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Thick & Thin Episode 42: The Direction of the Halo Series

Mon, 01/07/2013 - 13:12 — Doodi
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On this weeks episode of TnT we take a look at the Halo series and some of the community backlash aimed at 343.  With such acclaim coming from the release of Halo 4, many have turned on the new developer with issues of match making, competitive MLG gamers, and casuals alike.  What do you guys think?

AcidSnow's picture

Good to see Mike Coppola jump into the episode with a more energetic/aggressive manner!  This episode beats the shit out of any previous one, and I like seeing all you guys get elbows deep into a topic that you want to rip appart & shit on.  Funny show, entertaining show, best show you guys have had IMO.  I don't want to encourage drinking, but I'm looking forward to seeing more Coppola as seen in this episode!  ...Oh, and fuck Twitch TV.

Lbsutke's picture

mental note..must drink before each show to get more viewers! 8

Doodi's picture

Don't drink and vidcast.  

DEEP_NNN's picture

Wish I could have been on chat but ... Halo. :)

eksessiv's picture

Enjoyed the show.... except for it being cut off on youtube around 37 minutes!!  :)

Doodi I like the points you have about the loss of technical skills in H4 like flag tossing.  Anyone could throw a flag yes, but there was an art to it all.  I cannot tell you how many times on Midship I would throw a flag out of the base into the bottom middle with the only intent being to distract the enemy if they had the momentum.  So you throw the flag out and they have to come find you to get you out of their base.  Now you can because you automatically pick it up and they place a nice big symbol over your head without you being able to drop it.  A big part of flag was being able to get out of a base without the other team possibly knowing which way you went.  Now you do not even have to use problem solving techniques to figure it out.  It's now a Halo for the thinking impaired. 

Oddball is the same too.  You can't just drop the ball.  It is launched out of your hand as if it was shot out of a cannon.  You can actually get a medal for throwing the ball really far.  What the heck is that about?  The best part is when you get the ball carrier one shot and he throws the ball at you.  Oh now you automatically pick up the ball and he can end up killing you instead.  I mean who at 343 thought these ideas were good?

KOTH now tells you where the next hill will be.  Once again making it so that people do not have to think or learn the game. 

You have to have a tatical upgrade just to pick up an enemies ammo or grenades.  Makes no sense.

I think it is obvious at this point that Halo is made for the masses even though the competitive community made it big.  Best example of why you do not mess with stuff that is not broken.

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