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Battlefield 3, Aftermath DLC community playdate!

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 10:13 — 2fat

Tuesday Dec 4 @ 8 pm central  we will be celebrating the release of the  newest DLC for Battlefiled 3 , " Aftermath".. I will be hosting this playdate in the " PPC Conquest and Rush public server"!..  All battlefielders from 2o2play are welcome and encouraged to participate. Also, you must be a Premium member to participate as regular battlefielders will get them 2 weeks later.. I hope to see you all on the Battlefield!!  Hoooorahh..

B1G_KAHUNER's picture

Has BF added a battle rifle yet? I'm really becoming handy with the battle rifle again and would hate to put it down :(


Oh and warthogs too, I could also use one of those

Short_Bus's picture

What about the Jet Pack too?  Have the devs at DICE added that too?

B1G_KAHUNER's picture

Just eject out of the jets that they already give you ... not reusable, but much more distance!

Corcharo's picture

Guys, don't forget to put the 2o2p tag on battlelog if you're not part of a clan. It will grant you some kind of protection from admin abuse (not guaranteed)  and you won't get kicked out to make room for fellow members.

CiaranORian's picture

Finished with COD 2fat? 106

2fat's picture

LOL!! for at least a few weeks anyways!!

Doodi's picture

that was fast

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