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Xbox1 hands On play 10-24-2013

Thu, 10/24/2013 - 19:34 — Marine1Ten

Returned from Mankato, MN and the campus Xb1 demo today. Played Forza and Killer Instinct. Great graphics and smooth game play, of course. The controller was a fast play. My hands moved left to right quickly and smoothly over the buttons and the D-pad; and same for the up and down motions over the triggers/shoulder buttons. Good movement for BF4 play. The feedback was non-intrusive and the trigger feedback felt just right. No extra pressure required to hold the controller. I have large square palms and short fingers. The controller feels really good to me. The D-pad and sticks were precise and quick to respond, no hunting and no delay in response. Use of the A/X and Y/B was easy and accurate.The smaller dip in the top of the sticks means my nails did not make creases in the rubber-like bowl on top of the sticks. The ribbing around the top of the sticks was grippy and felt solid. Forza5 was shockingly beautiful and easy to use. And I rarely play racing games. I rarely play fighting games and I really enjoyed the KI fighting mechanics...I won! Anyway, I am stoked for the launch day. I and other gamers were shocked to find out that the PS4 needs the eye to fully use the new PS4 controller functions. That will be a $70.00 addition. Decided there is not enough difference between my PS3 and PS4, so not getting one at this time. Glad I pre-ordered the Xbox1. This evolution in specs and tech in the Xbox world will be very sweet. The people running the demo had accurate info about the specs and memory management. I found no inaccuracies in the information that I have about the console and I am happy with the decisions made about how the console is designed and how it works. Cannot wait!

Xbox One too early?

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 10:43 — Marine1Ten

Remember when Johnny Carson did his psychic routine wearing the swami-type outfit? Always a hoot! OK I am going to lay down predictions about one of my favorite hobbies...Xbox gaming. I think that in 1-2 years people will have the option of having the Xbox gaming type of rig they want. (Wait, you say! It is already available? Well, technically not until Nov 2013). Full download, full connectivity with any social network, (yay for internet search during TV), or cable system, (Xbox system rebates may apply) and old school on/off simple tech delivery. MicroSoft is not a hardware company. They are not invested in obsolescence forcing new hardware for financial gain. This is one reason for the long console life-cycle of the 360. The original Xbox did not turn a profit but 360 has with their top-notch online service. But MS is into tech and will always be a step ahead in that department. Holding another envelope to my forhead (as Johnny did), I see a tough launch cycle for Xbox One extending possibly 1-3 years pending how quickly MS adapts to the psychology of the market; (and how soon Xboxers understand the benefits of the new updates). MS have their huge server system to get online, the new IPs to market, and I think they will keep the 360 in place and healthy for the folks who do not care about Blu-ray or the newest games on BR. Families on a budget, young gamers and low tech users who are not social savvy, or those with poor internet service and those who keep their CLANs on the 360.         Now, here is my guess...the Xbox One should have waited to launch spring of 2014 when all the related tech & services were understood by the staff & customers. That is part of the reason why there has been confusion. However, PS4 is coming out and MS wants their customers to feel they are out the door goes the new box. Another issue is that all contracts are not worked out and these future relationships will impact the Xbox One services. If consumers knew they could get $100 bucks off the cost of their XB1 by signing with a cable company; they will probably take advantage of this option.    I am comfortable gaming in my easy chair and do not have the anxiety that goes with change, the unknown, nor do I see suspicious motives in the marketplace. I love having multiple options, do not obsess on 'what are the best' specs, have no anxiety over change and do not get 'mental' over not really understanding everything all at once. I do not jump to criticism, but tolerate conjecture and brainstorming as a creative activity. I do not fear big brother watching I know my XBox One IS the mult-player lobby and it needs to update my stats every 24 hours (it could be any amount of time, really) to keep my gamercard current. Those on raptr & True Achievements are already accustomed to this! No sweat. The Kinect (which made a gamer from my non-gaming spouse) is extremely useful and saves time getiing me into Netflix, etc. And really, if daily exercise was in every household we wouldn't have obesity. Really. Lots of people said they did not need or want an Edison telephone, a model-T (read car), indoor plumbing, etc . Gamers!! Stay calm and have fun! Remember you may have a family that will become more tolerant of your gaming hobby if they benefit from and enjoy the living room more. Get an Xbox One and continue to enjoy your eco-system.   LOL

Hoy Smoke! 2013 E3

Sat, 06/15/2013 - 09:36 — Marine1Ten

Gotta laugh at MS bad E3 luck. The best E3 for MS ever and Sony manages to steal the thunder. And the hurrah is all for naught. The future of gaming is with Xbox One. But they are early. Sony has been early before as well and paid for it in lost market share. Remains to be seen how slow new Xbox One sales will be. Looking back at 2001 and Bill Gates announcing ("the one box for your living room" (paraphrased), at E3, xb1 seems pretty consistent with their vision of the future. SInce I mostly single or co-op play and I plan on keeping my Xbox, and the Xbox games I plan to complete; I do not feel that Sony's reactionary emo affects me at all. Many people who have Xbox achievements and who are invested in them will continue with Xbox One. The great functionality in managing the gaming environment and the xb1 exclusives are going to eventually make the those currently crying the loudest foul to eat dirt. Yeah, MS and Sony know what they are doing and the emotion that Jack Tretton leaked out sideways when he said "you can play the PS3 without being Kinected" (in a snide tone of voice), tells me that they are frustrated with consistently falling behind MS innovation and being forced to copy MS. I have never observed a MS excec put down or use sarcasm against another company. They plan their work and work their plan. There are no saints in the business world, but as a consumer of Sony products and a fan; I was disappointed in Jack's unprofessional behavior. Sony is a much more diversified corporation and I am thinking, a larger company than MicroSoft. And Sony Corp is having financial probs. Still no excuse for cheap shots, Jack Tretton. And I gotta laugh, the frustrated Sony fan-boys will call me a sheep! Oh the irony.

Oh, What A Relief It Is...!

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 23:11 — Marine1Ten

To finally complete a game 100%. To feel I got my monies worth. Yes, I am a cheap date however, I am a faithful one as well. Completing 1999 mode in Bioshock Infinite was a relief to finally see if my build of gear and strategy paid-off. I almost gave up when I discovered the near fatal error of not doing any heath upgrade before Finkton Docks. Because the enemy could wipe my shield in one shot and I lacked any invulnerability gear, plus did not upgrade the sniper, nor did I have a shotgun for Handyman. And had yet to pick up Overkill. I died a lot and reset my check-point to save money. I finally did everything "right" and timely and got past it.  I appreciate the crafting that was done in this game. It now makes my top ten and maybe top five. 1) Elder Scrolls series 2) Mass Effect series 3) Dead Space series 4) Deus Ex 5) Halo series    now 6) Bioshock Infinite   next dlc  will tell me more         I have never pretended to be a skilled gamer, but finishing a great game like BSI makes me feel like a real gamer. Not just someone who is definitely to old to play!                                                                                                      

Well...I been away a bit...

Tue, 01/29/2013 - 06:37 — Marine1Ten

And I return and find all kinds of "stuff" in the forums. Off topic is often slightly off-putting and flame wars manage to erupt. Thank-you to those calm heads who refuse to be easily offended and keep a meaningful dialogue in spite of those who impulsively reply upon their immediate sense of offense and start a flame war.

Thinking before you type and checking ones perceptions, giving the benefit of the doubt, engaging a healthy sense of objectivity and then entertaining the idea that one can really incorrectly sense tone and body language in text; is helpful and proper fire prevention behavior. 

Geesh! A pile of crap is still crap no matter how much perfume one pours upon it. Perfume only masks the odor temporarily and every farmer knows that improper manure management poisons our water and air. Eventually a "civil" servant will put the pile in the proper place and it will become a nutrient resource and grow more useful items.

Well, there will always be drama kings/queens among us. Take them with a grain of salt and keep the hip-waders handy. NSFW is still a necessity. 202P may be a 25+ membership but plenty younger come calling and looking over the website.

Scorching hot most of the summer. Farming has not been fun. Anxiety about our once a year paycheck sitting out there in the droughted fields. Rain has been rare and welcomed with hope and then disappointment at the inadequacy of the amount. Harvest is starting and we will see what we get. Had to laugh about the teacher's strike in Chicago, no such deal for us on the farm. Better to have insurance this year. Enjoyed watching the eclipse events this year. Great skyscapes.

Hope everyone has fun at the LAN Halo 4 launch party. Wish I was able to attend but not this year. Bought a T-shirt. Don't really know how I could pick up my new Halo 4 console on launch day....better to stay home and go get it from Gamestop. It is looking really sweet. My Gears of War SE cracked my Skyrim disk clean through. Sent it in on warranty and got it back in about 9-10 days. Pre-ordered the new console the day it busted the disk. New disk drive was put in, I think. Whatever, it works. Paying attention to the rumors about a new 'box coming in 2014.

Gave blood a couple weeks ago and have been unenergetic since. Blah, nothing fun or inspirational to write about today. Possibly due to the political ads fatigue syndrome; am I really done with listening to them! Need to go out and ride my bicycle. All is right with the world then. Depressing news out of Egypt and Africa. Extremeists, and whats crazy is they knock everyone and cannot take any hits themselves. Feel sorry for the honest, hard working people who have some common sense and have to be embarrassed by their hate crazed countrymen. In some centuries that behavior would be a declaration of war. Never saw the you-tube vid, nor do I wanna. Hope none of my relatives put it up :)   (Of course, not). We grow food, not videos. Plus we are responsible humans.

Well, time to close. Will aim for higher quality content next blog. Told you I was a no good blogger, din I??  Aye!


Easter Eggs

Mon, 04/09/2012 - 08:24 — Marine1Ten

Well, the new site is up and running, but needs some tweaking still. Regardless, here's hoping for the best.

Bought an iPad recently and have been enjoying it immensely. (New iPad from Best Buy with 64 gigs, and their financing for 6-18 months will not last long so take heed. I do like to use the longer term, no interest at Best Buy vs paying all in one chunk when I purchase an expensive tech item. Allows time to find out if the model chosen is a good pick). Still learning the conventions of the New iPad. Absolutely does not replace the console for gaming or the laptop/desk for work. Missed a couple of FB links due to them being flash based. All in all not an issue. Like the camera for quick stuff and the graphics. Yes, battery life is shorter but still lasts all day. Since I am retired, recharging is not an issue. Apple care is a better choice for replacement warranty vs the BB replacement offer. Since my unit may be utilized in a farm tractor GPS system; I got the $100 two year replacement plan.

Teaching my octogenarian mother how to use touch screens. Learning how to use a computer is on her bucket list and I think the pad will work for this task. Used the facetime apps at easter dinner to talk with family farther away. Impressed older folks by the small footprint and fast loading times. We play table top games at family gatherings, usually the more obscure ones brought home by college kids.

Family gatherings in the midwest still focus on great food, especially family favs, multi-generational interactions and spiritual renewal. Weather was great but we need rain here in the heartland. Sang at two Easter church services this year and enjoyed the choir activities, bells, etc. No big epiphany this year, just gratitude for the family I have. And for the gaming family I have come to know on 2o2p. Peace to all.   :)

Lost in Space

Thu, 02/02/2012 - 10:57 — Marine1Ten

The graphics and gameplay are so good these days. Especially if you played pong back in the day, as a comparison. Now, with online service available on the big screen, 3-D and the promise of better things to come; whats not to like as a gamer?  Most people expect even greater things but isn't there a threshold where the visual cortex cannot go past and the future will be repackaging of the social revolution of the computer and Xbox LIVE networking services? I consider the Kinect to be an evolution in gaming not a revolution in gaming.

Can't wait for the holographic interface, er wait; could humans get lost there? In virtual space? Probably, based on brain addiction studies and video gaming. Kids who spend a lot of time gaming have noticeably larger addiction centers in the brain. Similar to chemical addicts. I grew up without video games, so not sure if my brain is affected this way. But what about sports fans, anyone who is obsessed with something that gives them tremendous feedback surges in brain and body? Sports, cooking, movies, hang-gliding, certain causes, etc. Maybe we just need to balance body, mind and spirit.

Harvest of Gold 2011

Mon, 10/31/2011 - 15:44 — Marine1Ten

The last ear of corn has entered the rotary combine and the golden grain separated and sieved. Harvest 2011 is history. The year began in flooding and has ended in a drought. I and the ten year old hauled wagon loads of soybeans to the elevator and shagged wagons hither and yon. With the crop in the grain bins, I breathe a sigh of relief and say a prayer of thanksgiving that we went through it all safely. Farming is a game where the farmer gambles on mother nature and depends on a benefecent glory solely by faith. So much can go wrong and so often it all turns out right. The rhythm of the seasons is a wondrous thing. I am grateful for many unpredictable and tangible things. No wonder the Plymouth Rock settlers inspired the Thanksgiving holiday. Peace everyone.  :)

Deadwood Aces & Eights

Thu, 08/25/2011 - 08:02 — Marine1Ten

Travelled to the land of black hills, roulette wheels and presidents in stone. The folks out there are hardy and still work for bigger companies. Just like the old days when the larger mines took over the independents. Learned to play Texas hold'em in Red Dead Redemption and was looking forward to playing a little (probably naive that, but I was able to pick up the AI patterns in the game and use it to my advantage to clear tables) but our hotel only had 21. No five finger fillet, either, ha!

The prices of hotel rooms are outrageous during Sturgis ($200.00 plus) but if you find a hotel run by a company of which you are a member, you will do better. Remember to ask about rates and what the hotels can do prior to noon...they will negotiate with you more willingly. Tell them thanks and you want to look around a bit. You can get $80.00 rates off the week-end of Fri/Sat.

 The hotels rake in dinero on the slots, but I did win $200.00 and was smart enought to quit while I was ahead. I don't have an addictive personality type so, gambling is boring with annoying lights, noise, etc., unless I am figuring odds in poker. The kids had an indoor pool to play in so they were happy. Food is great but Spearfish has the kid type fast food vs more expensive hotel food. Recommend the western Heritage museum in Spearfish. If I hadn't been atending a wedding, I would have rather stayed in Rapid City or Spearfish. Missed the vanilla bean bakery in Spearfish, though.

Need to finish Red Dead and start Deus Ex...just killing time waiting for Skyrim. Busy hosting a bicyclist from Milwaukee that is biking to Oregon, more later on that.

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