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Still Got Game Ep. 33: Coast to Coast

Wed, 05/07/2014 - 08:46 — DSmooth

Still Got Game, Episode 33, 2old2play's official pod/vidcast, has been posted and is ready for your viewing or listening pleasure. Read on for more information.

DSmooth finally has his Rocket Bro back. After a multi-week hiatus for Doodirock's move to the West Coast, they boys were back in force this week. The duo talk gaming news and the new releases, cover a bunch of viewer feedback, and talk a bit about what may be the worst moving company ever. They'll have you LMFAOing! You can always call the boys at (773) 527-2961 and weigh in yourself, or tune in live Monday nights at 9:00 EDT at ...

Don't forget to play along while you listen. Here's a link to The Official Still Got Game Drinking Game.

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(773) 527-2961



CiaranORian's picture

Sorry to hear about your travel troubles Doodi. As someone who has moved relocated across continents I can empathise :(

AcidSnow's picture

Yeah, seriously - that super sucks.  People can be dicks, but it seems like you're handling it pretty well.  ...When I moved from FL -> TX 7 months ago, I had EVERYTHING I owned in my car and nothing was stolen :P  But, things are just stuff, and stuff can be replaced.  Shoot me your PayPal acct if you need some cash to get some new gear to keep the podcast going.

Doodi's picture

Wow, thats so much for the support Acid.  I've got the insurance on the case, and I'd never ask for cash from the people that make the show worth doing.  I will however say that it warms my heart to know people out there care enough to lend a hand.  So far the cars window has been replaced and now I'm just hoping they will do the right thing and pay out on the items that were removed.  I was 100% covered so Im hoping this wont be a problem.  More then likely it will just be a long road.  Thanks again!

CiaranORian's picture

I'll help out by continuing to listen to the podcast!  Glad to hear your insurance covers it though.

Shadow's picture

Doodi, that's awful.  Let me know if there's any way I can help.  Not only does Chicago lose you but you get jacked?  Bad times.

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