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Hey all you people, Week 12 is up and is ready for you to view and smash.  All Titanfall.  I reached Gen 3 and have some epic kills.  My audio issues continue with the in game audio not recording.  It seems to be a conflict with the Stereo Headset adaptor, the Turtle Beach head set and the in game audio being cut out.  Have to hard reset the Xbox One to start capturing in game audio again.

Anyways, Also a huge shout out to Hitman for Pulling my Youtube channel and playlist into the Youtube channel for more people to witness my fails.  




Recap Episode is up and ready for your enjoyment. After a few day under the weather I emerged and slap this one together for you all. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel search Selden007 and like all my videos even if you don't. As per DSmooth's suggestion I have got the adapter for my headset and the mount for my kinect, so now instead of a echoing crotch shot you get a clean sounding shot of my chrome dome.. Enjoy!

Lookie lookie lookie, I forgot to post this in my blog last week, so here it is.


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Week 9 Selden007's Weekly Recap

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 20:27 — selden007

Week 9 is up and you get to check out some Titanfall. Some of my better moments and some of my total fails. Was trying some of the live streaming over on my channel so lots of stuff couldn't be recorded for the update. but feel free to check me out when I live stream at

You didn't get in project spark Beta?  You don't know what Project Spark is?? You want to see that and more??? Like Major Nelson getting his come up uns? Take like 4 minutes and watch my weekly recap.  Feel free to share like and comment on it, then head over to the 2old2play channel and catch up on all the other videos that 2old2play has to offer.

Also looking for  a name for my show/recap seeing as weekly recap sounds like an d bag made it. (well maybe you think I am a d bag, I am ok on that.)




Weekly recap ep 7 - Breaking games

Sun, 03/02/2014 - 22:01 — selden007

Episode 7 coming at ya of my weekly Xbox One gaming updates.   I had a very busy week so not so much goodness for ya, but still some entertaining recap material.  I proceed to break out of games and caught a few glitches this week.  I even finally played a little Forza Multiplayer.  And boy do I suck.  But what is up with the beginner circuits having majority of racers over level 200????  really intimidating, But I did pull off a #3 finish , so that made me proud.  Couldn't swing getting Plants Vs. Zombies for this weeks episode as I am budgeting for Titanfall in under 2 weeks!  But if anyone wants to swing me a code I will get it in next weeks episode. hehe.Trying to think up a new name for this besides weekly recap,  Seems lame not that I am looking back at it.  maybe call it 2old2StillGotGame... As al;ways please subscribe and like the video.  Maybe if I get enough I will be sucked into the youtube channel.


Week 6 is up.  Feel free to watch it multiple times and share with your close relatives and family.  And don't forget to subscribe and like on YouTube.


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Sit back and soak in all that is mediocrity and I hope you enjoy.  Oh there is some Titanfall for your enjoyment this week.  Oh squishy!


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Weekly recap ep 4

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 20:27 — selden007

OK this catches me up to date on the weekly recaps in the blogs section.  Hopefully I can get some constructive criticism or some kinda feedback to help me figure out how to do this better.

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Weekly recap ep 3

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 20:25 — selden007

Slightly better but I am still sucha noob.  Hopefully people are liking these. But don't know. oh well I will still pump them out when I can.


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