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Thick and Thin Ep44: Why So Serious?

Sun, 01/27/2013 - 19:02 — Doodi
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This week we tackle the topic of nerd rage. Why is it that hard core gamers tend to explode online because of their favorite game? What makes you guys rage when playing video games? Is this health? Discuss!

As always you can catch that show and others on our Twitch TV channel while they remain available.  Don't forget to subscribe to Twitch TV and our Youtube channel.  

We're always looking for guests for the show so if you have something interesting to say, have an idea for a topic, or just want to be e-famous, drop us a line on twitter @doodirock or send us a PM on the site.  

SarcasmoJones's picture

Best episode ever! I actually participated in that Halo 4 thread that you guys were discussing, in a non-commital kind of way, and ended up unsubscribing to the link due the deluge of content and opinions being constantly added. I still go back and check it out, sans comment, just to get a charge out of guys arguing over a game that I have no emotional stake in. Checking out Hitman play on TwitchTV is literally the closest I have come to playing multiplayer in Halo 4. Here's the thing about shooters, and Halo 4 especially: nobody wants to review the fucking thing because of the emotional investment of the folks that play and the widely varied opinions regarding why the game is so great/shitty. No matter what you write it's gonna be wrong...just like the forum.

 That being said, the rage that Forza guys had about the game actually occurred before we joined 2Old2Play/2Old4Forza. Timmy smashing through cars on track like he's Mr Plow, driving backwards on a track to fuck over the other drivers, little bitches running the same leaderboard cars every fucking race, and the lop-sided lobbies where really great guys were playing with really shitty guys. Nothing stings worse, as a racer, than being so helplessly smoked by other drivers that you can't even finish the race before the end timer runs out. On the flip side, there is no feeling of accomplishment in destroying someone who is not able to keep up with the pack. Within the protective umbrella of clan membership, we can adjust lobbies to keep things tighter  like reducing  horsepower and traction for faster racers, racing with less competitive cars, etc.

 The Wall Street Journal interview would be an absolute boon for 2Old2Play, and I certainly hope that Doodi lands the interview and represents us as non-raging gamers. It would likely be the only copy of that particular publication that I would willingly read...or have read to me.

AcidSnow's picture

I used to rage pretty good back when I was playing Halo: CE in college when I lived in a massive dorm - everyone hooked into the LAN - and I've realized over the years that it's only Halo that ever really made me nerdrage...  I did it in Halo 2, Halo 3, and by the end of Halo 3 I pretty much drifted away from the MP scene of Halo; moving in favor of the "quick to kill, quick to die" combat found in CoD.

CoD gives me instant gratification when I get a kill, and almost zero rage when I die; whereas with Halo, everyone has [what feels like] three times the amount of life, so battles go on for a couple of seconds, and it's during those seconds that your brain gets "focused & engaged" in that particular firefight; and by the end of the battle you've either won or lost, and you have that 'waiting to respawn' timer in your face that forces you to sit there in your own mind and think about how you just failed that firefight -- multiply that by 10x per game and Halo quickly builds it's own emotional region deep in your brain, dedicating thousands of neurons to the feeling that arise when winning/losing at Halo.

Whereas in CoD you typically die in less than 2 seconds, but you also instantly respawn!  ...So your mind is quickly refreshed and on the hunt for the next kill; so there's no time for the dissapointment of your death to set in, & no time to rage, no time for anything other than skipping the kill-cam and getting to the next engagement.

Rage for me is pretty rare, and is only a problem when I drink & game (or play DotA 2) at the same time.  I also tend to rage a bit more when I've got a mic & talking with friends, because it's a way to release my disappointment, and maybe get some reassurance in return...  But that's more a psychology topic.

Overall, I'd say raging is good for the mind, but only if it is vocally expressed and not directed at any other individual.  I found it intriguing when Mike Coppola shared his story about how he broke a squishy "stress toy" during a nerdrage moment; that's a great way to release ones' own physical range (as opposed to throwing a controller).  ...I had a dorm-mate back in college (during the Halo: CE LANs) who always seemed to get pissed at any & every game, and he used his soda cans as a stress reliever (lucky for him that he drank 5 a day, because otherwise his Xbox & TV would've been long gone).

In closing, our Quote of the Show comes to us from Mike: "...Screw you all, you aderal twisted little monster drinking fucks."  I enjoyed that one!

Lbsutke's picture

Thanks for watching! Yeah it is crazy regarding the emotions involved with games. Acid I agree with your Halo brings rage where cod is kind of meh. You hit it on the head about the quick death/quick kill scenerio. For me I am "working" to get that kill in Halo, counting my shots, looking for the shield pop then going for the head shot. I have fun in COD, but am no where near invested in it. Don't get me wrong, I still have rage moments in COD, but nothing near as much as I do in Halo.


And the sick thing is...No matter how much I complain, I KEEP GOING BACK...

The WSJ guy has also contacted me as part of the interview, but we are playing phone tag right now. Hopefully I can put in my 2 cents and not screw it up.


Marine1Ten's picture

Nerd Rage MO:

Over immersion into artificial reality

Judgmental attitudes

Unrealistic expectations


Male dominance behavior


P.S.- this list is not all inclusive   YMMV


good show guys and Doodi knows I do not say that very often    :)


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