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New CPU's to make the 360 Cheaper?

Microsoft tells Next-Gen.Biz that the Xbox 360's recently announced CPU switch from 90nm to 65nm

[comment_count] | Console News 8 years 29 weeks ago

Shadow of the Colossus: A Look Back

“Shadow of the Colossus” was released by SCEA in October, 2005 for the PS2 console. While this

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 8 years 30 weeks ago

Oblivion: The Full Review

Oblivion, Bethesda’s fourth and latest edition of The Elder Scrolls saga, released March 21st to

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 8 years 30 weeks ago

Console formerly known as "Revolution"

Nintendo has renamed the 7th generation console "Revolution" to "Wii" in hopes that it will

[comment_count] | Console News 8 years 30 weeks ago

Comparing the Origami to a Laptop

Microsoft is attempting to create a new category of mobile PCs with the Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC), a.k

[comment_count] | Hardware Reviews 8 years 30 weeks ago

Play Nintendo on your 360!

No Nintendo has not made a deal with Microsoft for 360 downloads, but someone over at the Xbox

[comment_count] | Console News 8 years 30 weeks ago

Sony Announces 2.70 firmware for PSP

The new release of 2.70 brings with it 2 major additions in Macromedia Flash support and RSS feed

[comment_count] | Console News 8 years 30 weeks ago

Late Review of Tiger Woods 06 for 360

Last week I finally got my Xbox 360 and Tiger Woods 2006. So how is TW 2006 as a next gen golf

[comment_count] | Game Reviews 8 years 30 weeks ago

We're Taking Over

2o2p just recieved an interesting Press Release from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

[comment_count] | Editorials 8 years 31 weeks ago

First Oblivion Glitch Found

As most 2o2p members can tell you, we normally don't condone glitching within our community. 

[comment_count] | Game News 8 years 31 weeks ago

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