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Thick and Thin Ep2: We'll do it LIVE!

Wed, 02/22/2012 - 16:38 — Doodi

This week the dynamic duo discuss 2old2plays new content team, Live steaming, the Chicago Lan, V3 and a new web site launching for 2old2play members! Learn how you can be an even bigger part of 2old2play!

Snuphy's picture


The live stream was pretty cool (in a creepy stalker sorta way).  I just couldn’t figure out how to jump into the chat and make it look like I was still working.


Edit:  I was a bit surprised LB was wearing pants . . . . . .

Doodi's picture

blah blah i agree testing!

buckeye75's picture

You mean disapointed, don't you Snuphy?

Snuphy's picture


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