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Thick & Thin Episode 39: Chicago LAN recap party!

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 02:51 — Doodi
See video

The week after the LAN and so much to tell.  We raised money, we had fun, and we all got together for a great time in Chicago.  Check out this vidcast for an inside look at the Chicago LAN 2012!

T3muJin's picture

glad you finally found a hotel that won't shit on you.  sounds like it was a lot of damn fun and thanks again to Josh for making it happen.  too bad doodi spoke the 4 letters that shall not be spoken about your "new" launch xbox360.

LaudTrevlin's picture

So, FTW?!?!  I buy a round of Irish Car Bombs and I get memorialized for being the shit player on my team...

i missed LAN and 2o2p!

FreynApThyr's picture

There was a few of us OG guys there who spent about ten minutes just watching doodi play Halo.  It was good to see the Captain shitting on kids again.

Nice work on the tourney, mid and hit.  Great job on the LAN doodi.

Suck it to all the people that should have been there and were not.

Rau's picture

I told them that there would be this bald headed guy acting weird that had a brick of weed.  Oops!101

PoltegIce's picture

Glad to hear it was a success! 

dudes - i'm so stoked the LAN was a success! i'm still extrememly bummed that i couldn't make it. it was the day before i was supposed to fly out and work decided they would rather me go somewhere else. what a bunch of bastards! 

doodi - way to go with the pulling this thing off, Brother. i think all of 2o2p owes you big time! 

i look forward to seeing all of you online (mostly playing Halo4, of course). 

rock on.

- josh

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