. He barfs candy.
Wildfire. New trap master. Fire.
Wallop. Trap master. Earth.
Jawbreaker. Trap master. Tech.
Wolfgang. New villain. Undead
Chopper. New core character. He's a dinosaur. Tech.
Krypt King. New trap master. Undead.


As a interesting little twist you can also capture Kaos and play as him.

There is no digital download for this title. You need to buy the starter pack with the game disk and new portal


Skylanders Trap Team is coming October 2014.

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