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For once I was gonna be the bigger man and took the "non-combative" quiet road, but like the moth to the flame I was drawn in. My checkered history as a "tyrant" has taught me many lessons that have not gone unappreciated.


   Why is it when you leave a group people talk shit, misconstrue the facts or just can't cope with why you left. What stems it all is the fact that you took them off your friends list. That's like the equivalent of a groin kick. It sucks. That's the trouble with being a group. As a group you live by the sword and die by the sword. But when 30 members share the same sword it gets sloppy when one member let's go. You don't just lose the one person, you also have to be prepared to lose the 5-8 people that sword holder associated with. We all like to try and be our own person and try not to take sides and there are the few that can do it successfully. But a majority of us cannot. And then the jr. sword holders take up the defense and life in the group gets muttled and foggy. At that point there are casualties. Why? Because there has to be. You dont mean to hurt feelings, thats not your intention. But in the grand sceme of things its just easier that way. Bottom line is that we choose to play with whom we find a common interest in. You can't be forced to get along with the other kids in the sandbox. Some kids are bullies, some kids are content on being there own company and some need to be in constant embrace and comfort of someone a bit stronger. What starts out as something small eventually grows beyond control. It's like the small well manicured and cared for herb garden. It's not a chore to handle the few weeds that pop up every now and then. But then you watch tv and the guy on the DIY network tells you you need a bigger garden not just with herbs, but with veggies and tropical fruits. Before you know it you need to hire a couple more gardners. Those gardners work the field caring for it and ultimately become really attached and claim to own the garden. Then the original gardner says "hey I can just sit back and eat the product while these two handle it".  When that happens its no longer about the fruits and vegetables or the herbs it's about the garden... the produce isn't seen as a tomato or a strawberry it's just those fruits or those veggies. The group is a garden but it's what's inside the garden that need not be forgotten by their gardner. Because without the different fruits and vegetables all you have us a field of manure and dirt.

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I'm suddenly in the mood for a fruit salad.  

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Is there also a “special herb” in the garden I need to cook up so I can have a clue what you’re talking about?  ‘Cause I love a good forbidden fruit analogy.  I just don’t understand this one.  Or maybe I’m not supposed to?

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It's my ode to clan leaders and mods pretty much saying don't shit on your members because without them you've got nothing. 

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Ah, got it.  Like what’s a president without his cabinet, or a sheriff without his posse, or a pimp without his hos.

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Dammit... I should've went with the pimp and go analogy.

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