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Kind of Up (Please Read)

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 19:38 — Doodi

Hey guys, we're testing this out (not telling people its up) to see what kind of load the server can take.  D and I are going to monitor the site tonight and see if we still have issues with speed and load times.  Currently groups and clan fuctions are turned off while we check things out.  You can still post in your clan forum, but ATM it is completely open so if you want to talk about how stupid 2o2p is, how dumb another clan is, or had upset you are at the changes just be aware that anyone logged into 2o2p can read it.    


This wont be for long, but we needed to make sure the rest of the site could handle the traffic before we started turning on the heavy stuff.  We ask that at this time you DO NOT recreate your clan in the groups area.  We have all the clans still in the database that you create before in beta and will bring them up ASAP.  


I know you all have a ton of questons so please feel free to ask them here.  In fact I encourage you to be blunt.  I didn't spend 3 years, tons of cash, and insane amounts of free time on this project for myself.  The object is to make 2o2p better and even more flexible as time goes on.  So if you're confused, pissed off, or upset then I need to know about it.  Hiding in a clan forum and talking about how shitty 2o2p wont make it better.  Speak to me.  


- doodi

Lbsutke's picture


There are no regular forums. Not sure if you knew that or not. 


There are group forums but no regular forums.

ElektraFi's picture

I see them. They're below the group forums.

jonny12gauge's picture

Yay its fassssstteerrrr!!!! :) :) :)

PoltegIce's picture

super fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think they resolved the problem. Hey where'd all the spam go?

Are all the normal clan forums back and up on-line? Not seeing mine and a few others.


On a side note, the site seems to be running really good and fast

Walladog's picture

this was the solution to spam problems. Pull back...nuke the site from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

Shadow's picture


ElektraFi's picture

I know this week has been insane, so I just wanted you to know that all your hard work is appreciated. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the server can hold the load.


PS: You suck!

Doodi's picture

I think we all need a break after this week!  

FreynApThyr's picture

You've worked one week out of 185 and need a break?  Suck it up buttercup.

DEEP_NNN's picture

And cookies.
Dixon_Tufar's picture


TANK's picture

Since 2old2play's been down I deployed a clustered Netapp SAN, two Dell servers with VMWare ESX, clusterd, configured a high performance switch for this new server platform and deployed the first virtualized server on this new platform.


God damn I waste a lot of time on 2o2p during the week :lol: .....  If 2o2p had have been up i'd probably have only configured the switch !

wamam87's picture

hahahahaha...sounds like my story.

BigBadMike's picture

Absolutely right.  I cleared a backlog of paperwork that would never have happened with site availibility.

BigBadMike's picture

And, Now that its up I've been here twice within the same half hour.   Goooooooo Procrastinators!

Mrs_Dixon's picture

Thank You for your hard work.



DSmooth's picture

So far everything seems stable... I am making one minor caching change now, so there may be a 2 second hiccup while the web server restarts... If you're seeing this, it's already done...

Joker961's picture

Looking good so far. I'll try and log on later in the wee hours to post the next blog entry, lol.

Phantom_Sol's picture

Thanks guys!!!


In good news, my production level at work has seen drastic improvements...well, after the initial first day when I kept checking the site every two seconds.



PoltegIce's picture

Thanx for all the hard work. Didin't realise how much I would miss the site when it was gone.
Pulsaris's picture

I know I thanked you already, but just wanted to say I know you guys have been through hell lately and I appreciate all that you guys have gone through to make this happen. 

Yeah, it sucked for a while, but it's all good. It's not perfect, but I get it. It takes time.

Thanks again and to everyone that's been working thier ass off... thanks as well.


LocGaw's picture

Did anyone else report the right side of the screen is cut off? It might be my settings... I don't know for sure.


The site looks legit!



Marine1Ten's picture

DR_ZOIDBERG_SR's picture

Having had my own clan website at one time I understand what you are going through. Take your time and do it right. 

Cerberus4417's picture

Is there a way to get into site chat? Is there even a site chat anymore? I see "Chat Rooms" under "Community" but nothing shows for me at least on this browser.  


Other than that the site looks good.  Nice job everyone.  

Snuphy's picture

I think I smell cake . . . . . .

Dixon_Tufar's picture

Bro Cerb, use an IRC chat program on your phone.

Short_Bus's picture

Dixon - If I am using Trillian what are the IRC preferences

DarthTabasco's picture

Is there anyway we can get to the old PMs from the previous site? I have some information in a PM on the old site that I need.


I didn't realize that content would not transfer, otherwise I would have moved the info.


Let me know.

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