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3/10: The Fall of Reach

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 13:39 — Drost

I didn’t hate Reach right out of the gate. It took a bit of time.

I mean, sure, bloom sucked pretty much immediately. Why in the name of Thor would you add a game mechanic that makes getting headshots, things that are already, if not difficult, then at least challenging to come by, more random? Is latency not enough?

Even after two years, I fail to understand the logic. Randomization of that element doesn’t make the game more enjoyable. It makes it more frustrating. Though, it does give the guy running around with the AR a better chance of survival. Instead of achievements, maybe Reach should give out participation ribbons.

After Reach came out, I played roughly 600 multiplayer games, and then we took a break. It’s not me, Reach, it’s you. I made out with other games. “Drost, you know Halo never loved you as good as I do,” said MW3. My team quit. Malice moved to the sticks and lost internet. Chibi wandered off into CoDland. Killa … I don’t know what the hell he did. I think he gave his Xbox and gamertag to his kid.

That was kind of a big deal to me. I mean, I’d had a “team” since 2005. I’d played thousands of games of Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3. I loved Halo, and possibly in a socially incorrect way.

After the team disintegrated, I pretty much quit gaming entirely. I bet I went five or six months without playing anything at all. It took a couple of my clan members – Dixon and Hoplite – giving me epic guilt trips about letting my clan run aground to get me to dust off the “trusty” DMR. Even then, if not for the Anniversary maps and playlists, I would not have come back.

The Anniversary stuff felt like a breath of fresh air. No bloom, which meant my shots hit where I thought (reasonably) they were hitting. I moved a little faster, which felt … right. And then the maps. They didn’t feel like the afterthought, campaign-borrowed clusterfucks that are the normal Reach maps. They had flow. They had firing lines. They made sense, especially if you’re not a close quarters combat kind of guy.

For a while there, we had plenty of guys showing up again, and we’d play some Anniversary BTB, which was kinda fun.

And then they killed that playlist and our options became a bit more limited. With four, we could still play Anniversary classic. With five, we had to go back into Team Objective, and anything past five, we were playing normal BTB. Sure, there were “TU” games, but most of those still had … issues.

Playing normal Reach feels like playing Halo underwater. You move too slow. Strafing is devalued. Your gun is inconsistent (and don’t give me any of that shit about pacing my shots better; my kpd is just fine, thank you very much). I would be doing the things Halo has taught me to do to be successful playing it, and they would not consistently work. We’re already on the Internet. Inconsistency is part of the deal. Don’t build more of it into your game on purpose.

It’s frustrating. But more than that, it’s unsatisfying. It’s gimmicky. It is not Halo. Not any kind I want to play, anyway.

I feel like Bungie let the interns make Reach because all the vets were already transitioned over to whatever space-faring adventure they’re working on now. I feel like they pulled a Prince, and threw a game together to complete their contract so they could get out from under the thumb of Microsoft. I feel … betrayed is too strong a term, but certainly “let down” isn’t.

I blame the quality of Reach for putting my clan on life support. I founded Profanity (with a bunch of other guys) on Oct. 26, 2004 on We officially moved to 2o2p in August of 2005. At the time we had 14 or so members. Over the next couple of years, it grew to about 80ish. That was in the halcyon days of 2o2p, when there were clan challenges every week, and tournaments every weekend. Hell, there were epic clan rivalries. It made the game more than a game to a lot of us, and no doubt forged many a friendship on 2o2p.

Reach pretty much shit on all that. Maybe it was Halo fatigue. Maybe after more than six years, we were all burned out and tired of the Spartans. But if the game had been better, we’d have weathered the storm more successfully. Frankly the numbers support my claims. Reach has not been as well played as its predecessors. Sure, there is more competition in the market, but by that rationale, if the game were better, it would’ve stayed at the top of the food chain.

Why this rant? Why now? Because Monday, Oct. 22, was the last time I’m ever going to play Reach. Enough is enough. I took Reach out of the tray, carried it to the garage, and smashed the hell out of it with my best hammer. Three shots. One to the chest, two to the head. Was the only way to be sure.

I did not smash it out of anger. Okay, maybe a little. But like Capt. Ramius said in The Hunt for Red October: “When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result his men were well motivated.”

I will never play that game again. I had that realization while playing it Monday. Each of the Halo games prior to Reach, I have gone back and played again. I remember them fondly. Halo 3 had some of the best competitive matches I ever played. Halo 2 had that beautiful BR, and, frankly, it built my clan and this site. What’d Reach do to be remembered fondly? Well, it finally acknowledged the entertaining fiction surrounding the Halo universe. Hello, Dr. Halsey. That's something, I guess.

Maybe I should’ve called this The Fail of Reach instead.

At the end of the day, I’m a Halo guy, and that means that all my gaming hopes pinned to one game: Halo 4.

It’s difficult not to be bitter, to not be jaded. But as I look at the dregs in the bottom of my coffee cup, I see portents of good omens. There are signs. There are people in charge saying the right things. We’ve seen the clips. The BR is back and it has no bloom. The DMR is there, too, and it has no effing bloom. And both guns are hitscan, which is awesome (for those fans of how the BR functioned in Halo 2, anyway). You appear to move faster by default, and still have sprint (which was the only armor ability I enjoyed in Reach). Now, can we strafe properly again? Yes?

We have some guys in the clan who’ve managed to play Halo 4 at various events, and they say it plays like Halo 2.5. Now, don’t freak out about that. It still has all the accumulated debris from Halo 3 and Reach, crap like armor abilities. But the basic mechanics … shooting and moving and jumping, those allegedly feel more like the spiritual successor to Halo 2, which is a good thing. It’s a better base to build the future on. Even Halo 3 had that hitch in the Chief’s step that made strafing feel not quite as precise as it did in the game before.

I still wish they’d incorporated button combos into the code as actual things. Actual CQC. Holy hell. Layers of things to get good at. Alas…

Then again, maybe I’m just happy that I don’t have to play Reach anymore. Less than two weeks and ticking …

Author’s Note: Although I’m a 2o2p site Admin, the views expressed in this rant are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of management (heh. “management”). They may, however, reflect those of my clan. Possibly. Please feel free to disagree with me in the comments below, or in an appropriately titled forum thread. Thanks for stopping by!

Lbsutke's picture

Definition of Portent(s) . I had to look it up.

th3midnighter's picture

H4 will be better...

w0rm's picture

Reach sucks.

The H4 DMR does have bloom, though it doesn't appear to be anything like Reach bloom.

moesley's picture

oh man d, i totally agree with you. i can't play reach. well, i CAN, but i don't ENJOY it.  i loved the first 4 games (halo 1,2,3,and odst).   in reach i feel like i'm playing underwater. my spartan moves like his feet are buried in concrete. and i loathe armor abilities more than almost anything - except fucking bloom.  and for those nites when i just wasn't feeling the br/dmr kill'em from long range vibe, my fallback role of hogdriver got completely ruined by making the warthog a huge useless marshmellow wheeled lump of shit.  i'm no mlg fanboy, but i certainly feel their pain when i say that halo reach, whoever it was designed for, sure as fuck WASN'T me.

Matt Likes Beer's picture

Nice article. Ive stuck with Reach the whole way through with little breaks here and there for some CoD or Borderlands or even some Batman, but always returned. That being said, im not gonna miss it one bit and doubt I'll go back to it once H4 is out. Im glad we are hearing good things about H4 from just about everyone who has had hands on time with the game. 

eksessiv's picture

Started playing it again to get back in a swing for H4.  The main thing that has stuck out ever since H3 arrived is that the game does not seem to support a team who gets map control.  The game gives the other team really random spawns that tend to help them out.  The best part of H2 was being the team that could set up on the map, or being the team set up on and learning how to fight out of it.  A lot of people did not care for that, but I'm speaking from a competitive point.  In sports 99% of the time the team who executes better usually wins.  I loved how strong the OS was in H2 because it really made it a huge priority to get it.....especially on Beaver Creek. 


H1 was a competitive game......H2 was also.  H3 forward was dumbed down to sell to the masses.  I hope H4 brings back the competitive side of the game.

Drost's picture

Holy crap. I think I just saw a ghost. Sup, man. 

eksessiv's picture

I wanted a participation ribbon so I commented :)

Doodi's picture


eksessiv's picture

Like the Forerunners in H4, I have been asleep!  :)

xero's picture

Holy crap! Long time no see! Drost well said.
FreeRadikal's picture

It's the worst Halo game I've played so far, but since I started with 3 that's not saying much. It had its place. I am ready to get back to the basics though.

Neks0ne's picture


Doodi's picture

Marine1Ten's picture

I am not a great multiplayer, but you just explained why I thought my reflexes were just too aged to get into Reach. Thanks for the post, enjoyed it. I tend to be a strategic team player but always get the run n gunners on my teams on LIVE. Hoping for more enjoyment outta H4. Now if the LE version just pans out.  :)


P.S.- remember to go vote Nov 6th....

LegendcalledJim's picture

I like Reach, but I won't miss it. When I bring Halo4 home Reach will say "who is that whore Jim" and I'll reply "It's Halo4 bitch now pack your shit and get out. Reach cries, So I say "but I asked you to change and you just made a half ass effort with reduced bloom and you still don't make a good sandwich so please PACK YOUR SHIT:)

ThyEnemy's picture

Only thing that scares me though...first voices that were heard regarding Halo Reach screamed it's H1 all over again and that we were all saved from H3 which at that point in time was looked upon as the plauge. As a fellow Halonian I so wish H4 is all that I hear it is and more. We'll soon find out. Fingers crossed.

agedsandshark's picture

my only point is that you move faster in Reach than in Halo3. 

wamam87's picture

cool blog.


i didn't start playing Halo until the end of H3. August or September of 2009. i don't have anything from before that to compare to. i did enjoy playing H3 more before Reach came out.


the only reason i like playing Reach better than H3 is that there are less conection issues with it. bad internet doesn't do much for a game like this. Reach was a much better experience in that aspect. i still think that H3 was a better game though.

Styles's picture


Blah, blah, blah...  The only reason I’m going into a detailed response for this is because someone thought this was a good enough write up to put as an article on the front page.


Yes, YOU use the DMR incorrectly and I will tell you to pace your shots.  It’s not random. Bloom is an example of gun recoil.  If I gave you a Phillips head screw driver and told you to take out a Phillips head screw and you went to the screw and tried to use the handle of the screw driver to get the screw out, it wouldn’t work very well either.  The very first video footage of the DMR being used before Reach even came out described the gun as being very rewarding to a patient shooter. Learn how to use the tool. 


As far as numbers go of people playing the game.  I give more credit to a wider verity of games to play now than when H2 or even H3  was in its heyday.  Xbox Live in it self has grown since then, back before there was a dashboard you could pull up without getting out of the game you were in. To what some might call the “Halo Purist” anything other than the ground breaking H1 isn’t good enough. The only reason H1 was so good was because it broke ground. No other multiplayer experience at that time allowed H1 to be what it was. So for a lack of competition in the gaming console world it was on top.  The reason I describe it like this is because a lot of old school guys complain about things being added to the game after H2. Think about it, H2 was H1 with better graphics and Xbox Live. People then complained that there were extra things in the game like Bubble Shields and Shield Regenerators / Degenerators. In the end the only way to make people like Drost happy is to keep releasing Halo 2 with better graphics. But that would be bad for business and sell like shit.


Yes I think there are crazy examples of “WTF just happened, I know that was a (insert abnormality)” in Reach.  I don’t think it’s the best multiplayer game ever. I do think it’s one of the better Halo’s in comparing it to H2, and H3 from a mechanics stand point.  I think the maps are weak because of the Bungie fall out and transition to 343.  What I don’t like of the mechanics I think from only seeing video of H4 that it has things I will like even better. Also, if you’re not very good at a game and get shit on cause you just hate it and can’t figure out how to use the wrench…. well then of course you’re going to find yourself in the garage with a hammer.

Doodi's picture

Neks0ne's picture

I know...We got it, Drost is butt hurt. I didnt think anyone noticed....Dont get me wrong, Its not like anyone is going to miss Reach, especially with all the bitching people will do about Halo 4. I mean, dayum. A front page article, a very well written front page article, I might add. My guess is you will be just as "good" at Halo 4 as you remember being at Halo 2 or 3....or whatever game you thought it was. :) The LAN is going to be tight, y0!

Styles's picture

I know Drost has got to be butt hurt.. Prolly took that favorite hammer of his... turned on the sound track to "The Crying Game" went in the shower with his beloved Halo and started pounding.

Autarch's picture

Dear Styles,


Generally speaking, when I fired guns in real life and they recoiled, the next shot if fired before I had time to get it back to a controlled, accurate aim, would be above the previous one.


In Reach, when I fire too quickly, the shot can go below where I just fired as often as it can miss to the side or above.


I would expect that if recoil were the reason for bloom, it would be CONSISTENT and PREDICTABLE.  If i'm shooting with an assault rifle, and the shots start hitting above the first one out of the gun, I would not expect them to just flip flop and start going below that point.


It'd be like trying to use a Phillips head screwdriver on a Phillips head screw, but for some reason half the time the screw comes out of the wood, and the other half it goes back in, despite turning the screwdriver in the same direction.  That's Reach Bloom.


Also, I was unaware Halo 2 had bubble shields, though I didn't play it all that much.  I thought that was introduced with Halo 3, which isn't what you were just talking about when you brought it up.


There are more games out for Xbox 360 at the time of Halo 4's release than there were at Halo: Reach's release in total.  Does this mean Halo 4 will do worse than Halo: Reach in terms of numbers of people playing the game?  Or does it mean that Styles is spouting a bunch of random shit?


To summarize, bloom is random - not predictable in where shots land successively, it is not recoil, your advice on pacing is pretty much terrible due to faster firing coming out on top too often despite random bloom. and the article was a good read worthy of the front page.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I'll fuck you with a rake.


Neks0ne's picture

Dear Autarch,

Ill save the normal word play - its early.

Are there people out there that can consistently kill with the DMR? If you answered ":YES!", you're right!!!

Well thats just bedlam! - Crazy to think that the most random acts of luck, would exist in the same paramaters day in, day out and coincidentally seem to happen to the same people, with the same "tool" again, and again and again and again. Madness, I know....

Here, I will try to console.

Its a video game - dont talk or think about it like “when I fire a gun", it doesn’t blah blah. Does your jet pack also over heat and send you crashing to earth? Dees your energy sword allow you to cut apples, but not lunge? Its an online game. Ish happens.

Styles' point was more along the lines of....pace your shots. "Not good enough" everyone being the nice guy, he tries to create context of the weapon. Recoil....Not good enough? Well here, I'll give you a reason, and you can come at me about it.

Recoil, Bloom, Fairy Dust, Holy Crow, whatever it is.....hate it, love it -  If you can recreate it, and produce, and reproduce the same results. Its just the way it is. So if you can't use it....blame it on lag, schooling or whatever.

So Fellah, don’t take his advice....Or take the oppositte of it, spam the trigger. Wait, what?  Its still not working for you....? Maybe its something else? Whats the common denominator?



Spoiler Alert: Its you.

DEEP_NNN's picture

These a very important points and very good advice to the majority of FPS gamers.

The best shootists always come out on top. So why are they not happy? The issues lay in something else and I've tried to give my description of it here and there.

When the Over 40 moved to REACH, it wasn't too long before I started hearing negative comments about AA use. We weren't actually using any AA except for Sprint but just for the heck of it I turned some on and varied the weapons a bit. Guess what? The same people kept winning. To avoid problems with perception, I just kept it to Sprint and a more limited weapon set. The only thing that ever made a big difference in the kill counts was the map and map size. Even with that, the best still won but the middle of the pack moved around a fair bit.

Die-hard competitive players are a tough nut to crack. They seem to need to know where every influence that defeated them came from. They need to have confidence the winner wasn't just, lucky. That way of thinking and game setup doesn't mesh well with MM and a wide variety of influences.

The wider gaming community want much more out of a game than what very competitive players want.

Believe it or not, there are die-hard competitive type players who love default REACH and adamantly speak out about how it is perfectly fine. They're not easy to find though.


Styles's picture


Really, Autarch?....

I mean I’ve been propositioned before but you don’t need to share the poem with us that got you conceived. Are you even old enough to be on this site?


My silence doesn’t mean I agree with your statement…..its just that the level of your ignorance has rendered me speechless.

eksessiv's picture

Honestly.......bloom or no bloom.....The BR from H2 was not that great either technically speaking.  Before anyone gets in an uproar hear me out.  It has been documented that you could get head shots  without even aiming at the head because the hit boxes were huge.  So it allowed for people really to have a bad BR because aiming was not exactly a high priority.

I am pretty sure just about most people on this site could throw a basketball from halfcourt and hit the backboard.  Pretty easy.  If I ask the majority to actually make the shot though then that's a different scenario.  As Halo has evolved from H2, accuracy has become more of an issue.  It's old reading about lag and whatnot because to this day people I gamed with online basically played the same even on a LAN.  Yes, lag will happen causing you to lose kills here and there, but not enough to support the theory every game.  

Even in H2 you had to pace your battle rifle.  You could not just press the fire button as fast as you wanted.  The REAL truth is once you learn to pace your shots then you do not pay attention to the bloom.......why would you?  It's like dribbling a basketball.... players who know how to dribble can do it without watching the ball.  Everyone gets lucky in some games..... but the majority of the time better players always win out in Halo simply because they play smarter.  There is a way to play passively smart, and there is another way to play aggressively smart.

I love being able to pop a head shot from across the map with the DMR.  You could not do that with the BR.  If someone was running from you the only option was to hope you could unload on their body enough times to drop them.  I remember plenty of times in H2 being pinned down by a sniper because the BR would not shoot far enough accurately to make them move.  That is not the case with the DMR.  

Everyone is entitled to their opinions though.  If you go into a game thinking one thing....then your chances are pretty good that will happen.  In H2 you could do some quick damage with the SMGs if you pulsed them instead of holding the triggers in.  It's still the same even in Reach.  Basketballs are different gyms always vary in quality, but I just play the game.  Wish I could kill some of you fools at the LAN... you guys have fun.

Neks0ne's picture

There is so much right with Style's post - that should be the article. The LAN will still be fun even if peeps dont like h4, right. I want my 100 bucks worth. :)

DEEP_NNN's picture

I think it's been a real bum ride for your crowd. I'm not going to say you guys were doing it wrong or that what you want for yourselves is bad. Halo grew beyond what you like, simple as that.

REACH seemed to be a very good game for people like me. We've played it a lot and had nearly as much fun as with Halo 3. Then the anti-bloomers caught the ear of 343i and the TU happened. What a buggy, messy and confused implementation. That plus the additional Anniversary playlist splits really doing a number on skill matching in MM made prospects for me going into it unlikely.

Let's not forget the potential effects on the greater community when game film rendering was axed. No more fun videos to show your mates after a night's jaunt in customs.

Even with how much I enjoyed playing REACH, I too feel like yanking out the disk and smashing it. Not because of the flaws I found with the game but because it attracted too much divisive attention. That really spoiled it for me.

The really hard core competitive players are still going to have a difficult time with Halo 4. The sandbox is littered with stuff for people like me. I am very much afraid highly competitive players who will never be pros will start yapping about this AA or that Armour mod and how one casual in a thousand accidentally and randomly killed them. I hope 343i sticks with their vision of the game and don't try a REACH TU again.

I notice though, your comments were about multiplayer. That's still a small part of the selling point of Halo games. Campaign is getting a huge boost in Halo 4 and piggybacked onto that are the Spartan Ops episodic storylines. This too is huge for people like me. More quality campaign and episodic campaign. 343i knows who buys Halo and why. They'll try to accommodate as many communities as they can but competitive multiplayer is just one of them.

There is tons of  video proof that spamming the DMR in Reach is the better alternative to a perfectly timed DMR. That is an awesome game mechanic (no not really), but it's ok because it simulates "gun recoil" in a game with futuristic genetically engineered super soldiers to keep things more "realistic" for us. Yes, and then there is this thing called latency to pile more garbage onto the clusterfuck of randomness caused by the implementation of the bloom mechanic. Then again, I guess I am just using it incorrectly, and I suck at using wrenches. That said,  I sure won't miss this game.

Also FYC, Styles.



Styles's picture


Anyway, I didn’t say anything about the game trying to have any kind of realism. All the guns have recoil in that game…. So what’s your point Trev?

The point is, recoil or any other obscure reasoning for its existence doesn't validate it. It was poorly implemented and did nothing to improve gameplay. It was good in theory, but in reality ended up being a failure. It's not a matter of using the tool incorrectly, when the tool itself was the problem.

Lbsutke's picture

Doodi's picture

I sure hope so.  Over all it's good for the Halo community here.

Styles's picture

For sure. Arrrrrr RAGE FACE!!!

I know there is a whole band wagon of people that HATE Reach. Maybe Drost can be their pilot and drive the wagon off a cliff.  

Im stoked for H4 anyway and can't wait to LAN with you guys. 

Lbsutke's picture

Just curious, do you think the disappointment with Reach is only had by a very small number of Halo players?

Doodi's picture

It's not really like its a bandwagon.  It's far more than that actually.  Even within the gaming pro circuit people moved away from Halo.  I'm not saying it's because of any one thing written here, but watching something erode in front of you and then being told you're crazy for thinking it is ludicrous.  Rose colored glasses I guess.  

I didn't quit playing Halo because of COD.  I didn't quit playing Halo because of WoW.  I quit playing Halo because Halo wasn't fun to play anymore.  That should be the reason people play games in the first place.  It's not like the article is making up stories about how Halo Reach was received or anything. It changed things that a lot of people didn't like.  It alienated a large section of both casual and competitive players, and it lost a lot of draw that made it popular with MLG. Maybe Halo 4 will be different, but pretending Halo Reach was an over all success when compared with 1-3 just sounds like someone who isn't playing with a full deck.

At the end of the day, it's an aging franchise and so every move they make is going to be put under a microscope.  There's nothing wrong with that, and in fact it should be how all games are judged.  If you continue to circle jerk to the same Genre, with the same series, from the same company then gaming never evolves.  Frankly I don't want to game in a world of Halo 6's and COD 8s.  I'd much rather find myself playing a new IP.  However since that world doesn't seem to be a reality, I'd at least like my Halo to be something I enjoy and if I don't, then I'm not forced to play it either.  There's always mindcraft I guess.  

Styles's picture


Hold up, I never said anyone was crazy for thinking Reach was bad or anything like that. I never called anyone names or said they were crazy for anything.

I do not care if you hate, like or are indifferent about Halo.  I enjoy that we are passionate about a hobby that we all share. To suggest that “someone isn’t playing with a full deck” is on the edge of your Don’t Be a Dick campaign. Especially from you Joel.  My reply to Drost’s blog/write up/rant was from a technical perspective. Once again, I don’t care that he doesn’t like it as I‘ve had to hear from him quite a few times in game.

It is funny........ the number of comments to this as its not even an “article” giving us content and its on the front page of the site.. ROFL

Tea-bags for all!

Doodi's picture

I think you're taking my comment too personally here Brian and while it's true that no one should be a dick to someone else on the site for no reason, I've always figured you of all people can handle a bit of ribbing; especially since we're on a first name basis.  

And yes I undertand what you were saying in your first comment and how it was from a technical standpoint, but that wasnt even the comment I was replying too. The discussion at hand was focused on this supposed "bandwagon" everyone is on and my comment was a direct response to that.  

As for whether or not this is an "article" or not, editorials have been just as much a part of 2o2p as any other piece of news or content on the homepage.  It's not like the article is labeled as news.  It's clearly set as editorial and as such is an opinion piece.  It also isn't the first, nor will it be the last.

In any case, editorials are meant to spark debate by nature.  I'd hope not everyone in the world would agree with everything posted on 2o2p cause then we'd have nothing to talk about.

Styles's picture

Yes you're right, I love the joking and smack talk. This is true and shall keep us going till the shine wears off H4. 

Drost's picture

I don't think it was from a technical perspective so much as it was a personal attack of some sort, but whatever. I get that we disagree about bloom, which is fine. Last I checked, we're allowed to disagree with others' opinions. I'd hope that we could debate some more over a pint at the lan, but that's up to you. Also, Neks, not sure I ever claimed to be any good here or anywhere else. As for the article, it did exactly what it was intended to do, which was get people talking. Call it a publicity stunt, and thanks for participating.

XF1R3X's picture

I can second the fact Drost has never claimed to be good.  If he had,  I would have been the first to let him know otherwise <3  AHAHAHAHAHA

Styles's picture


Not personal at all, Overchoad. Yes we will debate over many pints on your tab! All night.

Yes this has brought some attention in on the site and started some talks. It’s needed.

Drost's picture

Yeah, it kind of is, isn't?

If we're drinking on my tab, we're not going to be drinking very long. I work for the state. I will, however, share a Yuengling if Dixon actually comes through.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Bette Midler marathon to get back to. Beaches, bitches!

Neks0ne's picture

I need to edit that - something more along the lines of - Had fun with....or something. It is crazy though....all these comments - your petri dish of 2o2p/halo has spawned some zingers!

Lbsutke's picture

eksessiv's picture

Just curious, but what do you mean when you say it was not fun?  Everything after H1 and H2 obviously has more options, more game types, and just wondering what changed for you?  The only thing I miss are having a lot of symmetrical maps.  Lockout was the best engineered asymetrical map to this day in my opinion because even if you did not get the BR tower you could have a shoot out from the rest of the map.  Most asymetrical maps now though seem more lopsided to where you just get ran over.  So my question is not with the intent to flame, but only curiousity.

xero's picture

FreynApThyr's picture

You said "in the name of Thor," alluded to a "favorite hammer," and quoted someone misappropriating history in an awful fucking movie.


Why would I listen to your opinion?

Neks0ne's picture

So yeah - in any event....look at the comments, 36 or so. I think the last 10 articles combined had maybe 10. Halo brings em out.

Lala Calamari's picture

Just play a real game, play CoD!



jonny12gauge's picture

At least people die when they get shot in the face as if they would in RL in COD.  Well, if you have host that is...............

eksessiv's picture

lol..... I was waiting for someone to make a comment about host.  That was the only thing missing from the comments. :)

Shadow's picture

I bought Reach at midnight in 2010.  Played the campaign through to completion co-op by 7AM.  After that, it went downhill......

Maybe it was the appearance of so many games I wanted to play, or many of the reasons you listed - but I really felt like Bungie let all of us down with the maps and AA.  I played maybe 600 games too, and then I was done.  I haven't played Reach other than the Anniversary maps in close to 2 years.

If it weren't for outstanding achievements, which I'll go for soon, I would also get rid of it. Not a fan.


Long live Halo 4!

LegendcalledJim's picture

Its funny how most articles get just a few comments, but the one has 40 plus comments. Halo love runs deep here.

DEEP_NNN's picture

True. I just hope the old days of Halo 2 verbal wars don't find their way back into the Halo forum. I don't think I could handle that.

Neks0ne's picture

Omg omg...I totally just said that, like 8 comments ago. :)

Ben Franklin once said, something about the squeakiest wheel, and something about it drawing the most....w/e.


LegendcalledJim's picture

Sorry missed it.

Doodi's picture

I'd hope this would happen honestly.  It would scare me more if a site that was built on Halo didn't respond to content about Halo.  I think that would prob mean it was time to close up shop.

Drost's picture

I was thinking about doing another one pre-bitching about shit in H4 that I have no idea about. You guys want to pick something? Second tier specializations fucking up the competitive balance? Arbitrary distance limiter on the BR?

Also, someone said something about bloom on the h4 dmr ... how can they have bloom when you can only fire that gun at a pre-set cadence? What would be the point of that?

In full disclosure, I hate the Reach mp maps way more than I hate bloom. Fucking countdown can suck my balls.

FreynApThyr's picture

I love this idea. 


Maybe you could combine it with a headphone review and an edgy op-ed piece lambasting "timmy."

BCKinetic's picture

If I can get another set of free headphones - you're on!

HAWKLANDER's picture

Like you, played Reach but in a short time got bored with it. The game just didn't have, I don't know, the right feel to it compaired with past HALO games, (never liked the DMR), I hope H4 will bring back that game fun that was lacking in Reach, If not, back to COD ( Black Ops 2.) Guess I'll find out midnight Nov 6th. At least I Know Master Chief is back!!

Capcom Warrior's picture

Good read man. I agree completely with everything you said. I've been a die hard fan of Halo multiplayer since day one of Halo 2. After Reach launched I was convinced that it was the best Halo game ever made. So many amazing features, good story, Firefight matchmaking, forge, you name it. Then I started really sinking my teeth into multiplayer and I just started to hate the bloom on the DMR and the maps. Seven months after Reach launched I quit. Threw in the towel and just focused on fighting games. Now with the release of Halo 4 so close I thought I'd get back into Halo to shake some of this rust off. I took over a year and a half off. The longest break I've had playing Halo. The last few weeks though I've realized that no matter how bad we think Reach is compared to the rest of the Halo games, it's still ten times better than anything else out there. Well to me it is. The title update really helped make bloom more barable. I find myself really enjoying this game. I think I might chaulk it up to just being burnt out and the bloom was the final straw to make me quit originally. With the break that I took I feel invigorated to play Halo again and Reach is satisfying me right now. I want to win games now. I care if I lose. I feel like having that determination to win is important to enjoying Halo competetivley. Reach was definatley my least favorite multiplayer Halo but I don't think i deserves to be smashed. lol.

SubT's picture

I agree with everything said in this thread. BLOPS 2 is gonna be tight!

Drost's picture

So's your face.

Doodi's picture


xero's picture

Bwaahaha! SubT you A-hole! Luv you man :)
DSmooth's picture

Great read, Drost... See you next week, homie...


SubT's picture

"Uha uha, I'm D smooth and I can't wait to get pwned like a little noob at the upcoming LAN party!"- Websters Dork to English translation for above post.

Drost's picture

He never actually plays games with us at the LAN. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what he does at the lan.

DSmooth's picture

I believe I kick ass and take names...

Drost's picture

ah, there it is. that pesky "believe" word. clearly delusional.

BCKinetic's picture

Phish on RockBand, that's what he does.

Doodi's picture

Shut up hippie

SubT's picture

I dont play games at the LAN because I prefer really laggy Xbox Live matches to showcase my skills and make it more of a challenge. With no lag you'll all be totally destroyed and leave the LAN early, and I want my bro's LAN to be a success so I abstain. Also, I spend my time trying to rig the raffle; with the remainder of my time spent at the Magic the Gathering table heckling and making fun of them.

SoupNazzi's picture

If bloom had been part of the game from the beginning, then I wouldn't complain...  much.

But they introduced it in the 5th version of the game...  And like Drost said, they dumbed it down.  They didn't make the game better, they made it worse.

If Reach could have been everything that H2 and H3 were, I probably would still be playing it today.  Instead, I quit and never looked back.

I look forward to H4.

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