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Thanks to the great feedback from my last blog, I've been plugin away when I have time on some more improvements to the site.  For one, you will now be able to Autosubscribe to any content you are a part of on the site WITHOUT having to click on the subscribe button.  

This means that people who post or replay to a forum thread will automatically be notified when that post is updated with a new comment.  This was already common place on V2 and most other forums, but with V3 this works for everything from Blogs, news comments, stories etc.  That means you can also find out when someone responds to your blog or news comment which should help with even more communication around the site.  

This setting may be off by default for some, but you can easily enable it by going to your settings in the login box and scrolling down to Messaging and Notifications area.  You can also set auto-notifications for all groups you belong to, but this may over lap with the universal Autosubscribe button.  Personally I have it check off by default.

P.S.  If you choose to lurk and not post, you can still keep track of any piece of content by hitting the subscribe button at the bottom of a post.


Division News


This really deserves its own post because I think it's so cool, but I didn't want to put up two alerts on the site.  Division leaders now have the power to create their own news, events, updates, about the game divisions they run in the forums right on the homepage of 2o2p!  If you look at the home page you will see a new tab that will filter out all the other 2o2p news and only show what our Divisions are up to. 

If you haven't noticed already, Division leaders have been running the Halo, BF3, and Forza forums while breathing new life into the games they love.  Many of them already have ideas in the works for playdates, tournaments, and game info and our goal is to have an even greater level of site interaction by giving them the power to keep the site update on the forums and homepage.  

One of the big initiatives with V3 was to give a lot more power to the people that really run our community on a daily basis and I can't wait to see what some of these guys come up with.  We've already seen great results from the BF3 forum with Playdates and our own Private Servers, so keep you eyes pealed on the homepage for even more news out of the Divisions team.  

Check out the first division post on the home page from the Forza Forum.

As always, keep the feed back coming and don't stop submiting bugs to the Report forum so we can contuniue to fix and update the site.

wamam87's picture


i can post on the front page?!?


B1G_KAHUNER's picture

Of course 2old4forza would get the first post, those guys are way too organized.

jcotter13's picture

Just trying to reach out & be a bigger part of 2o2p as a whole. I hope we'll get some non-group people involved.

KnightofRedemption's picture

Did he say organised Cotter? laughlaughlaugh

CProRacing's picture



Seriously though if you have FM4 get your name on the list!!

Like it says on the front page there are no DLC cars or tracks to be used yes

KnightofRedemption's picture

Autosubscibe?...Auto Pain in the butt. I guess it's down to the fact I am very active on 2O4F but my message inbox is constantly notifying me of posts in a topic I already know about. After all the theads already have a tag to inform you of new posts...Tried turning it off in settings but still getting them, Guess I'll have another look and see if I have missed something. no

Doodi's picture

It is an easy fix to turn them off and on.  The direction are in the blog post.  

1) Go to setting then scroll down to Messaging and Notifications settings.

2) Uncheck Autosubscribe and Automatically enable notifications for any groups that I join.

3) [Extras step] If you want to delete your current subscriptions go to the Notification tab and then Administer your subscriptions.

At that point you can fine tune what threads you want to get notifications from by clicking subscribe on the thread or post you want to follow. I just did it for you for the sake of your sanity, but you should be all set.

KnightofRedemption's picture

Thanks mate it was getting silly LOL I just like my PM to be well PM's.

Oldschool 2o4f's picture

I've done all this and I am still being told about stuff I've already read...the instructions are easy to follow, they just aren't working...

Doodi's picture

You still had Autosubcribe checked, but had unchecked emails for PMs.  I fixed all that and it should be working fine now.  

jtgjr007's picture

Could we possible get a description of the thread in our messages inbox? All my messagfes look the same, "2old2play - The Community for Older Gamers subscription update for jtgjr007"

It would be nice to know what thread the PM is for without actually opening the message.

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