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yaok888's picture
Joined: 08/05/2010
Points: 149
Groups: 2old2resist
new pepsi xbox one giveway contest

Microsoft and PepsiCo are continuing their long-running partnership to market Mountain Dew and Doritos products to Xbox gamers. This year, the two companies will be giving away free Xbox One systems in a new "Every 2 Minutes" promo. And as usual, the event will coincide with the release of new "Game Fuel" products.

To participate, you'll have to buy specially marked Mountain Dew and Doritos products to collect codes. Then, starting September 30th, you'll be able to enter those codes onto Finally, on November 5th, you'll be able to use your points to bid on Xbox One systems. Nightly auctions will run every two minutes from 9PM ET to 2AM ET. That means 150 systems will be given away every night.

The auctions will run until December 9th, meaning the promo will end up giving away over 5000 systems.

NOTE: US households only, 8-10 weeks (fine print says up to 16 weeks) delivery time

  so even if you win a free XB1,  you won't get it until maybe late February if that.

So start buying that Junk food and stocking up on the calories: )

Lou_Keymia's picture
Joined: 07/14/2010
Points: 2239
Groups: None
If the codes are on the outside of the Doritos bags like it was for Halo 4's double xp codes, I'll just be taking pictures of the bags and saving money.

JasonBlade's picture
Joined: 09/10/2008
Points: 37
Groups: None

I'm x1 will be here at launch.


SoulTerror's picture
Joined: 12/13/2012
Points: 623
Groups: None

Hope I can win. I knew a guy who won his 360 from Pepsi.