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Still Got Game Ep. 22: The First of 2014

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 13:38 — DSmooth

Still Got Game, Episode 22, 2old2play's official pod/vidcast, has been posted and is ready for your viewing or listening pleasure. Read on for more information.

DSmooth and Doodirock are back again with their first episode recorded in 2014. The dynamic duo covers the new releases, gaming news, a bunch of listener feedback, as well as recounting their New Years stories. Add to that some serious discussion of certain curse words, and this episode rocks. You can always call the boys at (773) 527-2961 and weigh in yourself, or tune in live Monday nights at 7:00 EDT at ...

Don't forget to play along while you listen. Here's a link to The Official Still Got Game Drinking Game.

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See video


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(773) 527-2961



AcidSnow's picture

DSmooth, do you work out?  Because you look beefcake!  ...Also, what possibility is there to have Elektrifi join you & Doodi for a surprise tri-cast of Still Got Game (since CodeMonkey seems to be AFK)?

The quote of the show is regarding pr0n on the PS4/Xbox One:
DSmooth: "Why are you running into that wall?  No reason..."
Doodi: "One handed gaming is a bitch!"
DSmooth: "It's cool, it's cool, I'll shoot when I'm done, and then I'll shoot!"

p.s. What happened to the Twitch audio-feed that used to accompany the YouTube link?  It's been absent from for the last two episodes...

T3muJin's picture

If we're giving quotes of the show than "PS4Play" wins.  doodi needs to copyright that asap

I6_Hitman's picture

whoever is producing the last two episodes is doing a great job, i'm so impressed! lol

PS Acid, what do you mean about twitch audio feeds?

AcidSnow's picture

...I'm refering to the program that has always accompanied the YouTube link with each episode.  It was just a samll black rectangular box (giving audio feed), it was a Twitch(?) audio feed.  But I've never seen it on any other site, so yeah; tacos taste alot like burritos.

But I'm glad I watched this episode via youtube, because DSmooth was rediculously animated - which made for a bunch of lols.

EDIT: Oh I see there's now a Libsyn program, er something: yet another taco I've never tasted...

CiaranORian's picture

At last, I know how to spell "alteus".

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