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Tuesday, early in the AM

Tue, 04/17/2012 - 07:08 — Joker961


GungalTM of the Day

 Bikini GungalTM jiggling under sniper rifle recoil...


    As it happens my visit to have my venerable Jeep serviced was indeed painless and quick. Afterward, I went to visit Mama and Papa Joker, and spent the afternoon hanging with them and trying to retrieve some items needed for home, without as much luck as I had hoped. No matter, there's always another day, lol. My Effie and I are in this for the long haul, after all.




    On the gaming front, I did get back to Call of Duty 4 after all. I played some free-for-all and team deathmatch, my laptop huffing, puffing, and stuttering all the way. I had no great success stories to tell. I actually had to bail out of the only game where I was doing well, lol. But there was one incident I enjoyed that I'll pass on: I'm old, see... And my reflexes are poor, and my laptop is underpowered, so it's usually just chugging along barely displaying images fast enough to keep in the game. So, on a FFA match on Overgrown, some douchebag thought it would be cool to dance around me, while I tried to shoot him from the prone. It wasn't working for me, he was way too fast, so I cunningly started cooking off a grenade. Douchebag tired of his sport and knifed me... And then he ate my grenade. I typed a quick 'Hah!' and logged off to let the cable guy do his stuff on our line. There's still some life left in the old tiger. Just sayin, lol. 

    Recently, I mentioned Tribes: Ascend, so I was interested to note that EuroGamer is giving the free-to-play FPS a 10/10 in its review piece, linked below. If Activision was smart, they'd make Call of Duty 4 or some such a free-to-play title and suck in lots of potentially money-generating players. It worked for Valve on Team Fortress 2, tho, of course, Valve is a much better developer, community-wise and finished product-wise than Activision and it's CoD sequel-generating bastard children. Moving on...


        Featured Modern Warfare 3 Video


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Uploaded 11 April 2012 on ImProbablyUnemployed





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That's perfect
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It made me want to see what the front of her looked like, lol...

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