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Elgato HD60 Unboxing & Review Video

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 07:51 — I6_Hitman
See video

This is a Review Video for the Elgato Game Capture HD60.

In this video I unbox the Elgato package, show you some recording samples, side by side comparisons with my other capture cards, as well as a walkthrough of the Game Capture v2.0 software that Elgato just released.

As some of you may or may not know I'm a huge fan of video editing and live streaming on I've been streaming on for the last 5 years on my twitch channel ( and you might have caught a stream or two of mine on the 2old2play Twitch channel. I've gone thru several capture cards in that time. I started with the Hauppauge HDPVR, then upgraded to the BlackMagic Intensity Pro. Over the years i've also tried out the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle, the AVerMedia Live Gamer HD and ExtremeCap U3. All of them are great but only the ExtremeCap U3 was capable of capturing @ 1080p60 via USB 3.0. Then I heard about Elgato's new capture device, the HD60, which is a USB 2.0 device that captures @ 1080p60 so i decided I wanted to check it out. I got my hands on one of the new devices from Elgato and decided to give it a proper testing. I've been testing it for about a few days now and i feel like it's time to tell you what I think about it.

Here's a quick overview of what it can do:
- it's a USB 2.0 device
- captures video at 1080p60
- HDMI IN, HDMI OUT, Analog 3.5mm Audio IN, and Mini USB port.
- Package includes a HDMI cable, USB 2.0 Cable, and a Elgato Gaming Sticker!

Check out my Unboxing & Review Video and see what I thought of the Elgato HD60. 

Gatsu's picture

Is it really $250? Great review and breakdown. I've got the original elgato HD and hopefully will get some more use out of that before I upgrade.

I6_Hitman's picture

No it's actually the same price as the original Elgato Game Capture HD, $179.99. :)

Shadow's picture

That thing is TINY.  Dang.

AcidSnow's picture

The resolution is really crisp, looks great!  Anyone hear when YouTube is finally going to upgrade to 60fps output?

I6_Hitman's picture

actually YouTube already supports 1080p60, they actually even support 4K. But it hasn't rolled out to everyone. I think they will gradually release it. If you go there and search, you will find some videos that are already 1080p60...  :) the future is here

I6_Hitman's picture

Thanks for the follow Shadow, appreciate it! and yes it's really small

DedJeloC's picture

Nice well thought out instruction.  If I ever get the extra money to get into this, your videos is where I will start. :)

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