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Op-ed: Titanfail - 5 Reasons Why Titanfall Sucks

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 08:39 — SarcasmoJones

Fellow gamers, we have all bought into the hype on a particular title at one time or another, only to be disappointed by the game once we actually started playing it. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good example of a highly anticipated turd, GTA IV was way overrated, and I personally shelled out eighty bucks for the Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition... it happens to the best of us. Titanfall is another game that, despite its “believe the hype” ad campaign, wasn’t worth all the drooling and nipple twisting over screenshots and trailers. Titanfall does not live up to to the hype.

See video


Where’s The Rest of the Game?

Many developers have received criticism for releasing a game with only single player content. Even 2K was slammed for the lack of multiplayer in Bioshock Infinite, despite the fact that the multiplayer side of Bioshock 2 was a bit on the blah side. If a single player experience is only half of a game, why would gamers be satisfied with only the other half of a game?

Very few games are able to balance the MP vs SP experience. Concentrate on a compelling single player campaign and the multiplayer suffers. Great multiplayer games generally feature shallow, abbreviated single player experiences. I would have enjoyed Titanfall more if I didn’t have to play it with other people every fucking time I wanted to play it.


Hey, Let’s Gang Up on Sarcasmo!

The lack of any type of single player means a trial by fire in online lobbies. I’m no slouch at shooters, but getting my ass handed to me on every single match tended to devalue my Titanfall experience. Inevitably, I would be paired up with people who were just as shitty as me or with dickheads who quit two minutes into the match, leaving me and some eight year old to fend off a cohesive clan of veterans. The learning curve is appallingly steep and there is no place to get better at the game without the humiliation of being serially executed in public. I was on the losing side of every single match and never even made it to an evacuation point. Fucking backshooters.

Titanfall could benefit from a rating system that paired players with opponents of similar skill and experience. Let the noobs fumble around until they get their bearings, then upgrade them to the next tier.

See video


You Call That a Campaign?

In lieu of a single player campaign, Respawn has provided a multiplayer campaign experience. I played the campaign, as both Militia and IMC, and still don’t know what the fuck happened. There were two guys chattering over the radio, but I’m pretty sure one of them was already dead. Maybe he was just playing dead. Didn’t he die again later near the end? I’m pretty sure they knew each other but it was kind of hard to tell with all that dying going on. That guy died nearly as much as I did. I would have expected to have a better understanding of what happened by the end of the game, especially since I completed both campaigns. So much for the art of storytelling.


Toilet Tutorial

I had the same problem with Titanfall that I experienced during my Crysis 3 playthrough: there was just too much shit for me to remember. I thought I had it all down, but during the course of the campaign I forgot how to do that jetpack wall thing and how to change grenade types. I never really knew when to use burn cards and had trouble differentiating between friend and foe titans at close range. I wasn’t real sure how to capture one of the building things: was I supposed to just guard it for a while or something? There were computers there and some guy yelling at me over the radio. Was I supposed to hack it? Fuck it.

See video


Is Titanfall Really That Groundbreaking?

What innovations doesTitanfall bring to the genre? The non-existent plot thing has been done. There have been other mech games. I’ve been shot to death in other online shooters. The cloak thing has been done. Sonic had a wall run thing, and he did it faster. Metal Gear and Fallout had people babbling over a radio, so that’s been done. I guess the only new thing I can think of is being able to eject from your Titan. Yeah, that was worth sixty bucks.



Devil’s Advocate

Titanfall is an immensely popular game right now, but I cannot see folks playing it for years like Halo or other shooter games. It’s lopsided, it’s short on environments, and provides a very weak case for continuing to play other than just shooting shit. If the game hadn’t launched when it did, it would have found itself struggling against some more formidable competition, and Respawn should be thanking the gaming gods for the "rush to gold" tactics of Battlefield and CoD Ghosts, and their disastrous launches. I’ve played all three games, and I’m still waiting for the must have shooter of the Xbox One generation: Titanfall ain’t it.

I6_Hitman's picture

I couldn't disagree with you any more than I do right now! I'm not saying this game is the next coming of god but it isn't as bad as your making it sound.

You don't like the game because you're not good at it lol

SarcasmoJones's picture

 I can't argue with that, amigo: I'm not good at it, but with Titanfall there was no motivation for me to want to get better. I played through both campaigns and had no desire to continue playing. Notice I didn't say I beat the campaign, I played through...Respawn set us up with a Special Olympics "everybody's a winner" campaign completion, which is the equivalent of a kid graduating from high school without being able to read. I expect some disagreement on this topic because Titanfall is exactly what many players like: MP with no single player campaign to get in the way. To me, it's half a game...and it's the half that I don't like. Thanks for sharing, Hit.

JZA's picture

See, what's ironic is that you consider a multiplayer-only game to be half a game, while I consider a single player-only game to be half a game.  These half-games you speak of aren't new, there have been other popular half-games, like World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, Team Fortress, Unreal Tournament series, Quake 3 Arena, Left 4 Dead.  Then look at other whole-games that might have been much better off as half-games, such as Battlefield. 

My point is, people saying "multiplayer-only" is half a game is like saying chess or poker or basketball is only half a game because it has no story.  I can understand people not liking Titanfall, but not because it's "half a game".  Personally, I think people should start measuring games in terms of potential hours of playtime.  Even the best single player experiences are somewhat finite in that you're only seeing what the developer intended, but when you're playing with others, they could be playing in ways the developers never dreamed, and that's like unintended new content.

SarcasmoJones's picture

 That's not irony, that's contradiction. My 2 favorite games are Forza and Scrabble, neither of which contain a line of dialogue nor a hint of a story. I have only played one of your "half games" and that game was Battlefield, and I only played the single player campaign on that one. I wonder if you find it puzzling that I enjoyed the one part of Battlefield that you felt would have been better left undeveloped. This is known as a "difference of opinion". You may or may not believe what I'm going to tell you next, but I can assure you that it is completely true: some people do not like sarcasm, heavy metal, horror movies, or Scrabble despite the fact that those are some of my favorite things on the planet. Inconceivable!

 It's clear that you are content with a multiplayer-only experience, as evidenced by the fact that you are attempting to champion that one reason out of five that I gave for not liking Titanfall. I like single player campaigns and I often completely disregard multiplayer unless I'm reviewing a game with multiplayer content, which makes it a chore. Respawn has provided us with a game that makes me want to explore more of the game, on my own, but has failed to provide the means for me to do that. They have also provided a plot, of sorts, but I can't make out what the fuck those guys are babbling about over the radio with all the multiplayer shit going on. It seems pointless to provide a story and bury it under dropping titans and gunfire. I feel sure that you probably disagree, in fact the only thing the two of us may agree on is that using quotation marks makes thing more "awesome." Titanfall doesn't fail because it's a shitty game, it fails for building a universe of possibilities and then forcing us to play with each other in a microcosm. That's not what I'm looking for. Enjoy your half a game, amigo...and thanks for sharing. ;)

ElektraFi's picture

I really enjoy Titanfall as well, but I do agree that the lack of a Single Player campaign is a pain point for me. Usually the campaign is a place where you can get used to the gameplay, weapons, etc before taking on all the Timmy's. I was not a fan of the sink or swim method but eventually did learn to swim. The so-called campaign in Titanfall was definitely a joke. 

Dixon_Tufar's picture

You've got training and the campaign modes as it is.  Also, the more you play, the more you unlock, and as you get to subseuent generations, you see different challenges to finish the generation.  Each generation, if you complete the tasks, shows you a different way to play the game.  You learn as you go along and as you put more time in.


I look forward to more multiplayer only games.  Campaign tends to be tacked on or invite people who think their opinion must be heard to voice said opinion about it.  Its best left off in a game where it doesn't belong in the first place.  Titanfall is a non-competitive, fun FPS that breathes much needed life into the video game landscape.  If you were upset because it didn't have a campaign, or a lackluster campaign, you weren't paying attention as the game was being released and they said numerous times that it wasn't going to have your traditional campaign mode.



Doodi's picture

While I agree with you, I still dont think the game is worth the money.  For me, that's the real issue here.  Heck they didn't even have the standardized set of FPS features at launch.  I'm glad they are supporting it, but in all honesty I'm not sure it's a good thing that so many people were willing to pay for 1/3 of a game.  

On the flipside, if the demand is there then who am I to judge.  I myself bought it, love it, and justify the price tag by looking at the collection of games I purchase and never played.  

SarcasmoJones's picture

 I was paying attention and, true to their word, Respawn did not provide a traditional campaign experience. What they provided was a superflous story that doesn't impact the game. I had no motivation to choose one side or the other. On the other hand, what happens during the course of the campaign has no effect on the story: no matter what happens you still get the same result whether you win or lose every campaign match. I want to understand why I'm fighting, why I'm on one particular side, and I want my efforts to have some sort of impact. Some folks want more from a game than just "go out there and shoot shit." I'll understand if you disagree.

Blue_Stiehl's picture

In Forza, where is the back story? Why are you driving? Why these tracks or cars? Who are you and who is your antagonist? There should be more than just "go out there and drive."

SarcasmoJones's picture

Forza has a deep and satisfying single player campaign and a competitive multiplayer component, so even without a plot it's already twice the game that Titanfall is. Thanks for sharing.

Blue_Stiehl's picture

For those that like racing games, you are probably correct.

As a non-racer, I will stick to Titanfall.

DEEP_NNN's picture

I think I like Titanfall in ways similar to how you like Forza 5. In the end, I know Forza is a good racing game but its entertainment value for me is very minimal. I don't want to sound disparaging towards Forza when I say I wish I had my money back. The game just doesn't fit me.


Doodi's picture

Exactly the way I feel.  However I probably feel that way for both games.  The only difference is that I already know I wont like Forza before I even buy it.  

DEEP_NNN's picture

I wouldn't normally have bought Forza 5 but I wanted to try the genre out on the XB1. Same for Tomb Raider. I enjoy it more than Forza but I am not 40% in, after four months. It's just a filler game, for me.

SarcasmoJones's picture

I was disappointed with Forza 5 and gave it a "Used" kinda sucks too. I didn't really notice enough of a difference between the 360 and XB1 versions of Tomb looks a little better but it's still the same game.

FreeRadikal's picture

But Titanfall is Forza!

SarcasmoJones's picture

A disbeliever! Burn the heretic!

G_40's picture


I usually have to search very hard to disagree with you, but, as Buzz Lightyear told Woody....NOT TODAY!!!

It may not be the hypemachine, that Respawn would like you to believe, BUT...It fills a much needed niche that is missing from the COD douchebag juggernaut. 

There is no reason to buy another COD game, as this year's iteration is the same as last year. What's the point?

Battlefield can be controlled by ONE good fighter pilot. And, don't forget the fact that there are 30 snipers spawnshooting you from the opposite side of the map.

I find that most people that have a hard time transitioning from the normal shooter, forget one thing: Get Vertical!!! That is where this games shines. I have been playing for a while, and I have to remind myself a few times a night, to get off the ground...quit ground running...hit the walls and rooftops. Try new sh!t. That's why you have a jetpack.

I watched your earlier video, and kept yelling at the screen: Get off the ground Sarcasmo!! The windows are not good vantage points, they're just access to outside walls and catwalks and rooftops.

I am not great, by any stretch. My k/d vs. pilot's is only 1.0, but I am having more fun than any COD game I ever played. (I skipped MW3, and Ghosts...I hate the series that much.) And much more than any game I have played since the GOW series.

Do I miss a SP campaign? Sure...but a friend and I have been going through the Multiplayer Campaign, every night we get on. (Like you, I still can't tell you what the main story is, but I am paying a bit more attention to it each time we play.)

You sound like you're dead set against it, and I am not sure if you would think about a bargain bin purchase...but the more you play, keep telling yourself "get to higher ground"..."get a better vantage point" ..."keep moving"..."use your loadouts" will start to see the attraction.



SarcasmoJones's picture

 True, while I certainly would never purchase the game I would not be opposed to renting it again. I can see the appeal but it doesn't appeal to everyone. I would rather watch Titanfall gameplay videos than actually play it.

YEM's picture

"Battlefield can be controlled by ONE good fighter pilot. And, don't forget the fact that there are 30 snipers spawnshooting you from the opposite side of the map."

This sounds like a comment from someone who doesn't play BF. Surprise, surprise, after checking your GT, I see you didn't play BF4, BF3, BFBC2....... So how, exactly, did you come to this conclusion?  ;)



And I agree with you Jones.  If I didn't buy the digital version, I would have traded it in weeks ago

G_40's picture


This sounds like a comment from someone who doesn't play BF. Surprise, surprise, after checking your GT, I see you didn't play BF4, BF3, BFBC2....... So how, exactly, did you come to this conclusion?  ;)



That would be where you're wrong, sir...I have not played BF4, but I have played enough BF3, AND BFBBC2 (as rentals first to determine if I liked it...), and had my fill of being spanked from the sky...

(Many pardons for exaggerating a bit on an internet forum....)

I also have plenty of clanmates, and friends that have shared the stories of how fucked up BF4 is..there is also this cool thing called the internet, Youtube, and TWITCH....

Thank you, anyways.

TANK's picture

#2 is why I stopped playing.  I got tired as mostly a solo player being paired up with scrubs VS organized clans or i'm on a team of like 20-30's and the other team is loaded with 3'rd 4th generation guys.  WTF is that bullshit.   Fuck that.


I know there's been an update to the game since I quit playing that was suppose to help with balancing teams.  But I'm not sure how much that's helped.  The explanations I've read don't seem to me like they would make much difference but I haven't tried it out yet, I just have no further modivation to put this game in my ONE and play it. 


The other thing I hated was unless you write down which campaigns you won, so you can go back and do the ones you lost, you couldn't tell what your progress was.  But I guess Mondays patch adds an icon to assist with that .  So all in all, it might be time to put it back in there and at least grind out the last few levesl to hit 50 but I dunno.... 


Rau's picture

I typically don't play the single player story in FPS' (usually because it's crap and doesn't have anything to do with the multiplayer) unless there is a decent storyline. I played through BF4 only to get the weapon unlocks, COD is typically meh, GTA bit me on IV and was having none of V, Crysis is typically laggy and buggy.  Halo and GOW were usually the only exception.  WoT has no story, ZERO, Zero options, but somehow people enjoy that game.  And before you say F2P, a cash investment does get you much further much quicker, rather jerking it for months before you get the true payoffs, later tiered tanks. 

Everyone is really looking for reasons to hate this game, which I don't understand.  Who wants to play COD, GOW, Halo, etc..., and be forced to follow 3 paths only to run into the guy with a better connection and die. Or go around a corner because you are forced to and imediately die.  How is this fun?  Titanfall turns FPS' on their head.  You can go just about anywhere, do anything, play how you like.  Getting beat up on? Slow reflexes? Drop in a Titan and at least have a bit of fun, instead of punching yourself in the dick for 10 minutes. 

As far as the training in the beginning, goes, I think it was the best way anyone has introduced how to play a FPS without dropping you straight in.  Listen to me when I say, It taught my 6 year old how to play FPS.  I usually enjoy getting paired with people who are better at the game than I am.  This way I can learn what they are doing, where they are doing it, how they are doing it, and ultimately how to counter it.

Suck at FPS? Smart pistol.  Need an extra edge? Use a burn card.  Hate getting crushed? Ride a Titan. Hate Titans? Jump on their back. Getting chased? Wall run, then double jump, wall hang, cloak, and shoot the guy chasing you.  I don't seem to recollect a game with that many options. 

You say you're "no slouch at shooters," and I'll take you're word at that.  Maybe you should be looking at Titanfall as the next generation of FPS, which you admittly suck at.



Double T's picture

I played this for the 360.  The game was too easy to get kills IMO, and going like 38-0 in my first game was enough for me.  I don't want to play against 90% bots.  The game is a fail.


It's like shadowrun.  Pretty cool idea, shitty implementation.

Blimey's picture

 I have to say I agree with you. My first comments after viewing the trailer was "Looks fun but don't think its a game I will play for very long." Well I haven't played it for weeks. With watchdogs coming in a couple of weeks I still don't see much gameplay for Titanfall in my future. 

 I think it is a good game just not the one I will play untill the next installment......

DarthTabasco's picture

I enjoy the game for what it is and that's a nice distraction from the tryhard games like Halo and COD.

When I want to play a game that requires coordination and teamwork, I'll play Halo. When I want to to just run and gun, then Titanfall fits that bill. 

I enjoy the game, but I don't really get excited to play it, like I used to with Halo. Perhaps it's due to lack of people on my friends list playing it (360) or due to my idea it's just a casual experience. The game is, however, a lot more fun with a team full of friends.  

The game is improving though. Tweaks to matchmaking, weapons and challenges. Also, we can now play private games, meaning now you can play with your friends and derp about with each other. 


FreynApThyr's picture

Don't sell yourself short Sarcasmo- You're a tremendous slouch at shooters.

And don't listen to Hitman either, he breathes into his mic too much when he podcasts and doesn't know the contraction of "you are" is "you're."

Blue_Stiehl's picture

I like Titanfall. Is it the next Halo 2 that rallies all my friends together in one game, no. Does it fit my playing style and playing timeframe, yes.

No SP, fine by me. I haven't played SP since ODST. I do agree that the Campaign is dumb. Should have just left that out as well.

For me, it is the best designed game for the One currently.

Best designed game for the one still isn't saying much.  I don't think I've turned on my one since January after I got bored with Ghosts (which I liked).

I knew before I bought it Titanfall wouldn't be my type of game, but I tried it and traded it in after three games.  I'm sure some people like it, but I prefer a more realistic, tactical-ish type game.  However I did think the tutorial was fine.

And I agree it didn't seem like something people would play for a long time.  I don't know why, can't really put my finger on it.  I'm curious as to how many people are done playing it already.  That hype was such that people thought everyone would be playing this non-stop until Destiny came out.

FreynApThyr's picture

STFU Markus.

Nobody likes you.

Doodi's picture

Finally something we can all agree on.

T3muJin's picture

bunch of old fucking farts complaining about a video game - check

fair share of old farts including author of article thinking THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD - check

yes you did just stumble upon 2old2playdotfuckingcom

SarcasmoJones's picture

Pipe down,'s nap time.

Doodi's picture

I still love you.  BTW, you still play SWTOR?  What you into now?

T3muJin's picture

Titanfall, mainly because I know how to read a fucking button layout and memorize it after 1 or 2 games and I know how to point a crosshair thingy at things and shoot.  cool

Doodi's picture

Word.  Game is eh.  I can do about 3 games max then I lose interest.  Plus i cant read.

SoulTerror's picture

I was really exicted about this game and haven't played it in about a month. I think I'm only in the low 30s. It's to much like CoD, which had the same results for me, I'd play the MP for a while and then loose interest and never pick it up again.

AcidSnow's picture

Is it OK if I only paid $40 for my game?  ...Does that make it any better?!

Doodi's picture

Actually yes.  Im sure others disagree, but when I get a cheap game that I end up putting a shit ton of hours into I consider that a huge plus.  Paying for something that isn't worth the money (whether its a game or other product) often means I'm far less likely to buy from that compay again.  There are exceptions to this rules of coarse since I've put plenty of time and money into a franchise based on name alone.  

JZA's picture

Just because a game isn't what you're looking for doesn't make it a fail, it's just a game you don't like.  That's like a gay dude saying that all gorgeous women in the world are a fail, just because that's not what he's looking for.  

This article seemed like such a troll post to get views because Titanfall is apparently relatively polarizing.  In my personal opinion, wouldn't it be more enjoyable if the writers could write topics that are more of a celebration of games that they like, instead of people trashing games they don't like?  If someone doesn't like a game, then don't write about it, some other writer might find it more enjoyable to write about a game they like while the original writer can just go find another game that they do like to write about instead.  It's just not as fun reading through headlines and seeing ones with negative vibes like "Why ______ game sucks".  


SarcasmoJones's picture

 You truly are Titanfall's greatest defender. When I wrote the article I didn't expect everyone to agree with me but you probably shouldn't expect me to shower every game with glowing words of praise: I call myself Sarcasmo for a reason. ;) This is not a definitive game review, this is an editorial, which is an opinion piece, and my opinion on Titanfall is that it sucks. I wanted to like it, I was excited to play it, I gave it more than a fair chance, and I still don't like it. It's my job to write my opinion, whether it's popular or not. Loki wrote an excellent review of Titanfall and gave it our highest rating, so even the staff is divided on our opinions of the game: I would have given it a "Rental" rating. I will always give my honest opinion of a game. I like Forza but I have had to slam the last two Forza games for falling short, even though it truly pained me to do so.

 2Old2Play will continue to write about games, whether we like them or not, and provide our opinions, whether you disagree with them or not. I would encourage you to continue voicing your own opinion as well, as our opinion is certainly never the final word and this is a wonderful forum for precisely that kind of debate. Thanks for sharing.


Doodi's picture

Really well said.  I also don't want a site where people can't voice opinions (even when they're not popular). There are more then enough great reviews on Titan Fall and as Sarcasmo said, you can find those reviews here as well.  However opinion pieces like these are needed.  They spark discussion, draw on experience, and bring in points of view for all different walks of life.  

Case in point, I don't like Forza and any racing games for that matter.  If I was to do a review on them, I'm fairly certain I'd have pitch forks come after me.  However if we always have reviews from people that love the games they review, how can we ever get a new perspective on things?  

SoulTerror's picture

I agree with you both. I hate so many people that only want positives things said about everything. If you don't like it, then don't say anything mentality.

Chuppernicus's picture

Titianfall's main issue for me is the matchmaking. There is none.  If there is, it doesn't use any logic beyond get you into a game. It's more like match finding. So many times I've been on both sides of a match where one side is all pre gen 2,(50 or lower) and the other side is gen 4,5,6 etc. 

Games need a training period. Once you reach a certain level, like 50 in Titanfall, you can then play with experienced gamers. The high level guys shouldn't be able to prey on the new guys until they've played enough to reach that level. I also don't want the " I'm good at shooters" guy  jumping into the advanced matchmaking because he doesn't know the maps yet. There should also be a ranking for the game modes as well. A gamer may be good at attrition but clueless to the most basic tactics of don't get flanked in Last Titan standing.

I liked the game despite thinking I wouldn't. I bought it because the guys I play online with did. I wouldn't call it next gen or the next thing. The verticality is great.  Like the titan weapons. Arc cannon and quad rockets are my facorites. The pilot weapons are unbalanced. Use the carbine or CAR. Don't waste your time with the rest outside the challenges. Carbine for the win.

The get to the choppa, er drop ship is stupid. So you're going to give the team that just kicked my ass 30 seconds to gather and wait so they can kill me as I try to board the drop ship? Fun. I don't even bother escaping anymore. 

I really got caught up in the challenges and getting to gen 10. The challenges made it fun for me. I was so happy when I finally lucked out and grabbed the pull harder achievement. I consider myself good at the game. Not great. But once I reached gen 10 I didn't even bother getting back up to level 50. Most of the guys I played with stopped too. I just don't think it has the longevity that something like a battlefield has. I may go back to it later.

Moff_T's picture

I must admit, I enjoy titanfall, but I agree with everything you said.

1) the learning curve is steap.  Some days, if it wasn't for the computer AI dumb grunts out there, I wouldn't get any kills.

2) I'm seriously missing a shooter game for the XBone that has a good story/single player campaign.  I forgot how dry the first year of a new system gets.  As for titanfall, I had the same problem where I was more focused on the match than the chatter in the background.  And the load times for the matches are too slow for me to want to go through it again.

3) the only new thing I saw from titanfall is the enemy consists of 3 different opponents: AI Grunts, AI Mildly tougher opponents, and other players.  

The last game that scoffed at campagn was Shadowrun.  Anybody remember that?  It was a fun concept, but the complete absence of a campaign killed it.  I think the only thing keeping titanfall going strong is the absence of competition.  Still, I find myself turning to Titanfall instead of Ghosts, because the guys who play CoD hardcore know every map so well that I can't round a corner without getting popped in the head.  I find the MP CoD games even harder than Titanfall.  

JZA's picture

I can understand not wanting to censor people's opinions, but look at the language in the headline, how could you not say it's an article that is basically trying to elicit a negative reaction from those in the community who are fans?  Saying anything "sucks" is inflammatory.  Titling something "My Problems with Titanfall" definitely describes your article without being so subversive.  I can understand not wanting to censor an opinion, but writers can write using language that doesn't have to be quite so provocative.  In a community like 2old2play where it already seems like member activity is floundering, why write in such a way that alienates other users who are fans of a particular thing?

SarcasmoJones's picture

 Your criticism has been duly noted, then promptly disregarded. We're all adults here and there's no need to treat our members with kid gloves. I'm pretty sure "most" of us can handle an inflammatory title. Titanfall sucks.

Doodi's picture

There is still something to be said about "emotion driven titles" in journalism.  They give people a reason to read something and direct the reader before the story even begins.  They are meant to attract attention and elicit feelings right off the bat.

In terms of our floundering activity, this article is having the opposite effect that you are suggesting.  Its brought out more members from the woodwork.  Is it divisive?  Sure, but it also speaks to the entire point of 2o2p and why it was started in the first place.  We want to be able to speak our minds and not stick to the status quo.  If anyone has a different opinion they can write a piece and send it in.  

We currently have 2 very different reviews on TitanFall atm.  Just take a second and go look at this article.  Its a glowing review and came straight from the same team of writers.  Does that mean there is no place for another side of the coin?  I would argue that this is the exact problem with review sites ATM.  They give you one side of the coin.  That isn't very realistic when people have completely different ideas on what is "fun".  

ElektraFi's picture

For me, one of the most important things about an Editorial or opinion piece, is letting the writer vioice their opinion and tell things in their own words. If Sarcasmo would use the word "sucks" when talking about this game to his friends and family, then why shouldn't he be able to use that here too?

Sure, there are lots of different ways to word things to make them less "inflammatory", but that's not why our community exists (even in its frail state) or why I decided to stay at the helm of our homepage content. We have integrity here and tell things like they are even if we know others will not agree. We also do it because we know that someone will agree even if they were afraid to say so to their friends. 

Personally, I couldn't be happier about all the activity on this post. This is the most activity we've seen on an article in a very long time with many people coming out of the woodworks to chime in. Hell, I may start adding "sucks" to all our titles if it gets people talking and posting comments...for, against, or otherwise. 


JZA's picture

I'm just trying to say that is in fact possible to write a dissenting opinion without coming across as a jerk. 

If this is the kind of tone that the community fosters with each other, is it really such a surprise that activity is floundering?  If members aren't civil with each other on the website, can you really expect them to want to play together online?  2old2play isn't some kind of bastion of journalism where writers must be allowed to write unfettered as if to do otherwise would be abolishing freedom of the press.  I thought it was supposed to be a community of gamers trying to find other gamers to play with online, and not a place that fosters public opinion-bashing for page views.  Also, if the tone of the writing staff is less-than-friendly in articles like this (and responses), how can you expect gamers to want to join your community?  How can you be surprised if gamers don't want to stay around?

It's extremely ironic that I posted a review for the Still Got Game podcast that mentions how I'm glad that (Joel/Albert) have the whole "stop liking what I don't like!" mentality, because this article is exactly that.  Go ahead and ban my account, because I'm finding fewer and fewer reasons to stay active in a website that is already struggling in terms of activity.

DEEP_NNN's picture

I can't find a website that isn't full of jerks. To some, I am a jerk too. Depends on the venue. I seldom see the point in moving on these days. Same thing waiting for me over the hill and I won't know the members.

I'm quite happy some people here do write in-depth articles. Yeah, they can sometimes be jerks like me in their delivery but if they provide enough game details maybe I can benefit from it, no matter their stinking rotten racer opinion. Little joke there.

I think we (2old2play) could be much worse off.

SarcasmoJones's picture

It's possible to write that way, but completely uninteresting. Provocative titles and providing an alternate point of view: that's Journalism 101. If you are unable to entertain an opinion other than what the majority thinks, then you have a bigger problem than crying over Sarcasmo's mistreatment of your favorite game. I am not here to validate a majority opinion. The real irony is that you are complaining about my ability to express my opinion while you seem dead-set on having your own opinion heard. We are equals here, and as equals I would never try to silence your voice, and I will never allow you to silence mine. Thanks for sharing.

DSmooth's picture

The point of an op-Ed is to either kiss ass or be a douche. It's kinda like Joel and I on the podcast. We shit on all kinds of stuff people love. Also, we don't ban anyone for their opinions, only for personal attacks. Your opinion is as valid as Sarcasmo's opinion is wrong. I fucking love Titanfall. 

DEEP_NNN's picture

I love Titanfall, inspite of some of the warts you mention. Thoroughly entertained by it. I never even notice the score until the epilogue starts. Then I'm all "How do I get to the drop ship? How do I stop the enemy from destroying the drop ship? Where are those losing bastards, so I can kill them? What method will I use to blow up the drop ship?" When on foot and I see a Pilot on the radar, I hide or run away to search for easier minion kills. So many ways to play this game compared to the Halos or CODs.

Respawn added Private matches and we've been putting that to good use in training and familiarization. I want to do more of this.

A few issues are holding me back from enjoying TF more. Multi-platform is bad for community minded people, especially when one of those platforms is a new console. The newish lobby/party systems are a serious struggle for some people. Halo is still one of this community's main games. I can't give up on it when people keep showing up.


Teufelhunden11's picture

There are two things I do not like about Titanfall.

1.- Low level players put out to be farmed by muchhigher level players. I admittedly do not know if that has beenfixed, but last I plyed it, that was very much the case.

2.- This game took what I despise most about COD, the whack-a-mole gameplay and increased it ten fold.

Why can't Ubisoft hurry up with thenext Rainbow 6 installment?! Fornow, BF4 fills my FPS preferences. Titanfall did introduce new concepts, and some are nice. Just wish they would've also figured out a balance of hectickness....slow it down a bit.

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