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Dead Space 3 Demo

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 11:56 — loki619

Survival horror has a new name and it isn’t Resident Evil... it’s “Depends.” A package of Depends should come with each copy of Dead Space 3! You will be sharting every time a necromorph jumps out at you when you least expect it. For those of you doing Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit or other types of core physical workouts, you should be fine as your abs of steel hold your sphincter tightly closed while playing through this game.

Dead Space 3 releases in less than a week.  For those impatient 2o2per’s, the demo is out now and just like the previous demos in the series, it gives you a pretty good look into what’s in store. As before, you take the role of Isaac Clarke as you battle your way through crazed religious nut jobs who, unlike religious nuts in real life, have actual demon-like beings as part of their religion. 
                                           This series should be called “I Can’t Believe Isaac Clarke’s Still Alive!”
The demo takes place shortly after surviving a crash on a frozen planet. Your goal is to search for survivors while trying to survive yourself. Controls are pretty similar to the previous Dead Space games so it feels familiar to be looking over Isaac Clarke’s shoulders once again...until a necromorph pops out from the ground and starts trying to gouge you a new eyeball socket. 
In the first two iterations of the series, you played through hours upon hours of terror by yourself and when you scream, as happens in space, no one hears you. In Dead Space 3, however, you and a friend can now play play co-op! That’s right, in now you and a friend can both scream like little co-op, stereo goodness! What’s even better, according to EA, is you can simply pop in and out of a friend’s game at any time (in other words, you can abandon your friend while they scream your name in vain and beg for another clip or a fresh adult diaper). 
            Not Isaac Clarke but I bet he can scream just as loud as Isaac when a Necromorph jumps out at his nether region!
A pillar of the Dead Space franchise is the in-game workbench that allows you to upgrade your armor, beef up your weapons, and add or enhance abilities such as stasis to your already formidable firepower. Dead Space 3 now gives you the ability to take existing weapons and customize them with various parts and scraps you find in game. If you find blueprints or schematics, you can even build weapons from scratch! Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t provide  a shooting range to test your weapon mods or creations. You still must step into the campaign to try out the various tweaks.
                                            Allow us to both scream the song of our people... AYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All in all, the demo was a short but sweet reintroduction to the world that continues in Dead Space 3. Having played the first two games, this demo convinced me that not only am I still scared of what this franchise brings to survival horror but that I also need to pick this game up when it releases
GbHaseo's picture

Actually Loki, if you go to the crafting section, after you build your weapon in there, you can hit a button and release a group of 5 various necromorphs to test your weapons out on. I didn't notice it the first couple times I played the demo, but the 3rd time, I was walking around and it looked like a console, so I just pressed the button for the hell of it, and out came the test necromorphs lol!

You can unleash the necros as many times as you want in the crafting section of the demo, so go try it out! Nice write up Loki, and I can't wait to play this!

loki619's picture

Thanks for the tip Gb! I will have to try them out on these nasty little buggers later when there's daylight...

GbHaseo's picture

Yeah, it's really stupid, there's literally no notification that you can do it. I discovered it completely by accident, even standing right in front of the button, there's no prompt, nothing that suggests it's interactive. I really hope the main game doesn't do this. With the announcement of facebook micro-transactions added in, and 11 pieces of day 1 dlc, I cancelled my pre-order and just plan on renting this.

Whiskey's picture

I enjoyed both DS1 and DS2, as well as the DS3 demo.  My work sched has been wonky, so unfortunately I was never able to try out co-op with anyone online.

Will definitely be picking up DS3 the first week it's out.  Anyone who wants to play co-op, feel free to send me a FR and msg and we'll schedule something.

EVILCLAW's picture

Got stuck in the demo at the first elevator. Couldn't get the fucking handle to turn. No prompt, nada. I thnk it was/is glitched. The little room next to the elevator is what I am talking about, spent 30 minutes pressing, poking, shooting, screaming! nothing. Couldn't get that fucking little wheel to turn. AAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!

SarcasmoJones's picture

You have to use kinesis on the blue handles.

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