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2014: Why Last Year Sucked

 2014 had the potential to be the greatest year in gaming since Nolan Bushnell brought video games to a home console. Developers had two brand new game machines to play with, and a third console was catching its second wind. Cloud

8 | Editorials 17 weeks 2 days ago

GOTY 2014

 2014 was kind of a weird transition year for video games. I guess we are still in the throes of the console generation switch over and no one has stepped up to wow us and really make use of new hardware and combine that with

9 | Editorials 18 weeks 3 days ago

Op-Ed: #GamerGate and the Entitled Gamer

 If you pay even slight attention to “games journalism,” you’ve probably heard of the term #GamerGate in the last few months. Every major news outlet has published an editorial denouncing it. It became such a

3 | Editorials 28 weeks 1 day ago

Top 10 Backstabbers in Gaming

As video games have evolved throughout the years, they have become an interactive storytelling medium. Players aren’t just shooting pixellated blobs anymore. We are progressing storylines, forming alliances, and affecting the

4 | Editorials 40 weeks 1 day ago

War on Co-op

I've noticed a trend lately and it is really starting to upset me. Actually that’s being nice about it. I don’t want to be nice about it. I am starting to get pissed off! Co-op games, and in particular those that allow

3 | Editorials 44 weeks 2 days ago

Top Ten Coolest Guns in Gaming

We’ve all spent countless hours shooting the shit out of each other with shotguns, miniguns, assault rifles, pistols, BARs, DMRs, SMGs, and RPGs. Lah de fucking dah. Sometimes a developer has to go sci-fi, surreal, or just fucking

5 | Editorials 46 weeks 1 day ago

Op-ed: Titanfail - 5 Reasons Why Titanfall Sucks

Fellow gamers, we have all bought into the hype on a particular title at one time or another, only to be disappointed by the game once we actually started playing it. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good example of a highly

55 | Editorials 1 year 2 weeks ago

Op-ed: Top 10 "Oh Shit" Moments in Gaming

The gaming landscape is peppered with with moments and images that will stay with us for a very long time. Few gamers who have played the original Bioshock can forget seeing Rapture for the very first time. MW2 gamers who chose not to

9 | Editorials 1 year 3 weeks ago

Op-ed: Ten Games that Defined the Xbox 360 Generation

The Xbox 360 is an amazing machine. I watched movies on it, used it to share achievements to Facebook, communicated with friends across the world over XBL, bought and played games without having to leave the house, watched other people

13 | Editorials 1 year 10 weeks ago

Op-ed: The Top 5 Most Game Breakingly Freaky Characters

All games have characters.  It’s pretty much the one unifying trait of every videogame ever made.  Some are as utilitarian as Doom’s space marine, whose soul expressive outlet was the occasional grunt or scream.

1 | Editorials 1 year 30 weeks ago

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