Microsoft Xbox E3 Press Briefing 2017

So while none of the 2old2play staff managed to make it down to LA this year (we are all totally bummed by that), I decided I woud try to live blog this years briefing from my leather recliner....

Let's see what MS has in store for us this year besides everything SCORPIO!

If we coulds make gif's as wallpaper this Scorpio intro would be IT! Looks like my Day One edition had a baby with an S! 

So shhh...It's Phil Spencer welcoming us....I want Phil's T-shirt...not the one he is wearing that would be creepy.

Scorpio is now known as Xbox One X! November 7th drop date worldwide!! Woot! I am putting my pre-order in now!

Kareen Choudry is throwing the most powerful console on the planet gauntlet down! He just hit all the failings of the PS pro! MS is going all out this year. Xbox One X is full backward compatible. Faster load times, improved 1080p output

The Scorpio engine on the Xbox one X is cooled  by a liquid cooling vacuum chamber! WTF?!?! All of this fits into the smallest Xbox platform ever!

If this trailer is indicative of...wait it's F1..of shit its Forza...Holy shit does this ever look good! Played to my new fave girl K-Flay FORZA 7!!

Dan Greenewalt is on stage to debut a flagship Supercar.....Its going to be a Porsche...2018 911 GT2 RS...OMFG!!!!

Way to bring the ladies in MS! My god Forza 7 looks amazing on my 1080p and I can't imagine it running at 4k and at 60fps!
Ships October 3rd, 2017!

​Back to Phil...talking about games, games games...42 games with 22 of those as console exclusive!

​oooh whats this? It looks awesome and being "in-engine" is pretty sweet.Wow! Its about time someone took their crossbow bolts back! Metro Exodus looks pretty sweet! 

​Oh Shit! Assassins Creed in Eqypt!?! Assasin's Creed Oigins! Lets see what Ubisoft has to say.
AC Origins sounds like it tells the story of how the brotherhood of assassin's came to be.Having the eagle or falcon to be a map/guide is like Drone mode in FH3. I love it! I just hope the rest of the game is good. I have lost my AC flavour lately but Origins may bring me back.

​PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is up next.3 million PC players to date and Xbox exclusve later this year with planned Xbox One X updates for 4k.

Deep Rock Galactic is an Exclusive Xbox One X launch title.

Here is another exclusive that reminds me a lot of Left for Dead. Nope..State of Decay. Looks decent but i think I am over depressing Zombie action games. 

Another exclusive...A battle royal/deathmatch called The Darwin project..

​Looks like Minecraft is up next but the end says Unifying Minecraft...what is that going to mean? Wow! Xbox will allow users to play against and with mobile, consoles and PC players. Fall brings a 4k update...why its an 8bit world?  I guess I will wait to see it myself.

Dragonball Fighter Z looks insane. Dropping 2018. There is way too many super moves in that trailer for this old man to have a hope.

Another exclusive is up. Looks very JRPG-ish. Actually its an MMORPG called Black Desert.

​Another couple of exclusives...this is getting crazy with all the exclusives. I mean good on MS but think of us are we going to deal with all of this?!?! More indie titles but they definately have promise. I mean who wouldn't intrigued by a lucasarts style adventure game set in a blad runner-esque world? Or how about an adventure game that lets you play guitar while you ride giant stone statues?

​Sea of Theives is up. One would need actual friends to lay this game would they not? Wow they can hold their breath for a long time! This game looks super fun when played with friends of family. I might need a couple more xbox's for the kids! I don't. Ugh...I least favorite game mechanic. The dude blew himself acrtoss the sea onto the other boat. Obviously, Sea of Theives is historically accurate!

​Ok I am officially tired of writing exclusive but here is another one. Super Lucky's Tale is an action platformer that reminds me a lot of Skylanders but hopefully without all those damn toys!

​Could this be...yes it is! CUPHEAD! SEPTEMBER 29th!!! Finally!

​I have to now play Crackdown 3 just because Terry Crews is in it!  Finally after being annouced when the Xbox One was Crackdown 3 is coming this fall.

​Too many games so now we have a game montage for a crap ton of ID@Xbox games.

​Another Xbox One X launch title, Ashen is a super stylized adventure game.

​Square Enix is up....ughhh cigarettes...Life is Strange: Before the storm. Is this a prequel or sequel?

Shadow of War is up...what would Gandalf say about this Bright Lord stuff? Working with the orcs? Blasphemy! Makes for a good story/game though I have to admit.

​Another exclusive and world premire...its a guy playing a piano. A very melancholy tune by the way. Well that was one ugly frog type creature. Yuck..spidery me the willies. Ok now there us a little glowing winged faity and an owl....OH its Ori and the will ofd the wisps! The first title was such a beautiful game in and out.

Back to Phil...Xbox back compat just got more BACK-er!!! Holy shit! going all the way back to the OG Xbox!! Crimson skies willbe one of the first titles. The OG Back compat will launch later this year!

​GoW4, FH3, KI2, Halo Wars 2 and Minecraft get free 4K updates later this year for Xbox One X!

​Xbox One X will $499 USD! That is about $200 less than what I expected! One last game to show before the briefing closes. Its from EA.

​The tallest developer in the world is on the stage talking about a new BioWare game.This is their concept game known prior as Dylan. It is now called Anthem! Oh dear lord this looks wild! The animation issues of ME:Andromeda seem to be behind them. I can't tell is the "players" are talking to each other or if the dialogue is part of the in game dialog...oh nope..."players". In game would not suggest someone can use the "XP"

​Wow! Anthem looks like it couls be an amazing action MMO type game.

Well that's it folks! 42 games! 22 of which are console exclusives! I am going to watch some Sea of Theives co-stream now! Then I'll be back on Tuesday with some more E3 news for you!


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