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Hog Mania - A Site Wide Halo Night!

Sun, 09/02/2012 - 15:16 — jonny12gauge

2old2playHalo is proud to present “Hog Mania!” a Site Wide Halo Night! We've got a ton of Warthog games in the trunk and only nine more weeks to play them on REACH.


See video


When: Thursday September 6th 8:00pm EST – 10:30pm EST
Where: Halo: REACH
Who: Room Leaders are myself, Jonny12gauge, and Spidey2222 with PyrusBanana filling in later on if we need a 3rd room.

What is it????
Glad you asked! While the actual Hog Mania gametype has been a staple of 2old2playHalo for over 5 years, we are actually going to encompass several games, all of which have one common ingredient – the Warthog. The M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle is the UNSC's most prolific anti-infantry vehicle, designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate lightly armored infantry, and is our primary focus for this Site Wide Halo Night. We will encompass a variety of gametypes including: Slayer, KOTH, Oddball, Assault, CTF and Infection.

Games are as follows (not necessarily in the order of play)

Hog Mania
Designed for multiple teams (ideally 4) this game is played to 150 points, featuring 1 bonus point per stick, and 5 bonus points per splatter. This game will be played on 2 different maps including Stone Garden (made by Pyrus Banana) as well as Hog Town – a map based on Rat’s Nest from Halo 3 (made by Spidey2222). This game is fast paced and hilarious at the same time. How many splatters will YOU get?

Darth’s Mind
A simple but insane infection game. Be sure you haven’t had too many drinks prior to playing this one, or you might get a little woozy! The map is simple, essentially a huge ramp. Zombies try to destroy the Warthogs as they plummet towards them down the ramp. Try it once, and you’ll be hooked!

Gauss Lock
This is a 4 team CTF game on a custom map designed by Free Radikal. Players battle on a small symmetrical map to capture flags, while using home based Gauss Hogs to defend their base – or go on the offensive through the difficult terrain.

Crash Up Derby
King of the Hill has never felt so good! This is a take on the Halo 3 “Monster Truck” variant but in this game everyone has a hog while they try to run each other off the map. Last man standing wins the round! Don’t worry, if you are eliminated early, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained from the bleachers, trust me!

Hog Bombers
This map and gametype was designed by BCylcops. This is a simple assault game and the only thing holding you back is the time limit. Multiple Hogs are at each base for offense, defense and transport.

Hog Wars
Available with several customized maps, this game will have you working your grenade launcher until your fingers are sore! A 2old2pwn clan favorite, this game has a little bit of Gauss Hog for everyone!

UT Dedication
Another map designed by Free Radikal – this one is based on a former Unreal Tournament map. The design is simple (a rectangle with an open center) but capturing a flag is not! This Speedflag game is full of carnage!

Hog Potato
If you’ve ever played Action Sack, then you know this game! The Hog IS the Oddball! Get in the hog to score points, the more teammates in the Hog, the more points you will earn, but be careful because this is a Hot Potato variant after all. The Hog will randomly detonate at any given moment.

So there you have it! This Site Wide Halo Night is open to all 2o2p members as usual. The rooms will be left “open” for ease of joining. Don’t hesitate to send friend requests to any of us ahead of time if you’d like to either.

Bring your Hog and bring your gunner, it’s Hog Mania night!!

DEEP NNN will be running his regularly scheduled party for slightly more Default gametypes but will be offering a selection of the above mentioned Hog gametypes.


NeoHalcyonV's picture

Green team always wins. Always.

FreeRadikal's picture

Can't Wait!

Kenjamin1 MI's picture

Oddly enough... not about bacon.

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