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Still Got Game Ep. 289: One Billion Dollars... Again

Wed, 08/27/2014 - 07:30 — DSmooth

Still Got Game, Episode 289, 2old2play's official pod/vidcast, has been posted and is ready for your viewing or listening pleasure. Read on for more information.

After taking an unexpected week off, DSmooth and Doodirock are back, and they bring the heat. In addition to covering the hot gaming news stories of the week, including the billion dollar Twitch acquisition, the duo also cover two weeks of new releases and tons of listener feedback. Great episode guys! You can always call the boys at (773) 527-2961 and weigh in yourself, or tune in live Monday nights at 10:00 EDT at ...

Don't forget to play along while you listen. Here's a link to The Official Still Got Game Drinking Game.

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(773) 527-2961



Shadow's picture

The USB Media Player app won't play MKV yet - this is coming in a later update.  Also, Play To is fine for Windows PCs, but doesn't work for Mac - so Mac users still can't use DLNA even pushing to the console.

DedJeloC's picture

Just watched the show.  Nice job.  I went to I tunes to rate as I was told and could not get my rating to post?  So, maybe the other lazy fucks are having the same problem?  Maybe they or we are not lazy, maybe it is the POS I tunes is why there are not more ratings?  Lol, smiley, in jest comment......but I'm just sayin'

VeryGOODdriver's picture

Great show! I do have a couple of topics i was hoping to be discussed in next weeks podcast.

1.  How to follow 2old2players on Twitch?  I really enjoy twitch...however i would prefer to follow gamers from our website. Lots of babies out there streaming!

2. In racing games....if you live,  across the pond you drive on the left, ( in games where there are left and right side of the road), Or are all racing games the same and the Brits have to learn our way of driving.

3. Does DoodIRock remember the podcast.

4. Can dsmooth quote the entire  drinking game rules in less than 2 minutes at the beginning of the next podcast?

Oh and thank you for educating all of us on the evils of pinball! 

Just a few things to pondrer!

SarcasmoJones's picture

All racing games are the same and you drive on whatever side of the road is appropriate for the location that the track in the game is set...not where the game is played: left side on British and Japanese streets, right side everywhere else.

selden007's picture

Would love to try the new orcs must die game on the PC. I feel like a heel for not being online for the last 2 live shows, been busy trying the noise how to play ingress around me.
selden007's picture

Also use your connection and get codes for world of warships, I want in early!
selden007's picture



CiaranORian's picture

Hey Doodi I hope you're feeling better. I went through back surgery about 10 years ago and never looked back. I remember I was off work for about 4 weeks and thought gaming would get me through.  After about 3 days I had had enough and couldn't even consider picking up a controller anymore.

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