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So BL2 was excellent, and all the Dls were fab except Sir Hammerlock- that one pretty much blew. But I loved Tiny Tina's! If you haven't gotten that one, do. 

Dishonored- working my way through achievements (thanks for the help, BTW) and got the new DLC. Great game. The more I play it the more I like it. 

I'm totally taking advantage of the free gold downloads- got Magic 2013 (meh), Assassin's Creed 2 (the one in Italy--- it is really growing on me) and just got Rainbow 6 but haven't played it yet. Looking forward to it. But seriously- a $50 game when it was new and it's free? Why not?! 

I've heard my students ramble on endlessly about AC so when I had the opportunity I went for it. Glad I did, though within the first 3 hours of playing it I was ready to junk it. I stuck with it a bit longer and now I like it. Not much of a challenge but mindless fun is good. 

School is off to a rollicking start. So far so good. Nearly 100 kids in my program (up from 34 when I took the job 9 years ago) and the new principal is awesome! Loving what's going on at my school. 

Now for the awesome news: I was made principal second violin for my symphony. I've played there 6 years and have worked my way up... there was a vacancy, as the former Principal had won the Concertmaster seat so the conductor called me up for the appointment. (High five to myself and mini celebration with champagne). My first two full rehearsals as principal have gone very well, although the realization struck me (finally) that I can' t hide in the section sound when there's a tricky bit I don't know. I actually HAVE to be the one to hit it, and lead the others. I sense more practicing in my future. I've just engaged a new lesson teacher- she's professor of violin at a local university- and she's tough! I'm getting better though. 

Things with Matt are fantastic. We're going to a Japanese festival tomorrow and are really looking forward to it. Speaking of Japan, my best friend's husband is about to receive his orders and it's been narrowed down to Japan or Hawaii. I'm happy with either! I can't wait to go see them , and meet their new baby. :) (Generally I find babies detestable but I'll make an exception for hers.)

Happy weekend!


Tue, 08/13/2013 - 23:38 — erinroxyfox

It's been awhile... not for lack of things to say, but lots of being busy (in a good way). 

Cut to the chase: In Dishonored (on playthrough 3 now) I got through every level without killing anyone and still did not receive my achievement. I checked the stats for each level twice, and they all check out. WTF? Do I have to do it all in one playthrough? 

Quick year long synopsis, if anyone who reads this cares:

- back together with Matt. It was back on by Christmas and things are awesome. There's talk of cohabitation (huzzah) and it's just going really well. 

- this summer Matt and I took a couple road trips: 9 states in one week (toured The South) and 4 states in another week (drove to Colorado to see my parents, and went home a new way via New Mexico). It was an awesome summer. 

- school year was fantastic! One of the best yet. I earned my state rating to be a UIL judge, and made a really good friend this year with the new band director. She is so much fun, and I'm thrilled she's on staff. 

- Started a business last summer with my calligraphy and expanded it this past January to included woodworking, turned on a lathe. I do pens, wine stoppers, bowls, etc. Check it out on my website at 

In summary, it's really been a wonderful year. School starts for me next week. I wouldn't say I'm really ready for summer to end, but all the same I'm excited to go back to school.


Happy summer!

I'm back

Sat, 12/08/2012 - 23:13 — erinroxyfox

Well it's been about 17 yerars but I'm finally back. Let's put big news in bullet fomat:

- I've lost 41 pounds, and am still going. I look wya better, and I like it.

- I'm single, but OK with it. Matt and I called it quits after we realized we weren't totally in love, and just prolonging the inevitable. We still talk every day, and we're both cool with it. I'm actually really enjoying being unattached at present.

- School year is incredible-- it's like the magic combination of talent and attitude has come together and formed a super-orchestra. We are invincible and I love coming to work each day.

- My parents moved back to Texas in November, but will stay until January and go back to Colorado (they have a vacation home in Texas to be nearer me and my brother and sister, and the real home in Colorado).

- I was hospitalized for a good deal of October and November with critical anemia and mysterious internal bleeding. The bleeding is stopped, the anemia is under control, I'm not fainting dead away after I stand up, and I'm back at work again after two weeks off.

Games I have recently finished: Dishonored (high chaos, sadly- no patience for the other), Walking Dead (episodes 1-3), Skyrim- all main quests except for new DLC this week, Borderlands 2 (Greatest. Game.Ever.- thanks goes out to the Wookie for introducing me to XBOX and Borderlands) , Dead Space, and a few arcade games that were fun.

I actually have very little to report, except that being a size 12 rocks way more than what I was before. :) Onward to an 8!

Road Trip time and Dawnguard

Wed, 07/25/2012 - 15:26 — erinroxyfox

I took a week long road trip with Matt last week. We drove up to my parents' house in Colorado and from there we went up through Wyoming and into South Dakota to see Mt Rushmore, Deadwood, and Custer State Park. It was a really fun time! All the times I had driven to Colorado with my ex-husband seemed like a cruel form of torture, but with Matt the time flew by and was just a ton of fun. We still liked each other at the end of it so that's good anyway. The trip was fabulous top to bottom, and as icing on the cake we caught 10 trout! (6 for Matt, and all on the same day, 4 for me, spread across two days). Matt had never done fly fishing before so I took him out to the lake and showed him how. Within 5 minutes he'd caught his first trout! I was stunned. Another 5 minutes go by and there's the second fish! It was too small to keep so we tossed it back. He had such a good time! (I had to admit a little jealousy but I finally caught some). I ended up pulling two out of the lake and two out of the river in front of my parents' house. We hiked in the national park- we did a 5.6 mile circuit on a path I'd never done before, so it was nice to see something new. I think I have found my new favorite hike! It was so unspeakably gorgeous.

XBOX milestone

Mon, 06/25/2012 - 18:05 — erinroxyfox

I'm back home from China, recovering from my trip. Not bad but it was basically a glorified shopping tour sponsored by the Chinese government. Oh well. I got lots of nice things at dirt cheap prices, things that I could never buy in the States.  Silk, jade, pearls, tea, tea pots, etc were all at such great prices that I couldn't say no. It was a good trip. Not as much food poisoning luckily (some but brief) and we saw an amazing short opera in Hangzhou.

I am about to reach a big XBOX milestone- 10,000 achievement points! :) Matt and I spent the past two days knocking out Portal 2 achievements, and I'm nearly done with Dead Space also. Next I think I want to go back to Skyrim, but I feel like maybe I should start Dead Space 2. Not sure yet.

I'm sad about BioShock Infinite's delay (again). I almost pre-ordered it but didn't. I am definitely excited to get Borderlands 2. That's been ordered already. On my trip I was talking with one of my students who says Nintendo 3DS is awesome, and then proved it to me. I might have to get one, but it seems like a big expense because what I really want it for are the old school games (Kid Icarus, Mario, Paperboy, etc). I'm hoping Matt will pick up on the hint that it's what I want for my birthday.

The Colorado fires have been pretty bad, and gave us a good scare when my parents were evacuated from their Estes Park home. They were about a mile from the nearest set of flames, but luckily the fire was contained (now 100%) and they could go back home, and everything was fine (for them anyway- 20 homes burnt). Thinking good thoughts about rain reaching that area.

Dieting is going well- I'm down 12 pounds or so. Starving, but smaller.

Headed back to China

Tue, 06/05/2012 - 14:43 — erinroxyfox

Summer is off to a fast start- I leave for China in a matter of hours, and have booked my plans to Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota for July. Good thing I like traveling! Matt is trying to convince me to go to Japan with him for two weeks, but I can't come close to enough money for the trip, and I certainly can't carry that kind of debt on my credit card. I have started playing the lottery, just in case. ;) I also just got word that my summer trip next year with the orchestra will be to Taiwan. I was lobbying for Australia, but I guess Taiwan is cool. We'll see. I heard the food is gross, but then I eat nearly anything.

My new furniture has arrived, and my living room looks awesome. I got rid of the old stuff, and got a nice linen chaise lounge in tan and a deep espresso brown leather sectional sofa (smaller than the old one luckily). The cats have not been interested in the leather sofa so far, but they're pretty sure the chaise lounge was purchased just for them.

When I get home is going to be major diet time. I put on way too much weight, sitting around playing Dead Space, Skyrim, etc. You know the feeling. So summer swimming begins right as soon as I'm back.

Happy summer everyone! Details about China trip when I get home.


Celebrating end of school year

Wed, 05/23/2012 - 17:29 — erinroxyfox

I'm tired of school, kids are tired of it, and it shows on all of us. Glad we're down to the last week!

To celebrate my liberation from school for the summer, I bought a new living room suite. :) For the first time ever I will have a leather couch, and a beautiful linen chaise (henceforth to be known as my XBOX Throne). I'm worried about leather because my cats will do some damage, but on the other hand I'm not going to be inspected by Better Homes & Gardens anytime soon either. Also, Texas is HOT in the summer! I fear I'll be sticking to the seat through the hot months (also known as Spring, Summer and Fall). I may wind up putting a throw blanket on it to keep from sweating on my cushions. We'll see. The cats tend to play under blankets and that could lead to more holes and rips.

Tonight the chaise is being delivered (very glad my dad is in town and can help me pick it up), and next Saturday the rest of it arrives. :)

2 weeks until I go to China--- looking forward to more good food. I have been craving Chinese and actually haven't eaten any since I was there last summer. I suspect it will be the same this coming year. Chinese food is good- just tiresome when it's every day, all day long. But I still relaly am looking forward to it.

Dead Space continues to be awesome, and Skyrim is about to get another visit before I go out of town. I have missed playing that one.

Happy summer!!

Dead Space

Thu, 05/17/2012 - 17:30 — erinroxyfox

I've discovered Dead Space! What a great game. I didn't think I'd like it. I watched Matt playing it, and then I tried it a little at his house and got hooked. I've finished the first playthrough and am working on the remaining acheivements now in another playthrough. I like that it can make me jump, like Limbo did. I'm definitely planning on playing Dead Space 2.

I also DLd Walking Dead. I watch the series, and Matt has told me about the comic. I really liked the game. It's enough of a puzzle to be interesting, but what's better is the psychological impact. I like that your choices affect your game play. Very cool concept. I dislike that they come out in waves of episodes. Already awaiting the second installment.

School is almost out (11 days!!!) and I'm so ready for it. It's been a hard month and a half. China plans are taken care of, visa has been received, and I'm just ready to get going. No big travel plans besides that, other than to Colorado so see my parents, and then Matt and I are driving on up to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore. I loved it last time I went. So cool, and plenty to do there. I hadn't realized South Dakota was so lovely til I went. This time we're doing Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Custer State Park and Jewel Cave (debating on that last bit). We might stop in Deadwood also. I vote for Deadwood (because of the history-- Aces n Eights!).

And now I must go to yet another concert. 8 down, only a few more to go. Whew!

And I'm back

Fri, 04/27/2012 - 20:14 — erinroxyfox

After an extended absence, I'm back at 2O2P. It's been nuts around here, but for very good reasons: 1) I've been promoted in my youth orchestra leadership capacity (now a member of The Board, and have opened a second ensemble under my leadership), and I am being published mid-October (aiming for it anyway). This is for music I wrote. Third, I have done a lot of drawing recently and got some commissions to do work for a company my mom set me up with. I did cover art for a local philanthropic organization, and the president liked it so much she got this whole thing started. Consequently, I have a line of greeting cards coming out in the summer which will be available in her town at a couple stores, and if it goes well then who knows what will happen!

Still seeing Matt- we decided to ignore the "no future" aspect and simply enjoy being together for what it's worth. I'm actually happy with it at present. I hear the groans already, and I don't care.

I bought Mortal Kombat and feel like my life is a bit better. :) I LOVE that game! The moves are all different now (since SNES MK2) but way better, and I'm having a blast kicking Matt's behind every time we play. We have a new rule in the house now- I have to have had a gin & tonic or two before I'm allowed to play against him. (He gets a little upset that I slaughter him every time... hehehehehe).

Dead Space has turned out to be an interesting game too. I like that it makes me jump. It reminded me of the first time I played Limbo when that great spider skewered my character suddenly.

Italy rocked

Wed, 03/21/2012 - 22:31 — erinroxyfox

My trip to Italy (and a very brief stint in other parts of Europe) was just fantastic! Pics coming to my FB soon. I'm not adjusting to the time difference very well, now that I'm back. I had no trouble over there, but here is kicking my butt.

Since I'm sleepy I won't stay to tell about the trip, but instead leave you in suspense until I can be bothered to get on my computer at a normal time of day. I'm exhausted.

Short synopsis: I came, I saw, I ate, and I took hundreds of pictures and really enjoyed seeing my best friend after 11 months of absence!

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